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Bhupi Sherchan

Bhupi Sherchan has been much discussed till date. Nepali poets have been learning a lot from him. That is why they are our common school. Bhupi Sherchan wrote a trend poem. Since then, there have been many trends in poetry writing. New poets have started writing in different languages, styles and thoughts. But, he is the foundation, our revered poet.

Every poet who looks at society has his own vision. Bhupi Sherchan vision of politics, society, country and the world was of a very high order. In every one of his works, any subject is found to be viewed critically. His critical look seems very powerful. This is his strength. I don’t think such a sharp poet who looks critically at society and time has ever been born in Nepal. Bhupi Sherchan

Bhupi Sherchan
Bhupi Sherchan

The political consciousness in Bhupi Sherchan seems to be just as profound. Nowadays, some poets who write very good poems do not have political consciousness at all. Even a poet who asked for a republic yesterday and ate sticks and bullets in the process, while writing a poem today, opposes federalism. If that was the case, he would have become a monarchist without asking for a republic!

Bhupi Sherchan, on the other hand, had ideological clarity. Politically, he also has a lot of critical power. Other great poets do not have that power.

It is an immortal poem with a satirical tone when it comes to ‘blind man on a swivel chair’. The title itself is a whole poem. This poem full of political satire has severely whipped the rulers and abbots of that time. The style of governance of those who are not qualified is respected.

Even in terms of beauty, this poem is lyrical and rhythmic. Music is found in his poems. Even though prose is poetry, writing in verse is sweeter and more powerful than those who say I am. Bhupi Sherchan

Politically, the poem ‘Ghumne Mech’ is still relevant. Such a poem is never old. Let’s see now, those in power seem to be walking without the same plan, thinking and foundation as the previous rulers. There is a journey of confusion and conjecture.

Such a poem is enough to cure them. But, there is a problem in consciousness and sensation when there are rulers with rhino skin. Democracy has given freedom of expression, but the rulers will also have the right not to listen to you. This is the weakest aspect of democracy. It gives the right to speak, does not censor poetry, but it is not listened to. It is written to die, but who cares if it is not heard? The regime has a disease of cultivating a culture of silence and ignoring any voice. Bhupi Sherchan

Bhupi Sherchan had such a beautiful time, which made him Bhupi Sherchan. There was no freedom of expression during the Panchayat period, when it was easy for poets to establish their values. The police would have arrested him without giving him a beating through poetry. It also raised the value of the poet.

The value of any creation depends on how long it was written and how much response it received. Written but without any response is of no value. The person you hit with your finger had to say ‘Aiya’. The timing of such a reaction was strong before, but now it is weak.

At one point, Bhupi Sherchan was interviewed. In it, he wrote a poem saying that he would overthrow this government. A poet had that courage and faith. At that time, poets used to walk with their chests wide. Now the government and the rulers are happy no matter how much they are hit by poetry. He slaps his back as if to say, ‘Don’t hit me, I haven’t come to the discussion yet’. Bhupi Sherchan

Bhupi Sherchan also had a world consciousness of his time. At the time, he was writing a letter to Ho Chi Minh, a Vietnamese leader with a legacy of communist ideology. At that time, many Nepali poets may not have even heard of Ho-chi. Bhupi Sherchan

Bhupi Sherchan seems to be aware of what kind of political movement is going on in the world. Now you can easily know what is happening in the world from Facebook and Twitter. At that time, technology was not so accessible. If there was a movement for poetry in the UK, it would be known here years later. Such an uncomfortable time has given birth to Bhupi Sherchan.

Bhupi Sherchan
Bhupi Sherchan

He has written very powerful words like ‘Blind man on a swivel chair’ and ‘Land of noise’. But, from the point of view of art, I like his other poems better than this one. The ‘candle flame’ is in my throat. ‘We’ and ‘My Chowk’ are also unique. Bhupi Sherchan

However, the value of ‘blind man on a swivel chair’ is different as it has been satirized at the border. Even though it is satirized, it is done in polite, cultured and poetic language. Another aspect of how much satire works in the relevant place. Because our society is a society that only wakes up when it comes to teasing with firewood. The rulers returned, but there was no one in poetry and literature who could hear the voice of the people. Bhupi Sherchan


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