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Sakela Sili  : At the time of creation, when Sumnima-Paruhang ascended to the sky, Hongcha was alone on earth. He was very nervous. After that, Hongcha established Suptulung as the symbol of Sumnima-Paruhang. Hongcha buried the stove in the north-right part of Suptulung and said, ‘You are bankrupt. You give power to the ancestors of our family. To make longevity Protect from enemies. To bring happiness and peace. ‘


Similarly, Hongcha buried the stove in the southern part of Suptulung and said, ‘You are Dimalung. You have to make your family happy. Wealth, food and shelter. To give wisdom. Protect from enemies. To bring happiness and peace. ‘ Again, Hongcha buried the stove in front of Suptulung at the main entrance and said, “You are Tayalung.” You have to entertain the guests who come to this family and maintain a good atmosphere in the family. Protect from enemies. Sakela

To bring happiness and peace. ‘ After that, Hongchha named the three stoves of Suptulung as Divadhasanga, Dimalung and Tayalung respectively and considered them as symbols of different powers. He worshiped the Suptulung as a symbol of his ancestors. From that time onwards, the Kiratis considered Suptulung as the symbol of their ancestors and started worshiping their ancestors by throwing Mundum.

The Kiratis perform their entire religion-culture from birth to death in the same Suptulung. This trend is still going on. It is believed that if this rule is violated, the family will suffer. Then Hongcha went to the forest to hunt. He was hunting in the forest. Just then a loud voice came. With that sound, a strange light fell nearby. Hongcha was surprised. Hongcha went to the place where the strange light fell.

There he saw Sakudima weaving. Seeing Sakudima in solitude, Hongcha got scared. He felt like mother Sumnima in Sakudi. Hongcha immediately placed all his bow and arrow on the ground and bowed remembering Sumnima. At the same time, Sakudima took the form of Sumnima and said, ‘Hongcha, in fact, I am Sumnima. I am very happy for you to know me in time. So today I will teach you how to weave.

Then, teach the people of this earth the skill of weaving. Cloth is made from that thread. People all over the world, including you, should wear that cloth to cover their shame, to avoid winter, to avoid the attack of enemies. It will be good for you. ‘ Hongni obeyed Sumnima’s orders. Sumnima taught Hongcha to weave. He became skilled in weaving Hongcha Tan. At the same time, Sumni disappeared.

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After that, Hongcha taught the weaving skills learned from Sumnima all over the world. Then all the people of the earth covered themselves with shame, covered themselves with the garments of winter, and escaped the onslaught of their enemies. From that time on, it became customary to weave cloth and wear clothes. At the same time, people on earth began to die of starvation. That made Hongchha very worried. Hongcha meditated to find a way to save the people.

Suddenly, the ground shook. The atmosphere became dark all around. The wind blew. The lightning flashed. It rained. That distracted Hongcha. Hongcha’s eyes opened. Her eyes widened as she opened her eyes. The smell of flowers was wafting. After being distracted, Hongcha did not find a way to save the people. Then Hongcha said, “Hey, it’s human.” I can’t protect you. You have to die one day after you were born on this earth.

Therefore, today is the day of the rush. You have to consider that day as Kirati New Year based on your age. ‘ Then, according to Hongcha’s order, human creation began to consider that day as the New Year. That new year was the day of Maghe Sankranti. Thus began the new year. That is why Kiratis consider Maghe Sankranti as the new year.

Even after the start of the new year, Hongcha was alone on this earth. Sometimes he would hunt alone and sometimes he would kill Wakurisa by blocking the door. When Mahatamma used to walk with a net. In this way, he used to throw nets all day while throwing nets at Mahatamma. However, not a single Wakurisa was caught. Instead, every time you cast a net, the net came empty. He got tired of throwing the net like that.

At that time, Mahatamma’s daughter Nagahang was in Sikri. However, the prince was not found for Sikrima’s wedding. At the same time, Sikrima’s uncle sent Sikrima to earth to see her favorite prince when Nagahang went out to the palace. As he was walking around the earth at his uncle’s command, he was caught in a snare thrown by Hongcha.

Exhausted after not being caught in the trap for many days, Hongcha was happy to say, “Today there is a big trap in the trap.” Both Hongcha and Sikri stared in amazement. The two fell in love. After that, Hongcha and Sikrima got married and ate Kannikire to live and die together. After that, Sikrima met his father Nagahang and asked him to ask for Sikrima’s hand. We live with our family in that palace.

Now, come to the same palace and ask me with you. But, you have said, ‘I will marry the one who gives birth to me.’ Listening to Sikrima’s words, Hongcha said, “I don’t have a calf. Again, I don’t even know how to swim in the water. So I can’t go to your own palace. ‘ Hongchhak On hearing this, Sikrima said again, “Don’t say that, Hongcha.” If you really love me, you must go to my father’s palace and ask for my hand. Sakela


When you go to your palace, the waves of the sea come crashing down. At the same time, you jump into the Mahatamma and swim with that wave. I will give you one of your many children. You should keep that calf with you. Then you ask for my hand. When you ask me, you ask, ‘Can you give me a calf?’ At the same time, give the calf I gave you to yourself. You will be happy to see that girl. Our marriage will be torn apart. ‘ Hongcha agreed with Sikrima. Sakela

After that, he swam along the waves of the Hong Kong Ocean and reached the palace of Nagahang. But, Nagahang was going for a walk outside the palace. Sikrima’s mother Nagahangma was the only one there. Sikrima told Nagahangma everything about Hongcha. Got the mother-daughter thing. After that, Sikrima gave one of Nagahang’s calves to Hongcha and hid it so that Nagahang would not know.

In a few moments, entering the Nagahang palace, he said, “Who came here today?” People are stinking. ‘ At the same time, Nagahangma said, “No, Nagahang, today I went to earth in a chain.” I must have met someone there. So it must have smelled like that man नि ‘But, Nagahang said with suspicion -‘ No, Nagahangma, surely someone must have come to this palace today. Maybe you hid that man. Where is that man Show me I will eat that man right now. Sakela

‘ Hearing Nagahang’s words, he started crying in panic. At the same time, Nagahangma said, “If you don’t eat that person, we will show that person, otherwise we won’t show it.” Listening to Nagahangma’s words, Nagahang said, “Yes.” I will not eat your lovely man. But where is that man? Show me? ‘ Hearing Nagahang’s words, Sikri was happy and went to Apa’s side and said, “Apa, if we show that man, you will not eat that man for sure?

” Listening to Sikrima’s words, Nagahang promised not to eat the man and said, “If your mother tells you not to eat that man, I will not eat.” But who is that person? Where did you come from Where is Show me that man? ‘ Hongcha was then brought before Nagahang. Seeing Hongchha in front of him, Nagahang said, “Man, why did you come to my palace?” Hongsha said, “Mahasagarhang, I like your daughter Sikri very much.” That is why I have come here to ask for the hand of Sikrima.

I want to marry your daughter Sikrima and have a good time. ‘ Listening to Hongchha’s words, Nagahang said, “I will marry the one who gives birth to my daughter.” Can you give birth to my daughter? ‘ After hearing Nagahang’s words, Hongcha handed over the calf given to him by Sikrima and said, “Yes, Mahatammahang.” I can give your daughter a baby. ‘ When Hongcha was ready to give birth to Sikrima, Nagahang and Nagahangma blessed her and married Sikrima with pomp and circumstance. From that time on, it became customary for Kiratis to ask for another daughter to marry.

At that wedding, Nagahang and Nagahangma picked up Sakela Sili and sent her to the earth with a stone, drum-zyamta, pomi, silima and dowry, saying, ‘Sikrima and Hongcha, now you are old. Now you go to the earth and cultivate and eat. May your descendants cover the earth. Then, when you are cultivating and after the grain has been brought in, bury this stone in a clean place on the earth, playing this drum, playing mani, shaking it, shaking it in the same way as you did while farming, remembering us and your son-in-law’s parents. Sakela

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We will inform you through water that we have learned to cultivate by irrigating the earth. ‘ Sikrima and Hongcha agreed to that. Then Hongcha took Sikrima to the earth. From that time onwards, it became customary to give dowry to the daughter as much as possible. After that, he came to the earth in Hongcha and Sikri and started farming. From then on, farming was started. Then, according to the orders of Nagahangma and Nagahang, they buried the stone in the clean place of the earth and planted it in drums, mani, chauri-miri and sili. From that time onwards, Sakela was worshiped by playing drums, mani, shauri and shali. From that time on, Sakela Silly was born. Sakela

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