1.Kalo pothi

The two boy named Kiran and Prakash lived in a small backwarded village.Though there were seperated from society cast and creed, they were one of the close friend in the village.The movie was shooted in the vilage of Mugu District.The character in this movie don’t talk Nepali so the Nepali sub title is played in the below  the screen.In the story ,white hen is raised by both the Kiran and Prakash but the hen goes missing .To find that white ,they embark the journey .This is how the story continues. It is one of the oscar nominated film.This film shows the peroid during the maoist insurgency.


Loot is said to be the blockbuster movie . It is a crime thillar movie which bring the U-Turn in the Nepalese Film Industry.The central character in this movie is Haku kale who lives the low quality life doing small budget hotel .He along with four boy make plan to rob a bank .And after the robbery Haku lives the high standard life. Most part of the movie is captured inside the Kathmand valley .This movie wants to highlight the problem of poverty in Kathmandu Valley and how people get involved in illegal activities.he song ‘Udhreko Choli ‘  become popular at that time and brought a new trend of of Item song and dance in Nepalese film industry.


 Jatra is one  of the comedy genre movie .In this movie it reflect the problem of people living under poverty in Kathmandu valley .Most of the movies  is shotted around the Thamel area .The character Phadhindra Timilsina  found three crore in his shop and story came into account .He then consulted with his two friend . The sequel of this movie is Jatrai Jatra  which has ended the story . This movie is clear and clean comedy kind of movie. The phrages and the dialogue in this movie is punching and various comedy line.

4 .Jhola

Jhola is the story written by the famous writer Krishna Dharabasi which is later on used in Film making .Movie is about the ‘Sati Pratha’ which previously was in practised in Nepal until 1920s.Sati is a kind of prctise in which women has to be burnt alive with her deceased husband in Funeral But in 1977 B..S (1920 AD   ) Chandra Shamsher J.B.R abolished the sati system from Nepal .Kanchi  a character marry with the 40 years old man .Kanchi’s husband died because of the illness and Kanchi has to burnt alive  with her deceased husband body but she managed to survive .It shows the glimps of ancient history of old time .


This film is based on the triangle love story among three characters .We can observe  the typical life style of the village Mustang .Most part of the movie is captured in Mustang .The Kazi character in this movie is known for his idoit behaviour and he has crush on the lady Maiya who is daughter of his Maternal unlce .She always refuse the proposal of love of Kazi due to his idoit behaviour . Later Maiya eloped with the new visitor of Mustang and later Kazi becomes sucessful in returning Maiya to the village.There are so many comedy and punching line in the movie that makes the audience laugh .Every character in this movie act seems real and funny as well


Darpanchaya is known to be the blockbuster movie of that time .it shows the triangle love story between the character.It is one of the comedy drama movie .Abhi ,Raj and Smiriti are the central character of the movie .The story revolve around them .The song lahanale jurayo ki is still famous among the youth .This movie is written and directed by T ulshi Ghimire. At last the character named smiriti  dies .This movie break the trend of the Nepalese film industry and brought the new plot .

7.November Rain

This film is touchy movie in the Nepali movie industry . The girl name Seetal whose father is doctor is a heart patient when born .To save his daughter ,seetal father swarp the heart of Aayush from the seetal .Aayush family were lied that their son has been death so one of the nurse of that hospital adopt him .After the death of his nurse mother Aayush came to know that Nurse is not their own mother and Aayush comes kathmandu to search  his parents and during that peroid he meets Seetal with whome his heart was exchanged .After that both the Seetal and Aayush fall in love with one another .But at last Aayush die due to his weak heart condition .The central character in this movie is Namrata Shrestha ,Aaryan Sigdel and Chultim Gurung .


This movie reflect the situation of polticis in a country .It reflect that how political parties and politician are nowadays inolved in crime and has rescued the criminals .Tjis movie shows the fight between the two gangs in the name of crime and politics .The renounedactor saugat malla, Bipin Karki , Namtata Shrestha ,Dayahang Rai and many more .We can see the acting of Saugat Malla only after the half of the movie .The presentation of this movie is so good also the actor Namrata Shrestha has shown her best acting skill .

9 .Talakjung VS Tulke

This movie reflect the peroid when the maoist revolution was there . The upper  class people used to discriminate and use to use them as a slave but after the maiost revolution that came to the end .The main character in this movie is Talakjung for whome villager used to call Tulke .After the second half its shows the situation of kathmandu during the revolunary peroid .Reecha Sharma and Dayahang  Rai has done their best in the movie .The overall movie is well presented and all the character has done justice in their character .At last we can see the role of Nischal Basnet as a Police officer . 

10.Prem Pinda

This movie reflect the real story based on Aidwin during  Rana regime .It gives the classical taste .The director of this movie is Yadav Kharel .This movie shows the real fact that usually happens in the palace.The story revolve around Nakul General and Sabita .Sabita fall in love with the servant of palace Nakul .General keeps lustrous eyes on Sabita  and tries to separate Sabita and Nakul .At last Cruel General  through Nakul out of the palace and kept Sabita inside palace .But also General did not becaome success in winning the Sabita heart .After the death of Nakul ,Sabita jump from the balcony and killed herself and the story came to the end.