Kulman Ghising : Who is Kulman? This is the inner story

Kulman Ghising The son of an ordinary farmer who studied in a government school in the remote area of ​​Ramechhap has now succeeded in winning the hearts of the Nepali people. Kulman Ghising, an engineer who freed the country from load-shedding and brought light into everyone’s home, recalls his school experience.

‘I used to study in the village. I used to sit next to Tuki till late at night and read with black smoke on my nose. ‘

Now, after making Kathmandu free from load shedding, Kulman says, “I saw electricity only after I came to Kathmandu.” Kulman Ghising, who is always the first in the school, came to Kathmandu and saw electricity. Now he has turned on the electricity in Bethany. And, not only Bethany, he has become an illuminator of the whole country.

Kulman Ghising’s diary was only presented to the Nepal Electricity Authority for the last two years and went home. NEA did not give him any responsibility after he was dragged to the center from Chilime. But, when he came to be the executive director, he has already shown what he can do. The load shedding free campaign started by Kulman is getting all-round praise. After all, who is Kulman Ghising?

Wherever you go, wherever you teach, always first!

Kulman’s primary education was spent in the village. He was always school first. After passing 5th class, he came to Kathmandu with his brothers. His brother lived in Baneshwor and ran the Thanka business.


After coming to Kathmandu, Kulman Ghisingwas enrolled in class 7 in the government school Balseva Secondary School, which was run by his brothers. Kulman was also the first there.

However, after the second boy Siddhartha went to Banasthali, the teachers suggested that it was better for him to go to the boarding school. The brothers enrolled him in Amaras Boarding. Kulman Ghisingwas first there too.

What was the magic that always went first no matter which school you went to?
“It’s my hard work,” Kulman Ghisingsaid with a laugh.

He also proved that power projects can be successfully built with Nepal’s investment, which became a turning point for his personal career.

Many in the SLC had hoped Kulman Ghisingwould be on the board. His second son Mahesh Dhakal fell on the board. However, Kulman’s number 4 did not reach. He then did ISC from Askal Campus.

He then went to India to study on a scholarship. After doing BSc Electrical Engineer from Jamshedpur in 1994, he returned home around 1951 BS and became a seventh level engineer in Nepal Electricity Authority.

While studying, he did his Masters in Power Systems Engineering from Pulchowk Engineering Campus.

Kulman Ghisingdid his thesis on ‘Integrated Resource Planning with Demand Side Management’. Now that he is the MD of NEA, he is working on it and is becoming successful. Her studies and work go hand in hand.

Kulman Ghisingis not only an engineer but also a skilled manager. He has also done EMBA in Management from Pokhara University, which has also given him expertise in the field of management.

“I predicted at the time that load-shedding would happen in 2005, and that’s what’s happening,” he said.

Kulman’s study is on how to reduce the load from the demand area of ​​electricity? And how to do ‘resource planning’ of the overall integrated load? In Kulman’s study, not only supply but also the demand side generates power. Similarly, if the ‘peak load’ can be reduced, that is the ‘demand side’.

Chilime became the turning point

While working in NEA, Kulman Ghisinggot the responsibility of Chilime. When he was in the tenth level. He also proved that the power project can be successfully built with Nepal’s investment, which became a turning point for his personal career.


Kulman Ghisingnot only made the project a success more than expected, but also made the locals millionaires by giving shares. Saying that he has worked very hard in Chilime, Kulman says, “We have opened our eyes on how to use Nepal’s resources in Chilime.” Chilime had given the courage that even 1000 MW can be made by Nepalis. ‘

After the brokers started snatching the shares of Chilime from the hands of the people, Ghising returned the shares worth around Rs. 70 million from the same village. Due to this incident, the people of Rasuwa have kept Kulman in the lurch.

But, unfortunately, Kulman Ghisingwas removed from the project and dragged to the center of NEA. After coming to the center, he did not get any responsibility for about two years. For almost two years, it became a daily routine to go to the office and show up and return home. The situation was such that he was in the mood to resign.

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He was in the mood to resign after seeing the theft and black marketing of electricity on the one hand and the people being forced to suffer from load shedding on the other. However, the government trusted him and gave him the responsibility and he has already given a positive signal that something can be done in the country in a period of almost two months.

Some of the NEA have opposed Kulman Ghising saying that he is a junior person even though he is the MD of NEA. However, Kulman Ghisinghas responded to the so-called seniors by resigning from the permanent job of NEA as soon as he becomes the MD. Kulman’s permanent job was still 12 years away.

Kulman Ghising, now 47, has termed the chair of the NEA’s MD as a ‘hot chair’. He says it would be difficult for an older person to work in such a chair. “Something can be done now, decision-making ability

Yes, no one is afraid to put me in jail, you can work continuously from 7 am to 10 am, ‘says Kulman. The body does not support. So I had to be able to work, not senior or junior. ‘


According to him, the MD post of NEA is a ‘hot seat’. After 58 years, there is nothing that can be done by keeping someone there. Even if he gets applause now, why not himself. His analysis is, ‘When I have the passion to do something, I have the ability to make decisions, I am considered an idol. When you reach the age of 58, the energy is left, and you can put it in the hot seat? ‘

Kulman Ghising adds, “I think something can be done if I get a platform.” Chilime was a platform. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

“I almost never became a secretary.”

After studying in India, Kulman Ghising had applied for the job in three places including NEA. Leaving the ministry and the aviation department, he chose the authority, because he felt that only paper work would be done elsewhere. If it is in the authority, it is practical.

After working in NEA for a long time, the desire to go to the policy level has not gone unnoticed. For some time, the name of a joint secretary was also mentioned in the advertisement opened by the public service.

But, another was chosen in the interview. “If I had been the joint secretary at that time, I would have become the secretary,” he says with a laugh.

Kulman Ghising has now given up thinking of going to the ‘policy level’. “I think it’s the right time to show the platform I’ve got and the potential I have,” he says.

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