Tara Devi : The Swarkinnari of Nepal, Great Singing Idol

Many talents have been born in the field of music. How many talents have left this earth, but their voices are still loved. Singer Tara Devi is also one of the musicians in the sky with a melodious voice. He is a well-known name in Nepali singing. By singing many sweet songs, Tara Devi had given an excellent introduction of her singing talent to the Nepali people.

Tara Devi was born as the daughter of Krishna Bahadur Karki and Radhadevi on January 20, 2002 in Indrachowk, Kathmandu. Tara Devi started singing in Nepali language from parrot speech. She reached Radio Nepal holding the finger of Bhairav ​​Bahadur Thapa at the age of five. At that time, Tara Devi’s childish voice had amazed and fascinated many. At that time, she used to sing nursery rhymes for free on Radio Nepal.

Tara Devi
Tara Devi

A few years later, she started earning five rupees for singing a song. His ability began to improve. In Radio Nepal, Tara Devi was appointed as a singer like Khardar. After some time, she was promoted to the post of Deputy Subbastari Singer of Radio Nepal. In that position, she served Radio Nepal for three consecutive decades.By then, she had passed her entrance exams and graduated with a degree in music.

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In the ups and downs, good luck, Kalipare Dai, how beautiful, narrow turn it is, life is not as you think, she has sung original and evergreen Nepali songs like a bunch of flowers. There are many songs sung by Tara Devi. In his songs, people’s heart, happiness and life are found. After being in the position of Section Clerk for 30 years in Radio Nepal, she became a branch officer through the eyes of the then King Birendra. She has won Indra Rajyalakshmi Pragya Award, Jagdambashree Award, Chhinnalata Award, Maina Award and Nai Sur Samman.

Tara Devi

She has received many other medals, awards, honors and congratulations from home and abroad. Tara Devi has sung more than three thousand songs in Nepali language. She also sang many folk songs, hymns, and national anthems. However, his modern songs are more popular. Among his songs, there are more than 2500 modern genres. He passed away on January 29, 2006. Even after Tara Devi’s death, her voice is still alive among Nepalis. He has even been given the nickname of ‘Swarkinnari’.

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