Tama : Traditional Nepali Food You Must Try In Nepal


Tama  : Bamboo Taama , our native dish. Of course, this is not the season. However, the bamboo copper family is very useful in winter. Bamboo copper is considered to be very beneficial for human health. It can be consumed as a pickle, vegetable or soup. Bamboo Taama is prevalent not only in Nepal but also in South Asia. Although its ingredients are limited in Nepal, it is used in hundreds of dishes abroad. Taama soup is very beneficial in winter season.


How to make Tama ?

Method of making Tama 

Bamboo Taama is cooked in the same way as Gundruk. For that, first you have to break the young mustache of bamboo and make small pieces. It should be dried in the sun for some time, then turmeric should be crushed and kept in a clean earthen vessel or box so that air does not enter. The longer you keep it, the more the acidity increases.

There is also a traditional way of tying Tama in plastic and burying it underground for months. However, those who produce copper commercially keep vinegar and Tama in air tight bottles for sale.

Tama  utensils


Tama  products are limited in Nepal. Potato bodi copper vegetable is very popular in Nepal. Taama sour pickle is just as popular. Foreigners use it for many purposes. Tama is used as an appetizer salad at the beginning of a meal. Its soup is also prepared in different ways. Tom Yum Kong in Thailand, It in hot and shower in China is mandatory. In China, more than 250 copper products are made.

It is also very tasty when cooked with Taama in the meat. Bass sprouts can also be used as a fresh vegetable.

Medical benefits

– The amount of carbohydrates in bamboo Taama is very low. That is why it is very beneficial for diabetics.

– Bamboo Tama is also low in calories. So it is also beneficial for those who want to lose weight.
– Even if there is a problem in the digestive process, it is better to consume Taama regularly. It also works as a medicine for patients infected with BISAB.

– It is also considered very healthy for pregnant women. It is fed to the last woman of such months during such months.
– It plays a role in healing gastric and ulcers. Regular consumption of it also reduces the chances of cancer.

– It plays an important role in controlling heart disease, blood pressure, high cholesterol and internal wounds.

– It is considered as nectar for lung related patients. Regular consumption of it gives great relief to patients suffering from respiratory problems.

Must Read

Where is the famous?

Nepali Food

– Bamboo taama is sold in the international market under the name ‘Bembo Shoot’. Such a bamboo suit packed in a can is very expensive.
– Tama is essential in the world famous Thai soup ‘Tomayam Kong’. Tama, bear, choy bass or nigalo copper is used in it.
– The Japanese have named bamboo as the ‘King of Grass’ in cooking. Where the benefits of bamboo and Taama are taught.
– Bamboo Taama is also very popular in China. There, not only Tama but also leaves are used as various herbal teas. Which is considered to be very beneficial for health.

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