Linga area : Such A Wonderful Place In Nepal Where There Is A Whole Mountain Of Shiva Lingas

Linga Area

Linga area in Bedkot Municipality of Kanchanpur will be developed as a major tourist destination. The Vedkot Municipality is going to develop Linga area as a major center for tourism promotion in the city. The municipality has recently made a special plan to promote tourism in the Linga area, which is becoming a major tourist destination of the district.

Linga Area
Linga Area

According to the Vedkot Municipality, various plans have been put forward to make the Linga (Shivalingeshwar) area, which is famous religiously and culturally, a tourist activity. According to Ashok Kumar Chand, chief of the municipality, some infrastructures have been developed to move people in the Linga area and work has been started to develop additional infrastructures.

“The bridge connecting Bhamka and Bagun in the middle of the road to view the Linga area will be completed soon,” said Chand. He said that about 3 kilometers of road connecting the Linga area has been paved with the construction of the bridge and preparations will be started in a few days to pave the remaining 2 to 2.5 kilometers of road.

Nepal has world-class monuments, natural centers and religious heritage. The Shivalingeshwar (Linga) area at the foot of 4 Chure in Bedkot Municipality of Kanchanpur is one of these wonders. The number of tourists visiting here is increasing. The month of July has a special significance. Hindus from all over the world visit there. Visit even if you are in the picture. And take advantage of the fulfillment of desires by sharing.

Linga Area
Shiva Linga Area Kanchanpur

Although there is no good road to drive, no publicity is given, but thousands of people are reaching. Tourists flock here to see the unique shapes of various soils along the banks of the small river. Tourists come to this area to take selfies with the unique shape of the soil. The area has become an attractive tourist destination after the municipality constructed a selfie point for the convenience of tourists.

Looking closely at the earthenware shape that looks like a city of army temples from afar, it seems as if an artist has cut a clay hill and placed it in various shapes on the river bank for display. Visitors to the area once get a glimpse of the region’s natural artefacts. Spontaneously, this area has started attracting tourists.

More than two hundred internal and external tourists visit the area daily to drive on the rocky road. Teacher Raghav Abasthi said that the field has been successful in capturing the unique scenery of nature on camera and mobile phones for the past two years. “When you reach this area, there is no one who is not fascinated by the artwork made by nature,” he said.

He said that looking at the view from a distance, it was as if the rocks had been erected in places. As the region began to gain traction as a tourist destination, it was chosen to shoot movies and music videos. According to the locals, two music videos and a movie are being shot here daily.

This area is also considered as a religious area by the locals. This area has got religious recognition as Shivalingeshwar area. Local Biradatta Bhatt, 77, says that since Lord Shiva resides in the Shivalinga area, worshiping in this area will fulfill his heart’s desire. He said that the area got religious recognition in 2027 BS when the locals dug a ditch in the river near the place with different shapes of soil.

Linga Area
Linga Area

According to the experts, the mountain filled with lime, coal and sulfur has taken different shapes due to the Chure mountain rains long ago. According to the locals, no matter how much rain falls at present, there will be no impact on the various shapes of soil that have turned towards the sky. According to the elders, the shape of the hill is in the same condition as it is now after the settlement started in this area in 2025 BS.

Bedkot Municipality has started making Linga and Bedkot Lake a religious tourist area. The second municipal council was held in Linga to promote Linga’s tourism. Bedkot Mayor Ashok Kumar Chand said that special priority has been given to the development of religious tourism in Linga. “There are plans to link Linga and Bedkot to make it a religious tourist destination,” said Chand.

The municipality plans to build a suspension bridge over the Chulligad river and a paved road to Linga. An entrance has been constructed for Linga entry. This area can be reached after completing a seven-kilometer road from Daiji Crossroads of Bedkot Municipality to Dharmapur.

Currently, the municipality has placed temples and idols in the tourist area by upgrading the road leading to the tourist area. It has also built a selfie point for tourists who want to take selfies. According to the municipality, the number of tourists visiting Linga has increased by 40,000 in a year. Tourists from India and neighboring countries have also arrived here.

Linga Area

Shivalingeshwar (Linga) is a place of historical and religious significance with religious and tourist potential. He said that the number of tourists has been improving after the recent publicity in the Linga area.

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The municipality is also planning to set up a selfie point on a small river to cross the Linga area. The municipality has also taken forward the construction of a suspension bridge on the river along with the selfie point to promote tourism. Similarly, solar lights have been installed to illuminate the area around Linga for those who worship at night.

He said that the municipality has taken initiative to increase the historical significance of the Linga area with a special plan to develop it as a major tourist hub. Similarly, the municipality has constructed embankments in the areas prone to soil erosion during the rainy season. The municipality has stated that it is developing environment-friendly infrastructure as it is a potential tourist destination.

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