Apshara : The Most Beautiful Women in Hindu God’s Era


Apshara, According to the Vedas and Puranas, the nymphs were endowed with extremely beautiful and magical powers. They used to live in Gandharva Lok. They used to entertain the gods in the world through dance and music. Devraj Indra often used nymphs to break the harsh austerities of saintly ascetics in defense of his throne. Such use of nymphs led to the descent of human beings from nymphs on earth.

Rambha Apshara

Apsara Rambha, considered to be one of the 11 major nymphs, has many characteristics. Rambha was famous in all the three worlds for her looks and beauty. That’s why everyone wanted to get him. In the Ramayana period, Rambha is described as the wife of Nalkuber, the son of Yaksharaj Kuber. It is said that when Ravana tried to rape Rambha, Rambha cursed him, “If you have sex with a woman who does not want you, you will die immediately.”

It is believed that Ravana did not touch Sita after Sitaharan for fear of this curse. In the Mahabharata, she is also said to be the wife of a Gandharva named Turumba. Rambha had led to welcome Arjuna to heaven.


Once, deviating from Vishwamitra’s intense penance, Indra called Rambha and sent him to break Vishwamitra’s penance, but the sage Vishwamitra understood Indra’s conspiracy and cursed Rambha to remain a rock for a thousand years.

The question may arise as to why Rambha was punished for the crime committed by Indra. Similarly, according to the story of Valmiki Ramayana, she was liberated from the curse of a sage by a Brahmin.

Urvashi Apshara

Once, during Urvashi’s dance in Indra’s assembly, King Pururavata was attracted to her. At that time, his rhythm was broken. Because of this crime, Indra was angry and cursed both of them to stay in Matryalok. In Matryalo, Pururava and Urvashi became husband and wife with some saints. Both had many sons. Yin’s son was a one-year-old son. Nahush’s sons were Yayati, Sanyati, Ayati, Ayati and Dhruva.

Among them were Yayatika Yadu, Turvasu, Druhu and Puru. Yaduwat became Paurav from Yadav and Puru. In the Puru dynasty, Kuru became the forerunner and Kaurava became the Kuru. Bhishma’s grandfather was a Kuruvanshi.


It was Urvashi who was once attracted to see Arjuna in Indra’s meeting and she fell in love with Indra. But Arjuna said, “O Goddess, our ancestors increased the pride of our dynasty by marrying you, so since you are the mother of the Puru dynasty, you are like our mother.” Hearing Arjun’s words, Urvashi said, “You have spoken like an eunuch, so I will curse you for being impotent for one year. Thus hundreds of stories about Urvashi can be found in the Puranas.

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Maneka Apshara

Maneka had broken the penance of Vishwamitra to take her form and beauty into penance. Vishwamitra left everything and fell in love with Maneka. Vishwamitra married Maneka and they had a beautiful daughter named Shakuntala. Shakuntala was young when Mainka left her and Vishwamitra and went to Indralok. After Shakuntala, she married Emperor Dushyanta and had a son, King Bharat.


By the grace of Marundano, Bharat got a son named Bharaddhaj. Bharaddhaj was a great sage. It was in this Bharat clan that King Kuru was born and he established the Kaurava dynasty. Shantanu was born in the Kuru dynasty. Shantanu was married to Ganga and Satyavati. This means that Urvashi’s dynasty was later carried forward by Maneka.


Where Urvashi and Menaka had advanced the Pururava dynasty, Punjikasthala had given a new dimension to the ape dynasty. Everyone has heard the story of Hanuman’s birth from mother Anjani.

However, few know that Mother Anjani was a nymph named Punjikasthala in Indra’s court. She was rude to a penitent sage. The sage cursed him to become an ape with the nature of an ape.

Hindu Angel

After hearing the sage’s curse, the capitalist began to apologize to the sage. At that time, the sage showed mercy and said, You will have a son whose fame and glory will make your name immortal forever. ‘ In this way, Anjani got the blessing of a heroic son. After this curse, Pujikasthala went to earth and lived there as a hunter. There he met Kesari and they both fell in love. Both got married.

Kesari and Anjani got married but their children were deprived of happiness. At the same time, Anjani did penance on the orders of Matang sage. At that time, the god of air, pleased with Anjani’s penance, gave him the gift of saying, By the grace of Pawandev, Anjani got a son named Anjaneya who later became known as Bajrangbali Hanuman.


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