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Nuwakot Nepal has started intensive preparations for the Visit Nepal Twenty20. Nuwakot, a historical district under Province No. 3, has taken initiative from its region to make the tourism year 2020 announced by the government a success. Nuwakot Nepal is eager to make the tourism year 2020 a success and attract more and more tourists to the historic Nuwakot. The Nuwakot provincial government and local bodies, local hoteliers and tourism entrepreneurs have united in preparing for the same.

On the occasion of World Tourism Day last Friday, a debate on ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ was held in the district headquarters Bidur. In the interaction program organized by Hotel and Tourism Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal Province 3 and co-organized by the local government of Bidur Municipality, Nuwakot, voices have been raised that the historical heritage Nuwakot should take maximum advantage of Visit Nepal 2020.

Stating that Nuwakot Nepal is a district connected to the capital Kathmandu but full of natural, cultural, religious and historical significance, it has a strong tourism potential and the stakeholders have stressed on the need to promote and promote it.

Nuwakot Nepal, the birthplace of Nepal’s unification, is considered a historic district.

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Prithvi Narayan Shah first started the unification of Nepal from Nuwakot Nepal district. Defeated by the first and second attacks, Shah won for the third time in B.C. He invaded and conquered Nuwakot in 1801 BS. After the victory, Prithvi Narayan Shah built a palace in Nuwakot and made Gorkha and Nuwakot his capital. He had ruled the state from Nuwakot for 24 years. Later, Shah had been uniting the states by planning to attack Kathmandu, Kirtipur and other states from this palace.

The seven-storey palace built by Prithvi Narayan Shah in Nuwakot is still in its old condition. The palace is currently under reconstruction. Local state government MP Keshav Pandey has said that the district has been made a tourist destination due to its immense natural and historical heritage. He said that Nuwakot should take maximum advantage of these tourism potentials.

‘Nuwakot Nepal is rich in nature, religion, culture and history. This shows a lot of potential for tourism business. We should be able to make full use of it. Panda said, “Even if Visit Nepal is targeted for 2020, Nuwakot can continue to reap the benefits.” If the government’s target of attracting 2 million tourists is to attract only 10 percent of the 2 million tourists to Nuwakot, it will bring a great achievement to the district’s economy.

According to Pandey, the district needs to start preparations to attract 10 per cent of the 2 million or 200,000 tourists. Emphasizing on tourism promotion in the interaction, former Youth and Sports Minister and Nuwakot Region no. Federal MP Hit Bahadur Tamang, who was elected from the constituency No. 1, said that the district was prosperous in terms of tourism but it was in business.

He said that the area, which is connected to the capital but full of natural, religious, cultural and historical heritages, could not be utilized despite the opportunity”What we don’t have. Beautiful green high mountains given by nature, shining mountains nearby, high mountains seen all around, Thumki, Pati Bhanjyang, famous religious places. Ancestor customs. On top of that, we have the historical heritage of the whole era. ‘Tamang said,’ We only lack willpower and propaganda. Now we have to introduce Nuwakot to the world. Visit Nepal 2020 can be a quick solution.

Tamang said that the development of Nuwakot was not serious even though it was close to the capital and there was a lot of potential for development. Referring to all the three alternative roads, including the main road connecting the capital, he said that even when he took a big initiative, the government work process and the mischief of the contractor were uncooperative.

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Nuwakot Nepal

“I personally demanded a budget from the Ministry of Finance to improve the Kathmandu-Chhare road. Out of the Rs 270 million proposed when the budget comes, only Rs 10 million will be given. Later, I personally went to the minister and asked him to increase the budget. ‘Tamang said,’ The then finance minister Barshaman Pun increased the budget by Rs 20 million to Rs 30 million.

But according to the government process, the money came late. I couldn’t work after the hailstorm. ‘
Meanwhile, Nuwakot district, local level Bidur municipality, chambers of commerce and industry, traders and other private sectors have also pointed out that road infrastructure is the major challenge in the overall tourism promotion of Nuwakot. He emphasized the need for early management of the problem.

Santosh Upreti, president of the Hotel and Tourism Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal-3, said that the interaction program was held on the eve of Visit Nepal 2020 with the objective of helping in the promotion of tourism in Nepal and Nuwakot. He also pledged to support the Government of Nepal in the promotion of tourism through hotel business. The program started as a campaign from Nuwakot and will be implemented in the remaining 12 districts of the state, said Upreti.

‘The hotel industry is also associated with the tourism industry or tourism business. Without this sector, tourism business cannot be developed and expanded. Therefore, our presence is important in the promotion of tourism. ‘Upreti said,’ Visit Nepal 2020

We are ready to assist the Government of Nepal to make it a success. We entertain our guests with well-organized meals. But we have the same request, the government should create the same kind of environment for us. ‘

Major tourist destinations of Nuwakot Nepal

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Nuwakot Nepal

Nuwakot Nepal Durbar area
Nuwakot The seven-story palace is an important landmark of Nuwakot. V.S. After the conquest of Nuwakot in 1801, the palace was built by the then King Prishvinarayan Shah with the help of the Kaligarhs of Lalitpur to continue his unification. The palace is still considered to be a unique example of architecture. The palace, originally on nine floors, was damaged by the 1990 earthquake and was limited to seven floors. Currently V.S. A catastrophic earthquake in 2072 BS has damaged this palace again. It is currently being rebuilt.

This area is important from the point of view of tourism and history. Around this palace, there are various places of interest like Bhaktapure Raja’s Palace, Lalitpure Raja’s Palace, Sheetalpati, Kotghar. The Mallakalin Rangmahal Durbar in this area is also another attraction of this area.

Belkotgadhi-Nuwakot Nepal
Belkotgadhi is one of the historical sites of Nuwakot. Prithvinarayan Shahle V.S. The fort was built in 1801 to attack Nuwakot. Prithvinarayan Shah cut off the then king of Belkot, Jayant Rana, and buried Jayant’s body in a wooden cot in the fort for his memory and eternal peace. The same can be seen even today. Currently, the fort is surrounded by a stone wall and the Shri Niranjana Bhagwati Temple has been established in the middle of the upper part.

Dupcheshwar Mahadev
Dupcheshwor Mahadev is located about 40 km northeast of Nuwakot district headquarters. After visiting this temple, which is very important from a religious point of view, there is a belief that a childless couple will have children and their wishes will be fulfilled. A huge fair is held here every year on the full moon day of Mangsir. On this night, crowds of devotees from inside and outside the district visit this temple.

Sagarkund -Nuwakot NepalLocated at an altitude of 2915 (two thousand nine hundred and fifteen) meters above sea level, Sagarkund is an important place from a religious and tourist point of view. The tourist attraction of this tank, which is located on the footpath from Kathmandu to Gosainkund via Budhanilkantha, is that there is no water source or drainage in this tank. Devotees who cannot go to Gosainkunda on the day of Janapurnima are believed to get the same amount of fruit if they go to this kunda.

Located at a distance of only 27 kilometers from the capital Kathmandu, Kakani is considered to be very attractive from a tourist point of view. This area is full of natural beauty. Kakani, situated at an altitude of about 2030 km above sea level, is one of the few scenic natural heritages of the district. Due to the high topography, many low-lying areas including Likhu Fant of Nuwakot district as well as many mountain ranges including Langtang, Gaurishankar, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal can be seen from this place. The area is crowded with people going on picnics and fun gatherings in the winter.

Nuwakot Nepal
Nuwakot Nepal


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Similarly, Suryachaur, Chimteshwar, Bhairamkot, Bhairavi Temple, Uttargayadham of Betrawati, Jalpa Temple of Devighat and Ram Temple are located in Shivpuri. Nuwakot is also rich in cultural customs and practices. Gaijatraralakhe dances celebrated here, Sindure Jatra, Maghe Sankrati bullfighting festivals are also famous. Nuwakot Nepal

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