Dayahang Rai : The Lifestyle and Interesting Facts of Dayahang Rai

Dayahang Rai

Actor Dayahang Rai replied, “I have been evaluated in this way. Actor Shah’s assessment has made him emotional. ‘ Even actor Nir Shah believes that Rai is the most liked actor by the Nepali audience. They are equally frozen in both theater and cinema. Let people be disciplined. Every Nepali says that I am ‘clean’


Dayahang Rai
Dayahang Rai

My food

I usually like dal rice, vegetables and pork. That doesn’t mean eating anything else. I go to the restaurant for lunch. It is not customary to eat breakfast at home. I eat breakfast. When I reach the restaurant, I order chow Mein. I don’t know how to cook at all.

My dress

I wear whatever I feel comfortable with. It’s easy to wear jeans and a T-shirt. There is no accounting for the annual expenditure on clothing. As people’s work and thinking is changing, the color of the clothes is also getting different. I usually wear readymade clothes. I didn’t know much about clothing brands. I still wear a cap today.


My fitness

You have to have time even mentally to do physical exercise. I don’t do 80 percent physical exercise. Sometimes you have to work until 10 o’clock. Work makes you tired. I run when I have time. I even do yoga. No dieting. When I have to lose weight while filming, I eat less food. I eat a lot of bread and fruits.

Nepali Actor
Dayahang Rai

My study

Today I am reading ‘One Day in Kathmandu’. I used to like to read fiction. Today I am eager to read non-fiction. I like all the writers who are writing now. From the elders to the contemporary writers meet a lot. I also like their behavior. The habit of writing is disappearing. Until a year ago, I used to write songs for plays. I have about three thousand books in my collection. Authors, publishers give books as gifts. Also, I buy books worth Rs. 20,000-25,000 every year.

My wandering

I am a person who is interested in traveling. I have also traveled. As much as I have traveled, I have traveled for work. I haven’t come out to go for a walk. Wherever I have reached, I have reached in terms of work. Not rotated independently. I have reached 40 districts of Nepal. Some districts are duplicated. I went to four European countries. In Asia, I have visited Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, UK and Australia.

Dayahang Rai
Dayahang Rai

My free time

It is difficult to find time. I have been giving time to both drama and film. One or the other is caught by the work. There is a kind of rush. After running, I got tired. I had to rest after getting tired.

While living outside the country, the SIM card of the concerned country is not taken. At that time, I relax with pleasure. When I have free time, I read books alone. I watch a movie. I meet friends. The family has not been given the time they were told. I try to give. Even if you don’t go out with your family to watch movies, sometimes you go to eat.

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My sport

I like football Football is easy to understand. I played football until I was 15 years old.

My mobile

I have been using iPhone 6S. It had about 90,000. I don’t have the habit of carrying my mobile phone again and again. Among the mobile applications, I use the social networks Facebook, Google and Twitter. Sometimes I play games.

Nepali Actor
Dayahang Rai

My television

There has been no TV in the room for four years. I was moving the room at that time. I went to the market to buy a new TV according to the room. But, I didn’t buy it. After that, there was no buying. I used to watch news on TV. I also watched reality shows. I didn’t watch the movie on the deck.

My movie

The last time I watched the movie ‘Avenger’ was in Kalimpong, India. I used to watch a lot of movies. Two movies were watched daily. I watch less last time. Older actors like Daniel Delis, Irrfan Khan, Nasuruddin and Saugat, Khagendra and Vipin. Gongli’s acting is greedy. I also like Kalki.

My health

I am healthy. Chronic illness has not caught up. So far, I have done whole body checkup 6 times. Blood pressure is normal. You need to rest completely to stay healthy. No matter what you eat, it should be the same time.


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