Teej 2078 : Know the Date and its Importance

Teej Festival

Teej is an important festival celebrated by Hindu women. This festival is celebrated for 4 days from Bhadra Shukla Ddhitiya to Panchami. In Teej, Lord Shiva is worshiped as well as dancing and entertaining.

Nepali women of other religions and castes have also started celebrating Teej, which is celebrated freely and happily by Nepali Hindu women. This festival is mainly celebrated all over Nepal and also in some parts of India.

Parvati, the Himalayan daughter of Lord Shiva, had fasted for the first time so as not to disturb the health and body of Lord Shiva.

In this festival, it is customary for the parents (father, mother, brother) to invite their daughter / disciple to their house and eat sweets and share their feelings and joys and sorrows.

Religious background

Teej Festival

According to Hindu scriptures, the Himalayan king did not like the promise of his daughter Parvati to Kanyadan to Lord Vishnu. One hundred years after Parvati’s penance, she did not get the fruits of her penance, so one day she established Shiva linga and fasted without drinking water.

Thus, due to Parvati’s strict fast, Shivaji appeared and blessed her saying, “Let what you have planned come true.” That day was the day of Bhadra Shukla Tritiya. From that date onwards, Hindu women started celebrating this day as a festival and the practice of celebrating it as Teej is believed to have been going on since ancient times.

Date Of Teej 2078 : 2078/5/24


Social background

No matter how the importance of Teej is explained in modern society, it is a tradition that has been going on since ancient times. According to Eastern beliefs, in order for creation and society to function, women have to stay at home with their husbands after marriage and spend the rest of their lives. Thus, the Teej festival has a profound significance as an opportunity to reduce the memory of one’s family when one leaves one’s home, mother, father, siblings, friends and society and spends one’s life in a foreign country.

Teej Festival

In Teej, women are fed sweets and given new clothes. The festival has a big role to play in reducing the various responsibilities, stress and memory gaps of women in the home. In Teej, married women fast, dance and entertain themselves, wishing their husbands longevity, while unmarried women fast in the hope of a suitable groom. During the brat, it is customary for women to listen to the bratkatha of Teej and offer pooja at the end and give alms to the Brahmins. The fast of Teej is taken differently from other fasts. On the first day, the rate is eaten with special importance.

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