Jhalakman Gandarva : The Singing Legend Of Nepal

Jhalakman Gandharva (born 1935 – November 23, 2003) is a Nepali folk singer. He was instrumental in making the song or Gandharva music famous. Gandharva music, which is sung only by the singing community of Nepal, was first recorded and broadcast on the radio by Jhalakman. His most popular song is Aama Sodhalin Ni which is poignantly sung as the last message of the wounded Lahure on the battlefield.

Jhalakman Gandarva
Jhalakman Gandarva


Jhalakman, like other members of the Gandharva community, began his musical career as a child. At the beginning of his professional life, he used to sing songs like other Gandharvas around the village. Later, with the help of folk singer Dharmaraj Thapa, he started writing. He started his service as a singer in Radio Nepal from 1965.

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Jhalakman Gandarva

Work of Jhalakman Gandarva

Jhalakman recorded a variety of songs such as Zhaure, Karkha, Khayali, Bhaj etc. He composed karkhas in praise of about 20 Nepalis who earned bravery during the Second World War. He has only one song album but his contribution to Nepali folk songs is considered important. He spent his entire life compiling, editing and presenting Gandharva songs.

He has also performed in Germany, Yugoslavia, Belgium, France and India.

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