Shreepej : Visit Narayanhiti Durbar To See Shreepej

Shreepej : A decade after the museum was established, the Narayanhiti Museum is preparing to increase the entrance fee. The museum under the Department of Archeology has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Tourism to increase the fee. A meeting held about three weeks ago has proposed to increase the fee. The proposal has been submitted to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation through the Department of Archeology.


The proposed new fee is Rs 40 for Nepali students, Rs 300 for tourists from SAARC countries, Rs 750 for third country tourists and Rs 150 for Nepali tourists. The museum has proposed a new fee as soon as it comes under the department. At present, it was collecting Rs 20 for students, Rs 250 for SAARC tourists, Rs 500 for third country tourists and Rs 100 for Nepalis. Shreepej

The museum had planned to increase the fee after opening the Shripech. Now, we are also preparing to open Shreesadan, said Bhesnarayan Dahal, Director General of the Department of Archeology. According to him, it is proposed to increase the fee as other rooms are also being prepared as per the master plan of the museum. There are 52 rooms in Narayanhiti.

We will open some cells immediately, said Director General Dahal. During the tenure of the then Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, it was decided to turn the Narayanhiti Palace into a museum. Immediately after that, the Narayanhiti Durbar was opened as a museum for public viewing from February 3, 2008. By 2068 BS, only 19 rooms were open to the public.

The museum is limited to 318 ropanis of the Narayanhiti museum premises spread over an area of ​​753 ropanis. Dozens of historical heritages including Ghodatavela, helipad, lake pond, Shreesadan and Ranodhip’s palace used by the former king have not been opened. “We are preparing to increase the amount with a plan to open not only the museum but also other places in the Narayanhiti Durbar premises to the public,” Dahal said. Shreepej

Chief of the museum, Adhait Prakash stha, informed that preparations are being made to increase the entrance fee for tourists visiting the museum. The museum has also made final preparations to open King Birendra’s private residence Sreesanth. Shreepej


Crowds to see Shripech
Kathmandu. The crowd of spectators has increased since Shripach, which was opened on September 15. According to the head of the museum, Adhait Prakash Shrestha, the number of people visiting Sripech, which was opened by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli for the first time, is high. About 2,000 tourists visit the museum daily after placing it in the museum. Shreepej

According to the latest statistics, about 30,000 domestic and foreign tourists have visited Shripech so far. Museum chief Shrestha said that domestic tourists visited Shripech more than foreigners. Most of the people who see Shripech as a symbol of the monarchy remember the former kings. Museum chief Shrestha said that most of the students visit the museum. According to him, about 2,000 out of 2,000 tourists visit the site daily. About 2,500 people had observed the event on Sunday.

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The museum has a dozen items including a crown, scepter, two maces, a shield, a sword, a crown worn by the queen, a jhari and two leathers inside a bulletproof Sokesh. The materials are kept in the Surkhet and Rupandehi rooms of the museum. Former King Gyanendra has put it in the exhibition in the drawer of Narayanhiti Saloon Room on June 12, 2008. The news is in Nepal newspaper. Shreepej

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