Amar Singh Thapa : The Living Lion Of Nepal And His Story

Amar Singh Thapa

Amar Singh Thapa : It is the responsibility of the common man to keep the national integrity above all and to preserve the glorious culture of the nation. While preserving the existence of ancestors, the correct and important identity of a great person like historical, talented, patriotic, patriotic, heroic warrior should be maintained. That is why yesterday’s work is important today. It is necessary to keep it immortal as it will be needed more in the future.

Amar Singh Thapa
Amar Singh Thapa

It is necessary to follow and imitate such greatness of the nation. It is difficult to find those rare and glorious people. sachindra Today’s Gyanvir, Danvir and well-wishers are sure to disappear if they do not search and wake up. These personalities have left their contribution of deeds, wisdom and heroism to the nation. We must make it the pride of our nation forever, as a nose in front of everyone.

It is our duty to preserve it for future generations. We should not forget the universal principle of looking at history and working today and passing it on to the next generation. We have to be at the forefront of leading the nation on the right path with social norms. In today’s world such people are considered as examples of talented people and have been replaced not only in the pages of history but also in the daily divine vision.

Abraham Lincoln of the United States, Mahatma Gandhi of India and Prithvinarayan Shah of Nepal are such great men. Everyone should be informed to identify and protect the national person who has come to the forefront and is likely to come later in time. Nepal has a history of development and change. It is not that change and development have not happened with time.

People who sacrificed their lives for the sake of nation building, national defense, nationality and integrity are immortal and immortal in the pages of history wherever they are born. We have to work for such heroic desolation to survive for centuries. If we are not able to preserve the history of the great man who worked hard for the country and his contribution in a clear way, then those people will not be recognized by the next generation.

At the same time, our existence will not exist. It is necessary to immortalize such a rare personality by giving it stability as an ornament. Had it not been for the earlier unification, Amar Singh Thapa would have had little hope of showing that talented contribution to the British. Modern Nepal would not have been imagined.
This is even more important in the context of Nepal.

Amar Singh Thapa
Amar Singh Thapa

History has shown that the king, the government and the people have all made efforts to unify, protect, protect and prevent the disintegration of the Nepali nation. The construction of modern Nepal started from the Shah Dynasty. It has been made possible by the tireless efforts and contribution of Nepali heroes to extend the border to Tista in the east and Kangda in the west. Contributors are rare. Notable among those people is Badakaji Amar Singh Thapa.

Amar Singh Thapa has established himself not only in Nepal but also in the world as an honest, efficient, courageous, fearless warrior and heroic man. If he is confined to a book, only historians and historians will know. People from all walks of life have seen and received the fruits of his labor. But it is necessary to keep the history of history so that it can be seen by all. These things are being obscured today.

As national identity is a matter of national interest and concern, the nation should not forget such identity under any circumstances. It is clear from the forts, citadels, monasteries, temples, shrines, etc. built and built by the national elite that today’s history is more visible than the history of reading. After his demise, it is also considered necessary to make a statue of Badakaji Amar Singh Thapa to reflect his nationality.

Not only Amar Singh Thapa but anyone who strives for the country and the people should fall into the category of such beliefs. Born as the eldest son of Amar Singh Thapa, father Umrao Bagh Bhim Singh Thapa and mother Umadevi Thapa. He was born in Tanahu Watanchowk on 12 July 1808 BS and became a Brahmin in the Himalayas of Gosainkunda in 1873 BS.

The nation’s interest in the death of such heroes is rare. During his father’s unification of Nepal, he was killed in Palanchok by his eldest sword. Amar Singh was eight years old at the time of his father’s death. He had already obtained the necessary information about the death of his father and the unification of the twenty-two and twenty-four kingdoms through the efforts of the kings and heroic heroes involved in the unification of the country.

Amar Singh Thapa is a soldier who received military training from the age of eight after the death of his father and worked hard for the country and the people. We have found him as a national hero and one who is immortal to this day. Since Amar Singh’s name and work are immortal, he should remain immortal forever. Amar Singh Thapa did not just make history.

History does not make itself, no one makes national identity like that, heroism, honesty, faithful to the country and the people, the descendants of the countrymen, the future government of the country that has worked to be proud of the society is to preserve history with faith and trust.
All we have to do is to make our names and works known for centuries to come. There were other warriors like Amar Singh Thapa during the unification.

Everyone fought from their own territory. Amar Singh Thapa got the post of Sardar after conquering Kantipur at the young age of 17. He acted more responsibly. To fulfill that responsibility, he served the nation for 48 years. Until his 65th birthday, he was the whole body, mind, country and people Copied. He spent most of his life in the military. He had to fight with the army outside the country.

It is clear from the work of Amar Singh’s sons towards the country and the people that the son of a hero is a hero and a warrior, just as the son of a tiger is a tiger. According to history, Kazi Ranadhwaj, one of the 10 nephews of Amar Singh Thapa, has done a great job in defending the country and religious heritage. History is old, but the example for the present is always fresh.

Thapa family Nepal
Amar Singh Thapa

The historian has to compete with the historian, the poet with the poet. Immediately after the unification of Nepal, Amar Singh Thapa, known as a warrior, had to show his talent in the British war. Otherwise, a unified Nepal could be insignificant. Had it not been for the earlier unification, Amar Singh Thapa would have had little hope of showing that talented contribution to the British. Modern Nepal would not have been imagined.

Today, there would be no question of a new Nepal. Even if it came, it would have been done in a different way. Therefore, when the nation tried to take and eat the warrior who was fighting for the nation, he wanted to fight with the British in an aggressive style like a lion. At the time of bloodshed, the British showed greed for wealth, riches and honor and asked him to surrender.

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Later, the brave warrior became unbearable. He said, “I’m a tiger’s dwarf. Don’t think of me as a dog that eats carcasses.” Due to his heroism as a Nepali army chief, various playwrights and storytellers have made history stronger by staging stories. Since the warrior’s company is with the warrior, no matter how many bumps and bumps in Amar Singh’s time, the heroic warrior Bhakti Thapa was able to reconcile the family and the relationship in a practical way.

Bhakti Thapa became an immortal martyr at the age of 74. Vir Badakaji Amar Singh Thapa worked for the country to stop the enemy in various district forts, forts, Bhanjyang and other places. In this way, the reality of Amar Singh has come to light as he has turned the enemy back. Veer Badakaji Amar Singh Thapa, a warrior who defended and built the country, drove away foreign enemies and saved the country, will always remain immortal in Nepal.

Everyone must always strive for this. Amar Singh Thapa, who fought for the country at the risk of his life, had said, This is also the religion and tradition of Kshatriya heroic warriors. He said that the contribution of Veer for the defense of the country was a positive blessing given by Goddess Devi and he built a temple at the place where he reached. It can be said that he was also a heritage of religious faith as he established prestige and arrangement by making idols of gods and goddesses.

Amar Singh Thapa
Amar Singh Thapa

The deities placed in different districts and forts and forts of the country as well as the temples built in different places of Kathmandu are of great importance. We have found that he has made history by building temples, monasteries, forts, pavas, forts, forts, etc. The then government of Nepal has placed him in such an honorable position as a national hero because of his heroic deeds of saving and building the country.

His name and work will be immortal and must be kept. Everyone should give importance to keep his statue. Even though it is a big book of history, it is a bigger identity and immortal statue. Our national hero Badakaji Amar Singh Thapa will remain immortal.

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