Things Not To Do In Nepal : The List of 8 Things Not to Do

Things Not To Do In Nepal, Nepal is a country which attracts over a 1.5 million tourists every year. The reason these tourists come to Nepal is Nepal is a very beautiful country with rich natural and cultural aspects. And economically Nepal is cheap compared to other countries.

Nepal mainly attracts tourists who want trekking and mountaineering adventures. In addition to that bungee jumping,sight seeing,mountain flights,great cultural aspects are the reason why tourists want to come to Nepal. If you are too planing to visit this most beautiful country,you will have a experience of a lifetime. But there are certain things that you must know about before you come here. These are the 10 things you cannot do in Nepal in your stay.


1.Never use left hand to greet or gift: 

In this country ,using left hand instead of right hand to greet or gift is considered as disrespectful. People here use their right hand to give or receive everything. From money to gifts,from food to water,just use your right hand. People will actually deny or get angry if you try to give something with your left hand.


2.Do not drink street juices and unboiled water  

In Nepal,generally water in the local taps and juice made in streets are considered unhealthy. People here are already used to it so there may not be any problem to them but if you are a foreigner you may suffer with abdominal pain and diarrhea. If you are staying here try to avoid drinking juice in streets and unboiled water. Drink bottled juices and water instead.

Things Not To Do In Nepal

3.Watch Out for Yaks

Yaks are grumpy animals with the weight of over 400 kgs. These animals are found in Himalayan region. As you follow the trekking routes to different places in Himalayas you might be in face to face interaction with yaks for multiple times. These animals are used to carry goods and loads in complex Himalayan trails. Since these animals have poor sight of vision and hearing,these animals do not notice humans around them and run over them. So,try avoiding yaks on these trails.



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4.Simply Don’t Enter ,If it says “Don’t Enter ”  

In Nepal there are certain places which are restricted for the people of other religion and country to enter. For example,tourists and people of other religion are restricted to enter the main temple of Pashupatinath. And you can’t even take photographs of such restricted places. Your device may be captured or deleted if you are found doing so. And if you enter the places you are not supposed to enter,you may be forced out or arrested.


5.Be Aware of fake items :

China and Nepali local producers produce duplicate items with the same name like Nike,Addidas,North Face etc. You may be cheated with these items and may be made to pay more price. You should only buy products from authorized shops until you are desiring to buy original products.If you are Okay with the copied products, whiole market is open for you.

Fake Products


6.Don’t Carry Weapons :

Carrying any kind of weapons in Nepal is completely illegal,sometimes even carrying a knife or dagger with you may cause you problem. Knife is also considered as cold weapon in Nepal. So,forget about the guns.

No Weapons


7.Dont Walk In with your shoe on: 

Kathmandu Valley,The capital  has numerous temples,monasteries,gumbas, and different cultural and religious monuments . Always take off your shoes before you enter any of these heritage sites.In Hinduism entering these temples and cultural places with your shoes on is considered to be disrespectful and sin.



8.Do Not Kiss in Public:

Kissing in public places in Nepal is considered illegal and offensive. Nepali people are very strict and desire privacy in such activities. So,kissing in public places is considered not good in Nepal. You may be warned or shouted at. Or generally people consider looking away with shame and getting angry.

No Kissing



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