Spa in Nepal : What Features Spa in Nepal Provides ?

Spa in Nepal

Spa in Nepal , Headache or back pain? Harassed by back pain or exhausted? Where to go now Attending homeopathic or allopathic treatment? ‘No. Go to the spa once and do your treatment. Bhuvan Faiju, 38, who has worked in the spa area for the past 18 years, advises people to go to the spa to alleviate their pain before heading to the hospital for treatment, whether it is a simple headache or back pain, back pain or nerve strain.

Spa in Nepal
Spa in Nepal


According to Faiju, president of Tranquility Spa, which has expanded its branch not only in Nepal but also abroad, most of the diseases are caused by food and dust. He says that the damage caused by food and dust can be removed from the spa. “It is better to go to the spa than to go to the hospital first for the disease,” he said. The spa helps remove cholesterol and dust from food.

Tranquility Spa has been registered for seven years and has been in operation for six years. Starting from Kathmandu, Tranquility Spa has expanded its business to Pokhara, Lalitpur and Malaysia.

Nepali Costumers

Recently, there has been an increase in the use of spas and interest in business in Nepal. Until a few years ago, the spa was only accessible to the elite and foreigners, but now it is also accessible to the middle class. The spa, which used to be open only in five-star hotels, is now open even in ordinary houses.

Faizu says, “In the past, spas were opened only targeting foreigners, but now they are open in some places targeting Nepalis.” After the foreign customers become temporary and the Nepali customers become permanent, the spas have started opening by giving priority to Nepal. He said, “Foreigners will come to Nepal only when the political situation is good. But Nepali is twelve months. They are the ones who increase the business.’

Nepal Massage
Spa in Nepal

People who go to the office regularly and housewives come to the spa. “People who are tired of working in the office and can’t devote much time to themselves are regular customers of the spa,” he said.


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Women who are very busy in the morning and evening also come to such houses. He says, “Those who are very busy in the morning and evening come to the spa to refresh themselves in the afternoon.”
Faizu, who started his own business with the help and advice of his brother-in-law, has also met a couple at the spa. He has seen more couples over the age of 60 coming. “The children give them spa vouchers as gifts,” he said.

Official meeting also at the spa

Faiju has experienced that the scope of spa understanding is changing among Nepalis. People who come to the spa because they are in pain now go to the spa to refresh themselves. Not only that, the practice of going to the spa to get together with friends or to have secret meetings in the office has increased.

“Four or five people come here for a meeting,” says Faiju. “It costs three or four thousand rupees to go to a restaurant or a bar and hang out.” But coming here saves money as well as avoiding unhealthy food. ‘


massage center
Spa in Nepal

According to him, those who come in this group have been taking steam sauna. In Japan and Korea, too, it is customary to go to the spa and spend two hours after office work or business, and to go home only after dinner, Faiju said. He said, “Such a trend is also increasing in Nepal.” Football, cricket teams and groups of businessmen come to the spa.

Is Spa in Nepal New?

Even though the spa started from Nepal, Nepalis do not know much about it, says Faiju. He says, ‘Spa is not unknown to Nepalis, only the word is new. As we understand it, spa is meant to be ‘naturally healthy’. In Nepal, yoga, meditation, sleeping on hot rocks, staying in running water for a while, bathing in hot water and bathing in cold water even in winter are all spa methods.

According to him, applying mud and bathing with a kamero is one of the ways of spa. He said, ‘Spa is to keep yourself healthy without using any chemicals. The way our ancestors did. ‘

According to Faizu, the custom of sleeping in the middle of the Mallakalin king Sindhinar Singh Malla by lighting fires even in summer is now called sauna bath. Similarly, the practice of sleeping on hot stones is called stone therapy, says Faiju. He said, ‘The practice of spa is from Nepal. Others did the capitalization. ‘

Massage Center Nepal
Spa in Nepal

How does the Spa in Nepal benefit?

Spa services reduce stress and heal the body. Pollution is increasing day by day in the city. Pollution closes the tiny holes in the bark. Due to which the blood circulation in the body cannot be done properly. “When you take a bath at home, only the dirt on the outside of the skin gets dirty, but the dust inside cannot be removed,” says Faiju. The blood circulation in the body is done properly and the person is healthy. ‘

The habit of not exercising produces lactic acid when the muscles in the human muscular system work. That acid stays frozen like a candle outside the muscle and inside the skin. ‘Such a frozen disorder prevents the nerves from communicating. And people get sick with high blood pressure, ‘he said.

When you go to the spa and get a massage, the frozen wax-like substance is blown away. Excreted through urine. Then people are tension free and fresh. Faizu says, ‘Spa works in various ways to get rid of the dirt inside our body. Which will improve our health. ‘

Although spas are used in different ways, everyone has the same goal, to improve blood circulation in our body. According to Faiju, spas deliver oxygen to the smallest cells in the human body. He says, ‘Blood does the work of bringing oxygen to the cell. Heals if there is blood circulation in the body. Spa methods increase blood circulation.



massage center
Spa in Nepal

Facility after entering the spa

According to Faiju, no spa in the world has been able to provide 100% service. Similarly, Tranquility Spa does not have all the services. After entering here, you can get the facility by paying Rs 100 to Rs 12,000. According to Faizu, you have to pay at least Rs 2,000 to get fresh.
There are facilities like Shirodhara, Ayurvedic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Spinal Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Swedish Massage, Pitch, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Head & Solder, Trekker Massage, Yoga, Sauna or Steam Bath, Buddy Scrub.

These services can be taken from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, said Faiju. He said, ‘Spinal massage can be done for back pain, it can be done for bone pain. If you have stiffness, you can have Thai massage and you can do deep tissue massage on the inner part of the body. If you have a migraine, you can get a head and shoulder massage. Spinal massage with back pain can be done.

How much to invest in a spa?

Faizu says they do not make material investments. “We invest very little. We work on other people’s investment, ‘he said,’ but we want to distribute revenue in all those hotels. We manage their property. He has wealth, we have wisdom. ‘


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