Superstition : Superstition Believe You Will Come Across Nepal


Superstition : There is a lot of superstition in Eastern society. Believing and not believing is in its place but most of them have been embracing such beliefs.

Fighting when giving chillies in hand


It is said that if you have to give green or dried chillies to someone, you should not give them to him. Due to the superstitious belief that there is a conflict between the giver and the taker of chillies when giving chillies in hand, chillies are not given directly in the hand but are rented or placed on the ground.

When it comes Infection in  the eyes
Eye contact is also associated with a superstition in Nepali society. Swelling of the lower or upper part of the eye is a type of blister. There is a kind of superstition that the person who has such a wound in his eye has come because of seeing the part of others big or because he is jealous of others. There is even more surprising superstition in the treatment of the wound called Ano. There is a superstitious belief that the wound is healed by touching the penis of a small child three or seven times or by rubbing it on the doorstep of the victim.

Make a garland of lemons and peppers and hang it 

Garland of Lemon And Chilly
Garland of Lemon And Chilly

This garland is usually made of 6 chillies and one lemon thread. There is a superstition in our Nepali society to make a garland of chillies and lemons and hang it so that it will not be inauspicious and inauspicious by looking at someone’s house, cowshed, shop or car.

Dizziness In Throat

There is a superstitious belief that if someone suddenly gets a poppy or coughs in his throat, then an enemy who is far away from him or someone else has said something bad about him and his throat has become poppy.

If you hit someone on the head, you have to spit or hit again
It is said that it is unlucky to accidentally hit each other on the head while walking in a hurry. There is a superstitious belief that if this happens, both of them should hit their head once again or spit in the opposite direction so that it will not be inauspicious.

If an empty vessel is seen while walking, the site will not fall or be inauspicious
There is a superstitious belief that if an empty vessel is seen while walking somewhere from home for some special work, it will be inauspicious or the site will be damaged. It is said that if a full vessel is seen while walking like this, it will be auspicious for the work to be done. In order to say Sait Paros, when you go out of the house, water is kept in a jug or some other container after the main door and if you look at it, you will see Sait.

Dog ominous cat auspicious


If a dog or cat kept in someone’s house came to your house, what would you call it good or bad? In our society, if a dog or a cat comes and stays in someone’s house like that, it is also associated with superstition. There is a superstition that if a dog comes and sits, it is chased as inauspicious, and if a cat comes and sits, it is auspicious.

If the spider is hanging, wait for the guest to come
There is a superstitious belief that if a spider hangs in someone’s house or kitchen, guests will come that day.

Hiccups felt, someone remembered.
It is said that even if someone suddenly feels bad, someone remembers and feels bad. There is a superstitious belief that relatives, friends, loved ones, well-wishers or others who are far away from you remember when you get dizzy and get dizzy.

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If  spider web, you will get a loan


There is a superstitious belief that if a spider’s web is set in someone’s house, it will lead to debt. If the spider puts a net on the wall, roof or corner of the house, it should not be kept. It is said that more debt is added, or debt is taken. If the house is not cleaned properly, the spider will definitely put a net, if you always clean the house by using a spider, the spider will not put a net and the alert person can always move forward.

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