Thamel Kathmandu : How Was Thamel Fifty Years Ago ?


“Fifty years ago, Thamel was deserted,” recalls Karna Shakya, a tourism expert. The house was thin. There was one house here, but another. In the middle of reaching from one house to another, bamboo groves were found. No one had a toilet in their house. He was seen defecating in the empty land. People did not cross the  road after five o’clock. Even taxis did not run in the evening. However, the paddy field looked attractive.


“At that time?” Said Shakya, a tourism expert. There was a brick wall, a brick roof. ‘There were a few houses in Thahiti. When we reached  Chowk from Thahiti, we found 10-12 houses. This is the year 2013-14. ‘I went to JP School. I had to go to school from Thahiti, ‘he said in the past. I was scared to go home the same way even though I was stunned when I went to school.

We used to go to school through Thamel and return home through Paknajol, Kshetrapati. ‘Paknajol was a densely populated area. That’s why it seemed easy to walk that way. Not only Shakya but also his sisters used to walk around Paknajol and Kshetrapati instead of the short road to Thamel. At that time, hymns were sung in front of the present Kathmandu Guest House. “A taxi driver was stabbed to death in Thamel area in 2014-15,” he said.

In a country with cultural sympathy and religious tolerance, everyone was surprised to hear that people were being killed at that time. At that time, even beating people became news. Till 50 years ago, one ropani of land used to cost Rs. 10,000-12,000 in Thamel.

Thamel of this time


After the opening of the Kathmandu Guest House, the bustle of people began to be seen in Thamel. After the guesthouse, two or four restaurants opened. Tourists began to appear. Gradually it became thicker. “It has become a distinct identity on the world tourism map,” claims tourism expert Shakya. “Once Thamel arrives, foreign tourists can feel as if they have found their own society.”

Spread over an area of ​​ten square kilometers, Thamel has many reasons to be a tourist destination. In Thamel, where one lakh people gather daily, one can buy all kinds of goods. Not only that, 40,000 local and foreign traders have been doing business . They do all kinds of business. Business is booming.

“Thamel offers all kinds of food from all over the world,” he added. The mentioned hotel tastes food from all over the world including Nepali, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, European, American. ‘


Local and foreign writers go to great lengths to find and buy good books. Some well-known writers have been writing books in a hotel in Thamel. According to Shakya, things that cannot be found anywhere can be found in Thamel.

The attraction of this place  is its diversity. Having four thousand houses within ten square kilometers is considered to be just as unique. According to tourism professionals, 75 percent of Kathmandu Arleka tourists prefer to stay in Thamel. Even the remaining 25 percent say that the journey would be incomplete without a break.

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                                                                                                   It is a wonder that all kinds of entertainment are available and people from all over the world meet . Everyone is surprised to hear that tens of thousands of people live in an area of ​​ten square kilometers. Shakya never imagined that this would happen in 50 years. Born and raised in Asan, he is not happy to see Thamel 50 years ago and later.






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