Teej Makeup : What Is The Significance Of Which Makeup In Teej?

Teej Makeup

Teej Makeup : The base metal piles look very attractive. Pearls can also be bought in the market.

Thread -Teej Makeup 
The importance of the thread also increases with the sharpness of the thread. Rarely seen at other times, the thread often enhances the beauty of a woman’s hair. The thread used in any hair, long or short, gives a complete impression of Nepali tradition and culture.

Teej Makeup
Teej Makeup

When you dance with the thread made of hair, full Nepaliness is reflected. Along with red sari, red chura, red tika and vermilion worn all over the seam, the thread also becomes an important ornament. According to the hair, large, small and medium size threads are attached to the grandchildren, pearls and stars in the sal. This yarn made in Nepal is usually found in black and red. Teej Makeup

What makeup is appropriate ? Teej Makeup
Nepali festivals are of great importance. As it rains in hot summer months, sweat comes from the skin of our body and face. So when it comes to makeup, clothes or hair makeup, it should be light but suitable for the weather.

Teenagers look good when applying makeup in a simple but retro look, as the skin on the face becomes soft and attractive at this age. Teenagers, when applying makeup for this festival, should first wash their face thoroughly with a facewash suitable for the skin, put the toner in a cotton swab and wipe the face, neck and ears. Teej Makeup

Then apply lotion or cream on a small foundation suitable for your skin and apply it all over the face, neck and ears and apply loose powder on it to reduce sweat on the face which makes the makeup last longer. Then it is advisable to start eye makeup. Teej Makeup

Since red and green are usually worn in this festival, it is better to wear eyeshadow half red and half green. Then the eyebrow under the eyebrows is highlighted with golden colored eyeshadow and the makeup looks better.

For retro looks, teenagers wear thick eyeliner by pulling a thick cell on the side of the eye and thicken it under the eye to make the eye look bigger and more attractive. Then apply red or green colored eyeshadow in the corner of the eye to prevent gall bladder. Then apply red lipstick or red lipgloss and a little blusher with golden glow on the face. Teej Makeup

Teej Makeup

Teenagers who design their hair in a retro look will first have a buff on the front of the hair, if the forehead is large, the side hair on the front of the ear will be sewn side by side, and the rest of the hair will be reddened with a large rubber design on the back of the ear.

After the make-up is completed, it looks good to wear a fitting dress (sari, lehenga, churidar kurta, patiala kurta or even a little longer dress in one piece) with red or green color mix. Teej Makeup

Teej Makeup
Teej Makeup

Similarly, it is better for married women to wear light and waterproof make-up. As there is more dancing in Teej, there is more sweat which makes you afraid of washing your makeup. Teej Makeup

The first step in applying this type of Teej Makeup is to apply a cream that suits your skin, primer, face, neck and ears. This will make the makeup last longer.
Then apply a skin color penstick or concealer on the stained area, lightly mix the hands, choose the foundation according to the skin, mix the cream in it and apply it all over the face, neck and ears. Teej Makeup

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Teej Makeup
Teej Makeup

On top of that, loose powder should be applied and eyeshadow according to the color of the cloth should be mixed in the eyeball. After that, apply a light thick gauze on the cheeks, forehead and neck, and apply a waterproof lipstick of red color on the cheeks.

If the lip is small, it is better to wear it by pulling out line or if the lip is big, it is better to wear it by pulling in line. For signing, it is better to apply water color lipgloss on top of the lipstick, while designing the hair, make a side seam by lifting a little buff in front and distribute it with lachcha, on the side of the hair, it is better to put a moon, attachment or red flower.

The sari should not be too embroidered or embroidered and should feel light. If you do not have sesame seeds, you can use red, green or yellow seeds.

Then low heeled red sandals are good. If the hill is small, it is easy to dance and walk. Teej Makeup

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