Ram Dhuni : A Famous Temple In Sunsari, Potential For Religious Tourism

Ram Dhuni

Ram Dhuni  shrine is located in the middle of the forest of Ram Dhuni Municipality-4, Prakashpur of Sunsari district and has potential for religious tourism. Where a big fair is held on every Ram Navami day. Ramdhunisthal has been located in the area about 7 km north of Jhumka Bazaar since Tretayug. It is believed that when Lord Ramchandra went into exile, he came to the sacred area of ​​Sunsari and stayed there for one night.

Ram Dhuni
Ram Dhuni

Child celibate priests have been living in the Ramdhuni temple established as a famous pilgrimage site in the eastern region. Now the priest there is Kashidas Udasi (Tharu). Even on Ram Navami, Vivah Panchami, Valachaturdashi and other times, there is a rush of devotees. Devotees visit the shrine daily under the Nepal Guthi Sansthan. The region is being established as the eastern hub of internal and external religious tourism.

Priest Kashidas Udasi said that millions of devotees visit there every year. Priests are sad that people from Nepal, India and Bhutan come there. Priest Udasi, 87, vowed to spend his entire life in temple worship. “My goal is to spend the rest of my life protecting the temple and worshiping God,” said Udasi. Udasi has been serving the temple since he was 13 years old.

According to the locals, Lord Ramchandra sometimes extinguishes the unbroken sound of the fire. There is a tradition of lighting the lamp from the unbroken lamp in the Pindeshwar temple in Dharan. The rabbits and chariot wheels left by Lord Rama while living in Ram Dhuni can still be seen there. In this holy land where Lord Rama’s feet were touched, Baba Bankhandi had continuously burnt that unbroken melody to meditate at that time.

There is also a legend that even before Lord Rama came there, Baba (sage) Bankhandi used to burn incense and take it for penance. It is customary to give the ashes from the ashes to the visitors from the temple as offerings. Even though it is a religious place, it has not been publicized. The number of internal and external religious tourists can be increased by proper publicity of the area.

There is a belief among the devotees that visiting the Ram Dhuni temple and accepting the burnt ashes from the dhuni as an offering will bring the desired result. It is said that when Lord Rama came there, he met Princess Vidinu. There are mainly Dhuni temples and Darwar temples in the religious place Ram Dhuni . In Dhuni temple, it is customary to keep the head of the year burning.

Ram Dhuni
Ram Dhuni

It burns and the ashes that come out of it are the main offerings for the devotees. Similarly, idols of Shivalinga, Durga, Chandra and Singh, Baba Bankhandi are kept inside the palace. One day Baba Bankhandi planted his tongs in the temple area in the middle of the dense Sal forest and turned the Sal tree into a mango tree. Now you can see big mango trees in the temple premises.

The big and old trees of Sal and Mango are lined up together. For some time, the temple priests are saddened by the bloodshed caused by the cutting of mango and sal trees in the temple premises. A pond has been constructed on the north side of the temple. It is believed that the water in the pond never dries up. But due to lack of protection, the water of the pond has become polluted.

The Ramdhuni Baba Bankhandi Temple Guthi Management Committee has been formed for the management of the famous pilgrimage site Ram Dhuni . Currently, the road from Jhumka Bazaar in Sunsari to the temple premises has been blacktoped. The convenience of the road has made it easy for the devotees to go for darshan. The area is also famous for weddings and picnics.

Security Challenge: Ram Dhuni 

Ram Dhuni

The temple is located in the middle of a dense forest. There is a challenge to the safety of the followers of religion. According to Kashidas Udasi, the chief priest of the temple, there is a challenge to take care of the temple and protect the priests and the offerings made by the devotees. In the middle of the dense forest, the priest is sitting alone in the temple premises.

The priest is saddened to learn that Lord Rama and Yogi Vankhandi are also taking their exams. But since he has been taking care of the temple and worshiping from an early age, he feels that the remembrance of God will solve all the problems. There are some problems as there is no telephone connection in the religious place. According to the locals, women visiting the temple in the middle of the forest are being mistreated, looted and even robbed.

Things  to be improved:

Ram Dhuni
Ram Dhuni

As the temple is in the middle of a dense forest, there is a need for electricity connection along with road construction. It is necessary to connect telephone and mobile services in the temple premises. It is heard that the belongings, bells, tridents and offerings of the temple located in the middle of the forest are being stolen. It is necessary to create an environment for women visitors to visit.

According to the locals, there have been incidents of looting and rape of women. It is important to pay attention to the physical security of the devotees and the protection and promotion of the temple infrastructure. As the temple itself is a sacred place of worship, it is mandatory to clean the temple premises. But there is an understanding of the followers of religion who have not paid much attention to sanitation.

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There is a small stream to the north-west of the temple for bathing for the devotees and it has not been made systematic for bathing. The pond next to the temple still needs to be cleaned and managed. There is no provision of drinking water and toilet for the visitors. There is a need for transparency in the offerings to the temple (Dakshina). Which has not yet been managed. Ram Dhuni is famous in the eastern region


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