Rakshyabandhan : History and Its Important ( Date )


Saja Tiranga narrates the beauty of Rakshabandhan and brother-sister relationship very deeply. Rakshabandhan is one of the festivals of Hindu religion, which has mythological and historical significance in itself.
What color Rakhi or Rakshasutra will be tied on Rakshabandhan according to the zodiac sign?

On this day every brother waits to tie rakhi towards his sister’s wrist. Brothers settled in foreign countries also eagerly look forward to distributing Rakhi to their sister. They also tie the thread of protection by taking gifts at sister’s house. It is not that only real sister can tie rakhi to brother. The custom of tying protection between a brother and sister is very old.


In true sense, the tradition of Raksha Bandhan has been started by those sisters who were not real. The tradition that he started by tying Rakhi to his brother to protect himself, continues today as the festival of Rakshabandhan.
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What is the relation of Rakshabandhan with Lord Indra and Indrani?
There is no concrete evidence of when the festival of Rakhi started. But according to Bhavishya Purana, it started with the Dev-Demon war. The gods started losing in that war. Lord Indra panicked and approached Devguru Brihaspati. Sitting there, Indrani’s wife Indrani was listening to everything. She sanctified a silk thread with the power of mantras and tied it on her husband’s hand. Incidentally, it was the day of Shravan Purnima. With the power of that energized thread, Devraj Indra defeated the Asuras. Even though this thread was tied by the wife to the husband, but it proved to be the power of the thread and then later on the sisters started tying protection to the brother.

What is the relation of Rakshabandhan with Lord Krishna and Draupadi?
The most famous story associated with Rakhi in the mythological tales is that of Lord Krishna and Draupadi. At the time of killing Shishupala, Shri Krishna turned the wheel in such a rage that his finger was injured. Blood started dripping from him. Draupadi tore a piece of her sari and tied it on the Lord’s finger to stop the bleeding. Lord at the same time promised Panchali that he would always help her in times of trouble. Lord Shri Krishna also fulfilled his promise at the time of Daupadri Cheerharan.

What is the relation of Rakshabandhan with the demon king Bali and Lakshmi?
The story of Rakshabandhan is also associated with the demon sacrifice. King Bali wanted to take possession of heaven by completing 100 yagyas. Devraj Indra was terrified by this and he prayed to Lord Vishnu. Then Lord Vamana incarnated in the guise of a Brahmin and came to ask for alms from King Bali. Despite Guru Shukracharya’s refusal, King Bali promised to donate three steps of land to Lord Vishnu. God measured the whole sky, Hades and earth in three steps and sent King Bali to the abyss. In return for this donation, King Bali took a promise from God to always be in front of him. Narad ji told Lakshmi ji a remedy, upset due to not returning to God’s house. Following that remedy, Lakshmi ji went to King Bali and made him her brother by tying Rakshabandhan and brought her husband Lord Vishnu with her. That day was the full moon date of the month of Shravan. This incident also became the reason for celebrating Rakshabandhan.

What is the relation of Rakshabandhan with Humayun and Karnavati?
In the medieval era this festival spread to every part of the society. The credit for this goes to Queen Karnavati. At that time there was a fight going on all around to grab each other’s kingdom. Queen Karnavati, the widow of the Maharaja, was sitting on the throne of Mewar. The Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah, was eyeing his kingdom. Then the queen sent Rakhi considering Humayun as her brother. Humayun protected the kingdom of Queen Karnavati from Bahadur Shah and kept the shame of Rakhi.


This festival is celebrated in different ways across the country. In Uttaranchal it is called Shravani. On this day Yajurvedi Dwij’s undertaking is performed. The famous pilgrimage of Amarnath starts from Guru Purnima and ends on the day of Raksha Bandhan. In the state of Maharashtra, this festival is known as Coconut Purnima or Shravani. On this day people go to the banks of the river or the sea, change their thread and worship the ocean. In Rajasthan, it is customary to tie Ramrakhi and Chudarakhi or Loomba. Ram Rakhi is different from normal Rakhi. In this, a yellow splatter is attached to the red thread. It is tied only to God. Chuda Rakhi is tied in the bangles of sisters-in-law.

South Indian Brahmins of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Orissa call this festival Avani Avittam. This day is very important for the Brahmins holding the sacrifice. On this day, after bathing on the banks of the river or the sea, a new Yagyopaveet is worn by offering sages to the sages. From Hariyali Teej (Shravan Shukla Tritiya) to Shravani Purnima in Vraj, Thakurs sit in swing in all the temples and houses. Jhulan-darshan ends on the day of Rakshabandhan


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