Sahasradhara Jharna Being Developed As A Tourist Destination

Sahasradhara Jharna : Galkot Municipality-3 of the district has issued DPR for adventure sports canonization at Sahasradhara Jharna in Hatiya for the promotion and publicity of tourists. Ward Chairman Birjang Bhandari informed that the team of Eagle Solutions Kathmandu has been DPRed for long-term management of waterfall management, construction of pond infrastructure, changing rooms, toilets and footpaths.

Sahasradhara Jharna
Sahasradhara Jharna

Bhandari said that the ward office would procure necessary materials for cannoning games this year and send eight youths from Galkot to Pokhara for training. The ward office has allocated Rs. 500,000 in the fiscal year 2075/76 for the construction of necessary infrastructure in the waterfall. Ward member Jhar Bahadur Khatri said that the survey team of the waterfall has also prepared DPR of the suspension bridge so that the waterfall can be easily observed.

In order to make the waterfall a tourist destination, a 400-meter footpath will be constructed from the base of the waterfall to the place where cannoning is played, said Chairman Bhandari. The ward office is also preparing to run a canonical game by completing all the internal management by the next decade. A few months ago, a team including cannoning expert Ram Bahadur practiced cannoning after a feasibility study and more than 3 dozen people from Galkot played cannoning.

On the initiative of ward chairperson Bhandari, the plan to start canonization in the 75-meter-high Sahasradhara has gained significance. Located in Galkot, Baglung, Sahasradhara is known to the people as the place where Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar lived in search of coolness during the Satya Yuga.

While walking, they found a cool place in the place where the current Sahasradhara is, but it is believed that they reached the mountain and drank water as they could not get water due to thirst. He praised the place where the current Sahasradhara is, explaining the lack of water in that place and asking for water from the gods of the mountains.


Like the Hindu gods and goddesses, Galkot Sahasradhara also has a deity named Jhankri and his court. Our surviving elders tell us that there was a cave (cave) to go inside the palace and then the roof over the cave was covered with mud.

It is believed that there is an arrangement inside the palace from the gatekeeper to the vehicle. Harilal Khatri, a local jhankribaj, says that a person who has a clean mind and is good will be sent to his palace by jhankri and jhankri will teach him mantras. He pretends to be a jerk since he was a child. Jhankri says that he is taught to keep himself in the middle of the night, to teach mantras and to punish those who do bad deeds.

Waterfall in nepal
Sahasradhara Jharna

Until about 120 years ago, there was direct contact between Jhankri and people. It is believed that those who serve jhankri (worship) will fulfill their desires. Even now, there is a religious belief that a goat is sacrificed in the belief that it will fulfill the desires of anyone who pleases Jhankri.

Nowadays, there is no borrowing anywhere, but there is also borrowing between humans and jhankri. Not surprisingly, expressing my aspirations by remembering Jhankri in times of grief and wishing that if this (special) task of mine is successful, I will come to remember and worship you, has not diminished the public confidence to this day. It is also called swearing.


Sahasradhara Jharna
Sahasradhara Jharna

Nepal itself is a beautiful gift of nature. Similarly, the Sahasradhara located in Galkot of Baglung is the pride of Galkot and Nepal. Here pearls take on a liquid form like pure water falls for twelve months. The turbulent mind is calmed by the water-mixed air flowing by the falling water.

The water hyacinth, the neuro, the unyu, and the baboons are dancing to the music of the song sung by the water falling from above, while the good fish bathing in the Kanchan water 24 hours a day are seen ready to clash with the chad. Similarly, in the morning, when the rays of the sun are falling on the water, all the seven colors of the rainbow can be seen embracing and kissing the millennium stream.


About 22-23 years ago today, American citizens who came from the United States to run a health camp in Galkot, while visiting the Sahasradhara, mentioned that there are billions and billions of assets here. It is true that we have a waterfall that cannot be built even if we invest billions.

We are setting an example of nearby pilgrimage. While writing this article, I remembered a story, a hut owner never hesitated to do everything in agriculture, industry, job, theft, looting in search of wealth but was not satisfied. One day the date has arrived.

Swas betrayed him and chose to die. After that, the villagers estimated that the money stolen and looted by the man should have been buried inside the house. (Message: We ourselves may be wandering around in search of a valuable commodity around ourselves. So we have to search for it.) Similarly, gold is the source of our millennium.

It seems that government, non-government, locals and individuals need to move forward keeping in view the possibility of attracting internal and external tourists through proper publicity and management of Sahasr Dhar. Which seems to be a big help in earning money.

Canoeing game

Sahasradhara Jharna
Sahasradhara Jharna

Chairman of Galkot Municipality Ward No. 3 Birjung Bhandari has inaugurated the Sahasradhara as a sensational adventure sport. The canoeing game is played on the water with the help of ropes.

It is a game of falling into the water from above and playing in the lake below. Aimed at the youth, the game is aimed at attracting internal and external tourists. As per the target, the dirt road has reached there with the active participation of the ward chairperson.

Of the many waterfalls in Nepal, the Sahasradhara of Galkot is different from other waterfalls. While developing and expanding the game of canoeing, there should not be any construction of bath houses and other buildings that are not suitable for nature, and the work of painting should not be done.

Even if only stone, clay and wood can be used in the construction of the building, development is possible by keeping the nature as it is.

Immediately, the municipality of Galkot should register Sahasradhara waterfall as a national waterfall. There is no doubt that the people of Galkot will feel happy when the name of Sahasradhara waterfall is also mentioned while naming the waterfalls located in different parts of the country.

Even if only the registration of Sahasra Dhara Jharna is done, its publicity also comes together with this. Therefore, it seems necessary for the Galkot municipality to register the waterfall.

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Finally, the development and expansion of Sahasradhara waterfall There is a need to protect and promote the religious, historical, tourist and natural aspects.

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