Bhairav kunda :A Different Paradise Sindhupalchowk Nepal

Bhairav Kunda

Bhairav kunda  : Kanchan transparent lake with sapphire color, eye-catching rock formations and snow range. Jugal, Gaurishankar Himal, hiding among the clouds. Who doesn’t want to reach Bhairavkund, the famous pilgrimage site of Bhotekoshi village at an altitude of 4,200 meters? Bhairavkunda, considered to be the symbol of Bhairav, the fierce form of Adiyogi Shiva, is called Dorje Lepan or Mahadev Budha by the Buddhist sect. In the local Sherpa language, Bhairavkunda is called Ama Chyomen.

Bhairav Kunda
Bhairav Kunda

In Bhairav kunda , which has the same faith as Buddhism and Hinduism, according to the Tantric statement, Mahabhairav’s trident, bajra and gumba are hidden invisibly. Only by chance can it be seen in the lake. In Bhairavkunda , only the lucky ones can see Rajhas and Yaks as all the Chitais can be reached.

As there is an invisible divine path from the mysterious Kailash Mansarovar to Bhairav kunda , the abode of Devadhideva Mahadev, there is a belief that the sins reached here will be erased. The pain of the two-day trek from Dugunagadhi in Bhotekoshi village municipality ward 3 Dugunagaun is completely forgotten by the view of the beautiful Bhairav kunda .

From the ‘Adventure’ (40 km) footpath cut through the hill, Duguna, Manidada, Basidanda, Hattikuna, Tasithang, Jorpati, Jomjom and Bhairavkund are greeted by the artistic gate of the wild hill.

Bairav pond
Bhairav Kunda

Bhairav kunda  Dham, which hosts a grand fair targeting Nagpanchami and Janapurni, is now covered by visitors and tourists. Despite the request of the village municipality and local administration to be vigilant due to the corona virus, this time alone more than 2,000 tourists have entered Bhairavkunda .

According to Raj Kumar Poudel, chief of Bhotekoshi village municipality, it will be possible to come to Bhairav kunda   through Listikot and Jugal village municipality. “Easy tourist footpaths have been built. You can reach Bhairavkunda by doubling for a short distance,” he said.

Bhairav Kunda Trekking Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu 1334m, transfer to hotel ,

BhairavKunda trekking briefing with officially arrangements, overnight in Kathmandu .

Day 02: Kathmandu (1350m.) to Jalbire (1000m.)

Drive by Bus about 4-5 hours

Day 03: Jalbire trek to Chanaute (1350m.) 4hours walk.

Day 04: Chanaute trek to Khani Gaon (2000m.) 6hours walk.

Day 05: Rest day with Local Village sightseeing

Day 06: Khanigaon trek to Forest Camp (3150m.) 6-7 hours walk

Day 07: Forest Camp trek to Pati (3765m.) 5 hours walk

Day 08: Pati trek to BhairabKunda (4250m.) 3 hours walk

Day 09: Bhairab Kunda trek to Sherpa gaon (2500m.) After Sunrise view 6-7 hours walk.

Day 10: Sherpa gaon trek toLarcha (1500m.) and visit Hot spring (Kodari highway)

Day 11: Larcha – Kathmandu drive by bus 5-6 hours

Day 12: After breakfast, our tour guide will take to for historical monuments sightseeing in kathmandu valley such as Boudhhanath: visit Bodhnath Stupa, one of the biggest Buddhist shrines in the world, where we observe Buddhist monks in prayer in the monasteries surrounding the stupa than visit Pashupatinath temple: Bhairav kunda

The most famous Hindu temple in the country, located on the banks of the holy Bagmati River. Here you see Hindu holy men (sadhus) meditating, pilgrims bathing and occasionally funeral pyres burning on the ghats. Kathmandu durbar square: you will enjoy with different Hindus Temple , Goddes Kumari, legend of kathmadu valley and in the evening farewell dinner in Nepalese Restaurant, overnight at kathmandu in Hotel Bhairav kunda

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Bhairav kunda
Bhairav Kunda

Day 13: After breakfast, Relaxing /shopping with own activities and three hours before your international flight, Himalaya Journey Treks & Expedition’s representative will drop to you Kathmandu International airport for onward journeys

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