Makhamali Mala :History And Importance Of Makhamali During Tihar

makhamali mala

Makhamali Mala : The main festival of us Nepalis has started this year with Dashain Sakina. It is customary for sisters to adorn their brothers with velvet pools and garlands of centipede flowers and rainbow dubos during the festival. The velvet flower never withers, the color of the centipede never fades and the dubo always remains green. Therefore, these flower garlands are considered important in the festival.

velvet garland
makhamali mala

There is a religious and mythological belief that worshiping Ganesha, invoking Yamaraj, using Bimiro, Okhar, oil, velvet garland, Katus etc. in Tihar festival will bring happiness, prosperity, health and longevity to sisters and brothers. After some rains, velvet and centipede garlands have been left out of the festival. Instead, the use of plastic and artificial beads is increasing. Artificial plastic garlands imported from India have ended the festival in many places this year. Makhamali Mala

On the other hand, velvet, centipede and gourd flowers are no longer seen in the village. On the other hand, as the importance of natural flowers is being forgotten, the culture of using plastic garlands to show the blossoming flowers has started in the village. Centipede and velvet flowers are on the verge of extinction as the use of plastic garlands increases.

Centipede and velvet flowers are on the verge of extinction even though the Agriculture Development Office and other organizations working in the district do not protect it. Even if the neck is covered with a plastic garland bought from the market instead of a centipede flower, it does not look as beautiful as a centipede garland. Without centipede and velvet, the festival is more important than ever. Makhamali Mala

makhamali mala
makhamali mala

Commercial floriculture has been started in 41 districts of Nepal so far. There are about 675 flower firms and nurseries in 41 districts including Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Narayanghat, Hetauda, ‚Äč‚ÄčKavre and Biratnagar. Ninety percent of the commercially traded flowers during the festival are being produced in eight districts near the city market. Makhamali Mala

Eighty percent of the centipede garlands used in the festival are made by indigenous products while the remaining 20 percent is imported from India. Due to the fact that the time of flowering of centipede flowers is faster than before, centipede and velvet flowers that used to bloom in full bloom a few years ago are becoming extinct today.

Our country is very suitable for flower business as it is suitable for geographical diversity and climate. Flower business can be established as a major industry in a scientific way. There are 5,833 species of flowering plants in our country. Of these, 246 species of flowers are not found in other countries. Despite being an agricultural country, the floriculture profession, which can play a key role in the economy, has been neglected. Makhamali Mala

We still have the illusion that the flower business is only in the city. Young people have come to the Gulf countries for employment. The fields of the village are turning barren. The habit of doing agribusiness in the village has not been developed. What would happen to us if we started buying plastic pools for the festival? This is something everyone has to think about.

When will we all realize that even if the pool is sold in the market, its production is done in the village? Although the cultivation of pools is less, the demand is gradually increasing. In the city market today, flower plants are being used to decorate courtyards, gardens, parks, schools, and private offices. This is a good thing. Demand for seasonal flowers and indoor ornamental plants is also increasing. Makhamali Mala

makhamali mala
makhamali mala

There is a growing need for pools in every symposium, seminar, celebration, festival, wedding, fast and other good deeds or even in the sad moments like mourning and tribute. But the production is not in line with the demand and we have started buying plastic pools.For those who want to do flower business, it seems necessary to conduct flower decoration training keeping in view the market demand and seasonal demand. Makhamali Mala

On the other hand, in order to produce flowering plants imported from abroad, the unemployed youth have to apply foreign technology knowledge and skills. Not only looking for pools when you need them, everyone is developing the habit of wearing them in their backyards and orchards during leisure time, so you don’t have to buy plastic pools during the festival.

Centipede originates in the southern United States, Mexico, and the South American continent. From there, the centipede pool entered different countries of the world. There is no reliable basis for how and when these centipede flowers came to Nepal. At present, there are many types of centipede pools. Centipede flower culture has been a flower in our culture since time immemorial.Makhamali Mala

The centipede flowers that adorn the festival can be divided into two groups. The French marigolds belong to the group of small, flowering and easy-to-grow garlands, which do not lose their flowers and do not lose their color. The centipede of this group spreads out on the outer petals of the flower. Therefore, his scientific name is Tagatis Patula.

The Latin meaning of patulus is spread. Centipede flowers are decorated in dark bright colors, especially in orange-yellow, dark brown or red. The large centipede flower is commonly called African marigold. This type of centipede blooms in clusters. These centipedes bloom in orange or pale yellow. The beauty of Godavari flower is respected in the world. Makhamali Mala

The flower we call Godavari is called chrysanthemum in the Islamic world. It is dedicated to the pastor David. Its popular name is Chrysanthemum in Europe, America, Australia, Canada and other places. In Greek, kryos means gold and anthemone means flower. In that sense Godavari is the golden flower. But Godavari comes in many colors and shapes. China is credited with creating the history of the Godavari by cultivating it in gardens in the 15th century BC.

Then, in the eighth century, it became the national flower of Japan, gaining state honors. The throne of the Japanese emperor is known as the ‘Chrysanthemum Throne’. Here in China, cities are named after Godavari flowers, such as Xu-Jiang. Godavari is also the official pool of Chicago, USA. Godavari is a beautiful and attractive flower. Especially in the months of Asoj and Kartik, this flower blooms completely. Godavari is the national flower of Japan. Makhamali Mala

Godavari can be inflated in everyone’s home. Godavari flowers are considered very important. This flower decoration stays fresh for about a week. Decorating its different leaves in a beautiful vase enhances the beauty of the house. Godavari is cultivated by the Chinese for medicinal purposes. After the students who went to study in Japan planted this flower in Godavari village of the valley, the Nepali name of this flower remained Godavari.

Godavari flowers are found in 6,500 species in China, 19,000 in Japan and 200 in Nepal. The importance of this flower, which blooms on the eve of Dashain and Tihar, the big festivals of Nepal, is increasing. The velvet flower is a famous flower of cultural significance for Nepalis. Velvet flower is considered as a symbol of longevity and healthy life as it never fades. Makhamali Mala

The flower is velvet imported from the South American continent of Brazil, Panama and Guatemala. Successful velvet garland has become an integral part of Nepali festival to tie the love of sisters and brothers in a sacred knot. A round velvet flower like a betel nut is a bouquet of hundreds of flowers like a centipede. Although the name is velvet, this flower is soft, tender and not rough but rough. Velvet is especially popular in purple and onion colors.

Since it does not wither, does not wither, and lasts for many years, the sisters wish their brothers and sisters a long life by wearing garlands of velvet flowers. This flower called Rakta Mallika in Sanskrit is also considered beautiful to look at. Talking about the geographical condition of our country, the mountains, hills and any region of the Terai are full of natural prosperity. Sunakhari Laligurans, which grows naturally in remote mountainous and hilly areas, or velvet centipede, which grows in the valleys and valleys, all have their own special significance. Makhamali Mala

Due to the naturally rich climate, the biodiversity here has been conserved. Compared to last year, the number of flowers imported from India will be less this year. This should be considered a matter of happiness. Due to the recent increase in the number of commercial floriculture and the timely timing of Tihar festival, the number of imported flowers has come down.

makhamali mala
makhamali mala

Nepal has become self-sufficient in velvet and Godavari flowers even though it has to import red roses during the centenary festival and Valentine’s Day. Farmers and entrepreneurs who have already started and want to start a flower business need to conduct programs including nursery management, seasonal and non-seasonal flower production training. Makhamali Mala Must Read

Similarly, for those who want to do flower business, training in flower decoration should be conducted keeping in view the market demand and seasonal demand. On the other hand, in order to produce flowering plants imported from abroad, the unemployed youth have to apply foreign technology knowledge and skills. Not only looking for pools when you need them, everyone is developing the habit of wearing them in their backyards and orchards during leisure time, so you don’t have to buy plastic pools during the festival. It is important for everyone to understand this. Makhamali Mala

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