Nepemasal: Jugal’s Base Camp . How To Reach Nepemasal ?


Nepemasal : Tourists have started arriving at the base cap of Jugal mountain range located in 3 monasteries of Jugal village municipality. Tourists come to Nepamasal, a confluence of Hindu and Buddhist religions, about 140 km from the capital Kathmandu, to see the beauty. This area is at the base of the Jugal range. The number of tourists visiting the area is increasing due to its natural beauty. Nepemasal is becoming known as a new tourist destination, says Milan Tamang, a tourism entrepreneur.


At an altitude of three thousand five hundred meters above sea level, in the mountainous region, there is a lush wide plain amidst dense forests. Jugal mountain range shining nearby. Kanchan river flowing down. Artistic mountain mountains, many lily flowers and herbs blooming in the foothills of the Himalayas, herds of yaks and buffaloes grazing all over the plains.

It is very difficult to find this evil in one place. However, such a rare sight can be seen with the naked eye in Jugal village municipality-3 of Sindhupalchowk. That is why Nepemasal is called the paradise of the gods. According to Buddhist scriptures, the place of pilgrimage is Pema, meaning a lotus flower, and the year is a lotus flower-shaped pilgrimage site decorated with colors or surrounded by white.

Jugal Himal

Jugal Himal Arohan, which started a few years ago, has also helped in the promotion of the region. The tourism development of Nepmashal region has been increasing rapidly in the last phase. “As the beauty of Jugal Himal and Nepemashal has started attracting tourists, the number of domestic tourists has increased.

The number of climbers coming here has increased after two climbs,” he said.
The Galgen Peak, 6,151 meters high, was climbed for the first time out of 11 peaks of the Jugal range on March 12, 2006. He said that this was the second ascent in seven days from Kathmandu on October 19.

How to go to Nepemashal?


To walk slowly and comfortably
Day 1: Kathmandu-Kingsing (2490 mins) 6 five hours drive
Day 2: Kyangsing-Tembathang (2190 m) Five hours walk
Day 3: Tembathang-Chhendang Gumba (2636 m) Five hours walk
Day 4: Chhendang Gumba-Nepemasal (3500 m) 5 hours walk
Day 5: Nepemasal-Bumbasherbu Base Camp (4500 mins) 3 hours walk

Must Read
For a quick walk
Day 1: Kathmandu-Kyangsin or Gumba (2490 m) 6 hours
Day 2: Kyangsing-Dippu (2239 m) 7 hours walk
Day 3: Dippu-Nepemasal (3500 m) 9 hours walk
Day 4: Nepemasal-Bumbasherbu Base Camp (4500 mins) 3 hours walk

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