The Story Of Mountains : The Pain Of Yak And Sherpa,Nepal

The Story Of Mountains

The Story Of Mountains : It is captivating to see the artistic meadows and hills spread at the foot of the beautiful Gauri mountain. After seeing the white, black and scattering yak, dimu and chauri roaming around Kharka, it is covered with a different enthusiasm. This is the view of the upper kharka of Bhotekoshi village municipality ward 4 Phulpingkatti of the district.

The Story Of Mountains
The Story Of Mountains

Jamling Sherpa Dimu Syarhan of Helambu 1, who has been living in this world for nine years, seems to be busy. Her family, who came from Helambu years ago to raise Dimu, settled in the same village. Even though everyone returned to their homes, Sherpa’s mind rejoiced in the climate of this lake. That is why he made the world. -The Story Of Mountains

“They don’t have to be cared for. In the winter months, salt water is used to make a little grass,” Sherpa said, showing a busy ‘dimu’ in the pasture. He said that the tigers are afraid to eat until they grow up in 55 dimu. Dimu, a mountainous animal like yak, which is becoming rare in the district, takes care of his diary.

“I have been making churpi and ghee from Dimu’s milk till June, July and August of the rainy season. I earn a decent income from this,” said Sherpa. He has already earned more than two lakh rupees from churpi and ghee alone. Yak and Dimu collectively fall into the lower limbs to graze after the onset of winter months. He is the only one to raise dimu in Kharka, which is connected to Lamtang, Shelmigiri in China.-The Story Of Mountains

“It has become difficult to get Dimu in the district. There is no one to take care of it,” says Temchhang Sherpa, 57, who has been raising thieves in the Yarmala area for 20 years. And is stolen. “If the male is a yak, it is important to protect both females,” he said. He is earning Rs 8 lakh a year by selling churpi and ghee.

The Story Of Mountains

In winter, dimu and yak roam in 50 kharkas such as Dalthang, Lassis, Bagam, Dingma Khark and Shermighyang Khark. In the rainy season, both live in Tichanle Kharka, a region higher than Chhara. Tichanle falls on the border of China’s Raildark and Dolakha’s Jauledanda. Gauri is a favorite spot of Khark Yak and Dimu at the foot of the mountain.

“Sometimes we have to go down to the valley to meet our family, otherwise it will be fun,” said Tenzen Sherpa of Danda village in Phulpingkatti. The owner of 27 burglaries explained that he had learned from his father. He has been busy in this work for 7 years and his mind is rejoicing in the lake. -The Story Of Mountains

In Sindhupalchowk and Rasuwa, the mother of the yak is called Dimu. In Solukhumbu, it is called ‘Knock’. He explained that Tibetans used to buy 25 to 30 thousand of a dimu. “They fix the price through Nepali brokers and take it away,” Tenzen said. Six years ago, 200 demos were taken from Langtang area and Solukhumbu.

The Story Of Mountains
The Story Of Mountains

There are about 25 stolen cowsheds in Mulkharka, Natukharka and Yaramala of Narayanthan. Due to lack of foreign employment and transfer from generation to generation, smuggling and dimu rearing are gradually decreasing. Chauri walking path, lack of adequate drinking water and grass environment are discouraging Chauri and Dimu spinach. -The Story Of Mountains

The Story Of Mountains
The Story Of Mountains

Golchi of Marmang, Bigu Dolansa of Ghorthali, Narayanthan of Phulpingkati, Liping Lake of Tatopani and Bagang Chagam of Listikot have been smuggled. “There used to be 15 to 16 cowsheds in Selangkatti village near Narayanthan,” said Sangdorje Sherpa, ward chairman of Fulpingkatti.-The Story Of Mountains

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