Witchcraft : Where Did The History Of Witchcraft Begin? Truth & Illusion?


What is witchcraft

woman who knows witchcraft, witch. Obviously, there is a word for witchcraft but there is no word for witchcraft or other masculineIn Nepali dictionary, the word ‘witch’ means’ woman who practices witchcraft, men are witches, and with a few exceptions, we are also hearing that women are. It is believed that most of the victims are witches from single women, poor women, dirty women, ugly old people and dalits. Most of them are victims in our society even today.

Bokshi Malpractice

Where did the history of witchcraft begin?

For this, we have to go back a long way. Many people know that when man originated in the world, it did not happen in the present state. Both these people and society cannot exist without being created by these people. When man originated, many mysteries were unfolding before man. There was no science to detect terrible natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, hurricanes. Surely there is an invisible force here that people must have been angry with us, so people started worshiping nature to please him. Later, the same imaginary belief, the invisible divine power, the divine power, was established. When people started getting sick, they were treated with herbs and psychological effects. To win the trust to have the same psychological effect, they used to bring peacock’s long feathers, rudraksha, dhangro, and liar human khapper. While treating in this way, some were cured by herbs and psychological effects, while others were cured by their own physical causes. Some would die without scientific treatment. In the absence of medical science, such treatment was compulsory.


In the wild matriarchal society, “Shakini”, “Dakini” was the leader. In that era, the leader named Shakini Dakini was worshiped as a goddess. With the passage of time, as the society was transformed from a matriarchal society to a loving one, the dominance of women was disappearing. History is written to win. The same goddesses worshiped as “Shakini” and “Dakini” were later transformed into “Shakini”, “Kichkanya” and “Dakini” Diana “Boksi”. It is a history of humiliation after defeat. Apart from slander on the charge of witchcraft, women have been the victims of insults, extreme torture, social discrimination and brutal killings from the wild age till today. We have also seen that there is a belief that many pious men are witch women.

This is the so-called witchcraft mantra

Modern religion does not allow young people like us to learn about mantras. Even so, the mantra is kept secret, but some say it is incomprehensible, some say it in their heart. At that time, it was clear what the mantra would be and what the word would be. I had hardly believed it with an old man. He had said during the day not to listen to anyone, Babu mantra does not work. This means that what others hear seems normal, less faith, it has no effect.


ॐ Birbir Narasimha Nau Jnani Chausatthi Jogini Chaurasi Siddha Bhakt Jnani Sarbajat Himal Kasya Himal Debi Somal Debi Malika Debi Tin Bhuvan Tinai Lok Sudhari Patal Jharu Saurya Mukh Paru Guru Mukh Paru Bacha Badhu Fat

Is it miraculous? Is this a word you have never heard? Instead, it is easy to understand that a person made up of certain words is meant to confuse. Here I could not mention the name of Dhami for self-respect.

So what’s the point of trembling?


What was the incident that I raised in the beginning? Was she really a witch? More for that

I have taken from an article published in Swasthya Khabar Patrika – (Dr. CP Sedai, Drug and Psychiatrist, Chitwan Medical College).

It is a ‘unique’ disease. Earlier it was thought that the disease only affects women and it was called hysteria because it was thought to be a disease of the uterus. According to the famous psychologist Freud, our brain consists of two main parts. One unconscious (Kansas) and the other unconscious (Unconscious) part. Our pain is in the unconscious. This disease is seen when the pain increases. But nowadays, people with various mental illnesses, such as depression, have similar symptoms. Which is amazing.

– Paralysis of the hands or feet.

– Don’t know what to touch.

– Falling and shaking like epilepsy? .

– One person talking or talking to another, trembling saying look, I am so-and-so, I will kill it, eat it, etc.

– To completely forget an event. The patient completely forgets about any traumatic event.

– Sometimes the patient suddenly moves from one place to another unconsciously and he sits there as another person and forgets everything before. This is called ‘dissociative fog’.

– The same person complains of two types of people, which is called multiple personality disorder.

– Even when the patient is asked a very simple question, he gives the opposite answer. For example, when you ask how much it is when you add 2 and 2, it says 5, it says green than what color the sky is, etc. But his way of answering seems clever, it’s called Ganser’s syndrome.

The disease mainly appears before the age of 35 to 40 years, the disease is more common in girls aged 15 to 20 years. The disease is cured after treatment.

Apart from these, due to mass hysteria, many students at the school are fainting, shaking their hair, screaming, crying and not being able to understand what has happened. You are praying with the help of Jhakri Dhami and Pandit.

Is the blue dam on the body bitten by a witch?

Sometimes we see a blue spot on our body which is said to be sucked blood by a witch. Kapil Deb Upadhyaya’s article can cause many diseases in our body. A woman has a blue round dam on her body. This is seen in areas where there is very little pressure on the muscles. It is customary for a witch to leave a blue spot and suck blood. It is believed that the shadow of a witch comes and bites. It is said that a dam was seen while trying to kill a person by sucking blood. But in reality, medical science believes that certain diseases of the blood cause such spots on some parts of the body. It is best to have a blood test to treat bleeding disorders.

What is witchcraft? What does science say?

Science clearly says, “Without power, there is no object and without object, there is no power.” That is, mantra is not an object, without that object, there is no power. In this way, fire is an object, fire is power, fire needs an object to burn. The German scholar and sociologist F. D. M बिller B. Taylor also made a long and deep search for this invisible divine power, but found no facts. And even today, there is no official confirmation that anyone has found witchcraft in the story except in our weak brains, so witchcraft is just a superstition.

What is Witchcraft treatment?


Blowing spells is psychology. The treatment of psychiatric illness is done through psychological medicine. The disease is not cured by miracles. Mantra is also a mental cause. It is also a heroic juice. People who are deceived by superficial feelings without understanding the depth of the subject move. Even those who have lost their mental balance fall in the name of gods and goddesses.

Looking at the bay is a mind-boggling calculation of the number of rice nuts.

In the end

In Chitwan, Dhami burnt Dhegani Debi a few years ago. In Nawalparasi last year, a neighbor took a 10-year-old boy to a nearby temple and killed him. Tulu Thing Sarki was stabbed to death in a Judai pit on charges of stabbing a neighbor who died of cancer a few months ago. And how many inhumane incidents happened.

Many mental illnesses are believed to be caused by a lack of consciousness caused by witchcraft. It is only after the treatment of other mental illnesses and medicines that it is discovered. Prosperous Westerners in medieval European times today believed that witchcraft was a way to subdue the mentally ill with such a demonic divine power. People were brutally beaten and beaten. . Gradually treatment methods were developed. Freud began to study the method of psychoanalysis, and medicine developed in the mid-20th century. At that time, our situation is different from the European medieval times. Today, on the screen of a smart phone, the world has become like a small village in one hand. Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions have been reported by science. Even so, why are we trying to go back to the wild age?

We understand the general thing. Why didn’t you do anything to the witch who believed in supernatural powers? Why doesn’t the mantra turn the person who feeds excrement to ashes? Why didn’t the witch run away when Dhami tried to burn her alive? Why is it that a witch who can eat other people’s buffalo’s milk at home has been suffering all day long by drinking blood while sleeping at night? Shouldn’t a witch who is different and powerful from us be better than us? But why always be poor?

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Yes, witchcraft is nowhere to be found, it is only in our brains. Witchcraft will continue to plague us until we remove it from our minds. If the mantra could hurt others, today superpowers like Russia, North Korea, USA would stop building nuclear weapons and learn witchcraft. Westerners would learn witchcraft before they reach the moon. Yes, we have been syndicated by religious clever pandas since yesterday by showing God, heaven and hell in a kind of thought. The product of the brain filled with the same religious Vedic tradition is still rooted in “superstition”. We are not building a religious superstitious society, we are building a humane conscious welfare society. The proverbial deer “blind believer” is not lazy, deer is to be made to work.

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