Jakhera Tal : Jakhera Lake Of Dang ,Developed As ‘Mini Fewatal’

Jakhera Tal

Jakhera Tal in Lamahi Municipality-3 of Dang District is located at the foot of Chure Hills. It is situated on the east and west of the forest, on the south by the beautiful village of Musundi and on the north by the foothills of the Chure Hills. This lake, full of breathtaking views, now seems to be waiting to attract tourists. When you reach this very attractive lake, it seems that tourists are waiting to show their beauty.

Mini Phewa
Jakhera Tal

Everyone who arrives there is captivated by its beautiful scenery. The main attraction of this lake is the combined texture and natural and biodiversity. The lake is about two kilometers to the north through Sundabari village, six kilometers east of Lamahi Bazaar in Dang. Locals say that tourists from India and third countries also visit the lake as it is close to the East-West Highway.

The lake is about seven feet deep and spreads over an area of ​​seven and a half bighas. The temples of Ganesh on the north side of the lake and Siddheshwar Mahadev on the east side have also given additional attraction. Tourists come here by boat to visit the temple. Now, even during the rainy season, large crowds flock to the area to observe the lake and eat picnics.

According to Bishnumaya Basnet, an employee of the Jakhera Lake Conservation Organization, at least 300 domestic and foreign tourists visit here daily. Tourists come here to see forest picnics, water sports, natural trekking, birds and other animals. Bishnumaya said, ‘Tourists enjoy boating after reaching the lake. As there is only one boat, there are some problems with waiting.

Jakhera Tal
Jakhera Tal

A fee of Rs 50 has been fixed for a tourist to take a boat ride on the entire lake and Rs 20 for visiting the temple. Kamala Chapagain, 47, who came from Bardiya to observe Jakhera Lake, said that it was her first visit to the lake and she was very happy to see the view. He suggests that everything should be done to keep the beauty of the lake and keep it clean. Kamala says that if the lake is publicized, more tourists can be attracted.

Shardadevi Oli, 39, who came from Tulsipur with her children to observe and walk around the lake, said she was happy to see a lot of improvement in the lake area this time. Saying that he came to visit the lake a year and a half ago, he said that this time it was very good. Dr. Kishor Khatri of Tulsipur said that the local and state governments should pay attention to the physical infrastructure to enhance the beauty of the lake.

“This lake has the potential to be developed as the Phewa Lake in the Midwest,” he said. He said that the face of Deukhuri area of ​​Dang would be restored if the lake could be protected and consolidated. Khatri suggested that proper arrangements should be made for the management of nets, water and toilets required for tourists and garbage along the lake.

Ram Singh KC, vice-president of Jakhera Shivalaya Religious Tourism Development Conservation Foundation, said that everyone should take initiative for the protection of Jakhera Lake. He says that the lake is now known as the main tourist center of the district due to the tireless work of many in the past and the support provided by the state bodies.

Until a few years ago, the lake was covered with water hyacinth weeds and soil. With the help and protection of government agencies including the District Land Conservation Office, Dang, Agriculture Development Office and citizens, Vice President KC said. Vice-Chairman KC said that toilets, proper arrangement of drinking water, garbage management, nets along the lake for safety and adequate provision of boats for tourists to visit the lake should be provided for the visitors.

He said that there is a problem in the rainy season even though there is no blacktop on the 1.5 km road leading to the lake. Ravidhwaj Thapa, co-chairman of the Jakhera Shivalaya Religious Tourism Development Conservation Foundation, said that the foundation has been set up now as their goal is to link it with religion and tourism.

Jakhera Tal
Jakhera Tal

He informed that Rs. 1.5 million was provided from the Presidential Chure Conservation Program and Rs. 900,000 was provided by the Division One Office Lamahi in the last fiscal year 2075-76 BS. From the amount, interlock, drum light, 100 meters of black leaf in the Shiva temple premises inside the lake, stairs at the rock climbing place and 74 meters of concrete canal have been constructed on the south side of the lake.

Co-chairperson Thapa informed that the government of Province No. 5 has allocated Rs. 2.5 million for the maintenance of the lake this time. The Lamahi Municipality has allocated Rs 1.5 million for deep boring in the lake area this year and Rs 300,000 for a drain in Ward No. 5. He said that a two-day festival was organized last Shivaratri to identify it as a religious tourist destination.

Jakhera Tal
Jakhera Tal

Some time ago, Chief Minister of Province No. 5 Shankar Pokharel also inspected the lake. He was also impressed that the lake had its own historical background. In 2030 BS, under the leadership of late Dipu Chaudhary, a resident of Sonpur VDC, Savik, now Lamahi Municipality-3, local intellectuals from Sonpur, Tikuligarh, Falkapur and Shree village have been collecting water from the rainwater and forest area for irrigation. Was

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The same lake is now known as Jakhera Lake.

In the local Tharu language, the place where sky water is collected and collected. That place is called Jakhera. Even today, the main source of water in this lake is sky water. Now the water is clean and the surrounding water. Environmental beauty is another attraction that has been developed and protected as a beautiful lake.


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