CG Temple : Another Beautiful Attraction in Nawalparasi District

CG Temple, Built by the Chaudhary Foundation, the temple has become a new destination for religious tourists since its inauguration in 2073 BS. The main attraction is the Ikambareshwara Shiva Temple, built in the Khajuraho style in the eternal sanctuary spread over seven bighas. The temple is surrounded by a lake. There are Gurukul Vidyashram, Akhand Agni Kund, Hanuman Temple, religious exhibition place, religious museum, Shaktighat, Dharamshala and Yagya Kund in the Dham premises.

CG Temple
CG Temple


There are also digital libraries, gaushalas, organic farming, yoga and meditation centers, restaurants and other important items related to Vedic Sanatan Hinduism. There are Hindu temples as well as Buddha statues and stupas within the Dham premises. Entering through the main gate, the ten gates built in an attractive style make anyone happy. Walking around the temple premises makes the mind feel that new energy has been added.

The charm of CG Temple (Shaswat Dham)

Shaswat Dham has been constructed in the area of ​​CG Industrial Park in Dumkauli of Devchuli Municipality-2 of Nawalparasi within the premises of CG Industrial Park established in the area of ​​80 acres. Launched by the Chaudhary Foundation in 2003, it took 14 years to build. Spread over an area of ​​7 bigha, in the central part of the shrine, a very beautiful temple ‘Amkeshwar Shiva Temple’ has been built in the style of Khajuraho which is said to be a model of Nepal and the main attraction of this shrine. The Khajuraho style is the prevalent style of South India.

At Night

The Amkeshwar temple, which is the main attraction, is surrounded by the Sarobar Lake. The importance of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Pashupati, Muktinath and Hariddhar water mix lakes has been raised in the lake. Trees including Varapipal, Ashoka and Salla have been planted in the Dham to represent 12 zodiac signs and 27 constellations. To enhance the beauty of the Amkeshwar temple, the temple is full of handicraft carvings, which are cemented, but at first glance it feels like it is made of wood.

Attractive idols of 16 different deities are kept inside the temple. A religious museum has been built under the temple which has made it even more attractive to tourists. Water fountains and lights of different colors have been connected to the four corners of the lake connected to the temple, which has added to the beauty of the temple at night, said Assistant Manager Dhital. Devachuli and Varachuli are located in the foothills of the hill, so the natural beauty of this sanctuary has increased.

CG Temple


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Apart from Amkeshwar Temple, Akhand Agnikund, Kali Kund, Buddha Kund, Yajna Kund, Shaktighat, Hanuman Mandir, Religious Museum, Religious Exhibition, Digital Religious Library, Gurukul Ashram, Heritage Building Hall, Gaushala, Dharamsala, Pure Vegetarian Restaurant And a well-organized park has also been built. At present, 43 students are studying in the Gurukul Vidyashram built inside the Dham with the objective of taking it as a culture university.

These students have been provided religious education up to class eight. According to GM Ashok Gharti, devotees from different areas come to the shrine to perform special pujas, bratbandhas, shraddhas, rituals and other rituals.
Shaswat Dham is a unique example of religious beauty built to promote Sanatan Dharma using modern technology. The attraction and importance of Shaswat Dham has attracted tourists from home and abroad. Tourists who visit the shrine say that they buy various religious items as a sign and take them away.

How did CG Temple come to Establishment ?

Jagatguru and Shankaracharya Jayendra Sharaswati, who visited Nepal in 2002, blessed the late Lunkaran Chaudhary, the founder of the Chaudhary Group, for developing a positive attitude in people and building a sanctuary with a gurukula to produce sages and pundits.

To fulfill his father’s dream, Binod Chaudhary, chairman of the Chaudhary Foundation and a big industrialist on the list of world billionaires, has set up the shrine with the aim of making non-profit for the protection, promotion and study of the Eastern Sanatan Dharma. During the construction of the Dham, various saints and monks, including Guru Jagat Saraswati and the founder of the Art of Living, Rabi Shankar, had been giving advice and suggestions about the various monasteries and themes needed in the Dham.

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