Ramayana : 7 Lessons From Ramayana to Change Your LIfe


It is a scientific fact that, on a physical, mental and spiritual level, both men and women are incomplete. That is, there is no perfection in each other. When the two become one, then it gets perfection. But, this perfection can be found only when there is mutual understanding, trust, love and trust between husband and wife. The religious scripture Ramayana also mentions what qualities should exist between husband and wife, through Rama and Sita. The same thing is mentioned here.



Ramayana :  Restraint

Restraint means to control the mental arousal that arises from time to time, such as anger, lust, greed, ego, lust, etc. Shri Ram and Sita spent their entire lives with great restraint and love. They were never mentally or physically uncontrollable.


Satisfaction means to be satisfied with the comforts that come with living together. Both were satisfied with each other. Sita never lacked in Shri Ram and Shri Ram in Sita. Not all families have enough money. Practical difficulties may arise. Some requirements may not be met. But, in such a case, one should not complain, but should be satisfied by managing what is available.


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Ramayana : Children

Children also have a very important place in married life. The ego of the child plays an important role in making the relationship between husband and wife sweet and strong. Love and Kush played a vital role in freeing Rama and Sita from exile and proving that they had a sacred relationship.


Husbands and wives need to understand each other’s feelings. Husband should understand wife’s problem and wife should understand husband’s problem, situation, compulsion. It helps to make married life comfortable, simple and harmonious.

Ramayana :Resolution

This means that husbands and wives, as husband and wife, are determined to fulfill their religious obligations.


Physical, Financial and Mental strength

The sixth thing is to be physically, financially and mentally strong. For a marriage to be successful and happy, both husband and wife must be physically, financially, and mentally strong.

Ramayana : Surrender

Husbands and wives need to be completely devoted to each other in marriage. We also have to give up some desires and needs for each other.

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