Top 10 Most Handsome Man

1..Hritik  Roshan

Hritik was born on 10 January 1974 India  He is 48 years old ..He is most handsome guy with  1.78m of height l.He got married with Sussanne Khan .He is one of the highest paid actor of India .Hritik is one of the fine actor ,dancer .He potray every character so well .Girls admire about his dance and personality .Koi Milgaya ,Krish are his hit movies .He ha swon various awards and title. Thisguy is noy only ffamous in India but also all over the world .He is son of Rakesh Roshan .He used to play as a child artist in his very young age .

2.chris Evans

Chris was born on 13 june , Boston Massachusetts ,United State .Scott Evans, Carly Evans Shanna Evans are his siblings .He is rated as one of the most handsome guy with 1.83m of height .He look attractive by his blue eyes .He is well know for his attractive looks,dressing sense, hairstyle .Girls go crazy due to his amazing personality.He has worked in several hit film like Civil war,Fantastic War,Fierce People,The paper boy and so on.

3.V (Kim Tae- hyung)

V was born on December 30,1995  in Daegu,South Korea .His real name is Kim Tae Hyung  but also he is known for his stage name V as south Korean Singer .He has been awarded with Hwagwan Order of Culture Merit (2018).He is apopular guy  in the boyband group BTS .He became unsung hero of the group   due to his cuteness . He is 1.78 m tall.He have launched his several album like Face Yourself,Love yourself-:Tear ,Dark and Wild .His blood group is AB positive .

4.Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston was born on 9 feb 1981 A.D from United kingdom .Tom is 38 years with 1.88m of height .He studied at University of Cambridge .Emma  Hiddleston and sarah Hiddleston are his sibilings .His full name is Thomas william Hiddleston .He is an english actor ,producer and musician .He is handsome ,good looking and charming man in the world.His sevesral sucessful movies is only lover left alive,midnight in Paris and the deep blue sea.

5.Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson was born on 13th may of 1986.He is a model of united kingdom with beautiful  admireable eyes .He is 1.85 m tall .He is 33 years old .Robert started his carrer at the age of twelve like Ian somerhalder .His first movie is Cedric Diggory .He is also considered as one of the best actor in the world.His numerous films are Maps to the stars ,Ring of the Nibelungs,Queen of the desert, and any more.He is very popular actor aswell as musician.Girls go crazy for him for his acctractive and decent look .

6.Ian somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder was born on 8 december 1978 America  born and raised in the small town of Covington  He was .He is known for his various character like celebrated actor,Director ,as well as sucessful model.Somerhalder started his modelling career at very young age, at the age of 12 years.His height is 1.77m and married to Nikki Reed .He has worked in several movies like The Rules of attraction ,Life as house and so on.Vampire Diaries is his famous TV seires .He is famous for his looks and dress sense .He looks attractive due to his blue eye color and  and awesome hairstyle.

7.Naoh Mills

Naoh Mills ,an attractive guy was born on April 26,1983 A.D in Canada but he spend his childhood in Baltimore Merryland . He is 1.88m tall with Hazel eye color .Vogue .com has ranked him as one of the ‘Top 10  male models of all the time’.He has done so many sucessful movie like sex and the city,A Fisher of man,Happy New Year and many more.He is known for his amazing personality attarctive looks,and for his perfect dressing sense .Naoh is said to be the most elegant andstylish actor of hollyhood film industry

8.Godfrey Gao

Godfrey Gao was born on 22nd september 1984 A.D in Taiwan  but he was  the popular actor,model of Canada .He has completed his graduation from the Capilano University in North Vancouver He has done several movie and  drama. He was  popular for his cute smile ,attactive looks ,amazing personality and perfect dressing sense.He was considered as a Asia’s first male supermodel .He was  1.93m tall .But he died due to cardiac arrest .He died on  November 27,2019 in Ningbo China .He died at the age of 35 years

9.Omar Borkan AL Gala

Omar is an Iraqi Emirati model also a photographer .He was born on September 23rd,1989 A.D .He is 1.93 m tall .He is an internet Sensation His eyes and his romantic syle attract many people especially young lady .One time he had to be send away from  Saudi Arabia Kingdom on speculation that he was most attractive and handsome guy .Omar was also known for his poet tallent and also a media personality .H egot a lost of attention by his look by media so he was send away from the he is the most adorable man in the world .

10.Prince William

PrinceWillam ,the duke of cambridge. He is the son of prince of prince of wales.  He belongs to the royal family .His father name is prince Charles and princess Diana .His bith place is England and was born on 21 june 1982 .He is known as Prine Willam but his real name is  Willam Arthur Philip Louis .His height is 1.91m with his  amazing look .Prince Willam is considered as one of the most handsome man in the world .He is known for his attractive smile  He married a lady Catherine ,Duchess of Cambridge.Prince Willam is expected to be a king of British Kingdom


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