Corona Vaccine In Nepal : When Will It Be Available In Nepal

Corona Vaccine In Nepal

Corona Vaccine In Nepal :

Corona Vaccine In Nepal, The Ministry of Health and Population has stated that the process has been started to bring the coronavirus vaccine to Nepal as soon as it becomes available in the world market. At present, various developed countries around the world are conducting third tests of coronavirus vaccines. The ministry has stated that a study is underway on which of them will be given priority.

This year, Minister for Health and Population Bhanubhakta Dhakal said that it will be available in the world market and will reach Nepal by next March. The government has even issued an ordinance last year to open a legal way to import vaccines and medicines made abroad. Billions of rupees are needed to vaccinate Kovid-19 in Nepal, who will bear the cost.

Corona Vaccine In Nepal
Corona Vaccine In Nepal

How effective is the ordinance to pave the way for speedy delivery of vaccines and medicines. There are reports that the vaccine is being tested in various developed countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and Russia.

Homework for Corona Vaccine In Nepal :

Ministry spokesperson Jageshwor Gautam said that diplomatic notes have also been sent to the countries where vaccines are being manufactured. “Our foreign ministry has sent diplomatic notes to all the countries where vaccinations are being developed,” he said.

The vaccines currently being tested are only for those over 12 years of age. In addition, the Global Vaccine Alliance and the World Health Organization have agreed to vaccinate 20 percent of the population.

Dr. Gautam said that he had asked the poor country like Nepal about six months ago whether to buy the vaccine or use it as a concession. He said that Nepal has stated that about 20 percent of the population, i.e., 6 million doses are needed for concessions and the response came with a commitment about a month and a half ago to ‘provide’.

Health Ministry
Corona Vaccine In Nepal

Who is on the vaccination priority list?

About 3 percent of the population, or 900,000 health workers and security personnel, have to work on the front lines.

Besides, 17 percent or 5.1 million people are over 55 years of age. “This is the first priority for the population of 6 million when Covax provides the vaccine,” said spokesman Dr Gautam.He said that it is estimated that it will cost Rs 60 to 70 billion to raise vaccines for the remaining population.

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How vaccines work ?Where is the vaccine suitable for Nepal?

There have been reports that some countries have pre-booked vaccines from countries in the final stages of testing. But there are not many initiatives from Nepal. Dr. Gautam, on the other hand, said that the National Health Research Council (NHRC) has also conducted a study to study the nature of the virus found in Nepal and based on that, it is necessary to consider where the vaccine is suitable for Nepal.

“The vaccine has not been made before. Even after it is made, it will be March or April, depending on where it is compatible, how expensive it is, its management and storage,” said spokesperson Gautam. In countries where vaccines are currently being tested, details are coming in that the vaccines will be available by December.

Corona Vaccine In Nepal
Corona Vaccine In Nepal

US citizen to ‘get Covid-19’ vaccine next month

Billions of rupees are needed to vaccinate Kovid-19 in Nepal, who will bear the cost. The NHRC has already studied the genetic makeup of the coronavirus and concluded that the Nepali virus is similar in nature to those found in India and Saudi Arabia.

Stating that the report will be made public soon, Dr. Pradip Gyawali, Member Secretary of NHRC, said that regular genetic structure should be studied by taking additional samples to suggest what kind of vaccine is right in Nepal.

Nepal’s coronavirus ‘similar to the spread in India and Saudi Arabia’

Another 1,600 people died of coronavirus and 1,400 died. While the government is doing its homework to bring the vaccine, looking at the situation so far, who is making the vaccine right for Nepal?

“China will probably give the latest details of the vaccine in a day or two. I think that the vaccine and the vaccine made by Oxford and produced by the Serum Institute of India long ago will be good for Nepal,” said Buddha Basnet, a doctor working at Patan Hospital and doing research on pharmacology.

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