Rabindra Adhikari :Who Is Minister Ravindra Adhikari? Know Every Detail

Rabindra Adhikari

Rabindra Adhikari :Minister for Tourism Rabindra Adhikari, very popular among the younger generation, was a talented young leader of the CPN (Maoist). The directly elected parliamentary officer from Kaski-3 was the chairman of the development committee of the parliament. Adhikari, who always thought of the country and the people above his personal interests, was the beloved common leader of all the Nepali people. Rabindra Adhikari was also selected as the best CA member through online voting in the selection of 10 best CA members. Rabindra Adhikari

Rabindra Adhikari
Rabindra Adhikari

As the eldest son of father Indra Prasad Adhikari and mother Laxmidevi Adhikari, on Sunday 22nd Baishakh 2026 BS, Bharatpokhari Gabis ward no. 9 He was born in Jamunabot. Rabindra Adhikari was married to Bidhya Bhattarai. The love affair between Adhikari, a well-known student in student politics, and Bhattarai’s student days had turned into a marriage. They have two sons.

Educational and student political journey-Rabindra Adhikari

Adhikari graduated from Tribhuvan University with a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in management. The official, who has been involved in Asian student organizations, the World Democratic Youth Union and other international youth student organizations, had also participated in various international conferences.

Adhikari started his political journey at the tender age of 12. He was elected the youngest member of ANNISU-WU in 2038 BS when he was studying in 7th class. Successful in creating political awareness through free coaching classes for students, library, sanitation, sports, cultural programs, drama performances, etc., Adhikari was acquainted with hardworking, diligent and disciplined students in school life. She performed Aama Geeti Natak and progressive cultural programs in school life among thousands of spectators.

This is the political journey of his student days. -Rabindra Adhikari

death of minister
Rabindra Adhikari

1. Entered politics in 2037 BS through student politics.

2. Although he was admitted to the Institute of Forest Science as soon as he passed the entrance examination, he started studying at Prithvinarayan Campus, Pokhara in 2042 BS.

3. In the year 2044 BS, he was the chairperson of ANRASUBU Prithvinarayan Campus Committee.

4. 1 year secondary school teaching in 2045.

5. Member of SWA Prithvinarayan Campus in 2045 BS.

6. In the year 2045 BS, ANNISU-WU Kaski District Committee Chairman.

7. In 2047 BS, Gandaki Zonal Committee Chairman and ANNISU Central Member.

8. In the year 2049 BS, Prithvinarayan Campus was elected as the President of SWA in Pokhara

9. In the year 2053 BS, he was elected as the President of Self Help Group at Tribhuvan Central Campus, Kirtipur.

10. In 2053 BS, he was elected as the coordinator of the Self Help Council Nepal.

11. Central Chairperson of ANNISU in 2056 BS.

Participation in the student movement and imprisonment-Rabindra Adhikari

Rabindra Adhikari
Rabindra Adhikari

Adhikari, who was active in the people’s movement against the Panchayat in 2046 BS, had spent six months in jail and detention several times during the Panchayat period. After the transformation of 2046 BS, the student movement should be focused on creative and more educational issues. Adhikari had successfully used and implemented it at Prithvinarayan Campus.

The privatization and commercialization of education, the expansion and quality of technical education, the movement for quality education for all and the patronage of nationalism, the Kalapani March, the border security campaign, the protest against the Laxmanpur Dam drowning Nepali territory and the agitation against Paras Shah’s atrocities. It is written that his name will not be erased in the student movement as he has led the movement of 33 percent student concessions in the public sector including transporting 523,000 signatures to the palace.

Political journey -Rabindra Adhikari

Adhikari had won the CA election twice from Kaski Constituency No. 3. This is the background of his political journey.

1. Especially active in politics since 2046 BS.

2. 8 months imprisonment in 2046 BS for engaging in anti-panchayat movement.

3. Arrested four times in anti-regression movement.

4. Formerly a member of the UML Kaski District Committee.

5. Former Secretary of UML Kaski District Committee.

6. In the past, UML was elected as the chairperson of Kaski district committee.

7. Member of the Constituent Assembly 2064.

8. Member of the Constituent Assembly for the year 2070 BS.

9. Member of the Transformed Legislature-Parliament.

10. CPN-UML central member.

11. Chairman of the Development Committee of the Legislature-Parliament.

12. The current Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of the Government of Nepal.

Parliament and Constituent Assembly -Rabindra Adhikari

Rabindra Adhikari
Rabindra Adhikari

The role he played in the parliament after he was directly elected as a member of the Constituent Assembly from Kaski Constituency No. 3 in 2064 BS and 2070 BS is well known. He had worked in various sub-committees on hydropower, frequency, public institutions, banks, industry, army, development expenditure, machine readable passports, etc. in the Public Accounts Committee.

He had formed the Committee for the Protection of National Interest and the Pressure Committee of the Youth in the Constituent Assembly. He led a subcommittee on security and international borders in the formation of the Constituent Assembly and chaired the Parliamentary Development Committee after the last election in 2070 BS.

Today, to take the development debate to a new height in Nepal, Safal Adhikari is working to make national pride schemes and other development projects successful. Rabindra Adhikari was selected as the best CA member in the selection of 10 best CA members conducted by News Bhitta through online voting on January 20, 2008.

Involvement in infrastructure development-Rabindra Adhikari

Adhikari, who sees politics and development as complementary, played an important role in the development of Kaski district while in the Constituent Assembly and Parliament. He also played a significant role in the development of tourism in Pokhara, protection of rural roads, Phewa Begnas, Rupa and other lakes and ponds, sanitation, widening of Pokhara, construction of bridges, construction of various schools including Pokhara University, Prithvinarayan Campus, drinking water, clubs and sports in Pokhara.

Adhikari, who dreamed of making Pokhara the best city in the world, was instrumental in creating pressure on Pokhara to build infrastructure such as the International Airport, Ring Road, Kathmandu-Pokhara-Lumbini Fast Track, Kathmandu-Pokhara Railway and Mid-Hill Highway. According to the belief that politics is for development, not only Kaski district but also the country’s economic development officer was a development-loving politician.

He had successfully fulfilled the assigned responsibility while chairing the Development Committee of the Legislature-Parliament. He also monitored and inspected the Melamchi Drinking Water Project, Karnali Corridor, Bagmati Corridor, Kaligandaki Corridor, Nepal-China connecting ports, Postal Highway, Mid-Hill Highway, Nijgadh-Kathmandu Fast Track, Nijgadh International Airport, Pokhara Regional International Airport and other projects. He was active.

Thinking and perception

The strength of the nation is the militant, diligent, dedicated youth. The future of the country depends on their hands and all political changes have taken place through their direct involvement. It is also important for the youth to have a direct role in politics.

His published books -Rabindra Adhikari

1. Constituent Assembly, democracy and restructuring
2. Prosperous Nepal
Over the past two decades, hundreds of his research and political articles on politics and development have been published.

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