What Is A Petty Cash Voucher? With Pictures

what is a petty cash voucher

The fund will require the assignment of a fund custodian and approval by a Department Head having signature authority for the Organization Code to be debited for expenditure reimbursements. Fund requests exceeding certain thresholds may require Controller approval. This practice record all the payments made since the last top-up, as a basis for requesting the next top-up to the authorizer. The use of this method helps signatories to know what amount was spent on before withdrawing more cash from the bank. If cash balance becomes very low, then it is replenished via cheque.

what is a petty cash voucher

Petty cash, which is kept in a petty cash fund, is a small amount of money you can use to pay for expenses. Having a petty cash account allows you to avoid the inconvenience of writing a check. Petty cash covers costs like small office supply purchases, employee lunches, and postage and delivery fees. Companies normally use checks to pay their obligations because checks provide a record of each payment. Companies also maintain a petty cash fund to pay for small, miscellaneous expenditures such as stamps, small delivery charges, or emergency supplies. The size of a petty cash fund varies depending on the needs of the business. For this reason, companies typically establish a petty cash fund that needs to be replenished every two to four weeks.

Managing Receipts

While it’s best to avoid paying cash for products and services, most restaurants find they’re unavoidable at times. The best way to control cash payments and keep them to a minimum is to set up a separate petty cash fund for cash paid-outs and NOT take cash out of the day’s sales receipts. The term “petty cash” refers to the small cash fund a business keeps on hand to cover small emergency and unexpected expenses. The term “cash on hand” refers to all the liquid assets a business has. Cash on hand refers to all the money you have in your safe and in bank accounts, including the actual bills and coins you have in your petty cash fund. Typically, companies keep between $30-$300 in their petty cash funds. The use of petty cash is only appropriate for small, erratic expenses that pop up unexpectedly.

what is a petty cash voucher

Periodically, there should be a reconciliation of the petty cash fund by a supervisor of the custodian. This will ensure that any missing money is identified bookkeeping and located early while the problem can still be corrected. In addition, this keeps the custodian in check since even small amounts of cash can be abused.

Unrealistic For Larger Expenses

Petty cash fund custodians are appointed to oversee the fund. The custodial duties generally include enforcing petty cash rules and regulations, requesting replenishments, and dispensing funds.

A petty cash fund may be assigned to a department whose activities require a significant number of small cash outlays. The following rules are observed in using a departmental petty cash fund. You may only be reimbursed if your department does not have a petty cash fund.

This PDF template is also using the Form Calculation widget in order to get the summary by adding all values in the Amount column of the Item table. Use the PDF Editor if you want to edit and modify the content of this template. A Petty Cash Voucher is a document used by an employee if they want to disburse a purchase. The employee can fill up this document and give it to the cashier or accounting department to get a cash reimbursement. The petty cash voucher is a very small form that is normally sold at office supply stores or stationery shops.

  • Each time you tap into a petty cash fund—that is, take money out—a slip or voucher should be filled out.
  • You can use this outstanding Taxi Cab Receipt Template that has all the information about the trip.
  • Businesses use petty cash funds to cover minor business expenses that are impractical to pay for by check.
  • This PDF template is also using the Form Calculation widget in order to get the summary by adding all values in the Amount column of the Item table.
  • That way, if theft or fraud does occur, the impact won’t be as severe.
  • In most companies, there are many occasions in which a small amount of cash must be spent on short notice.

It is advisable to create two copies of the receipt, one for the tenant, and one for the landlord. Customize this free Rent Receipt Template to keep track of rent payments for your tenants. Download, print, or share PDF rent receipts in just one click. If you’re working with online payments, cash payments, donations, or deliveries — we’ve got you covered. “Petty cash” and “cash on hand” sound a lot alike, and they do overlap.

To accomplish the reimbursement, the treasurer’s office provides the requested amount to the custodian. The entry to record the reimbursement would debit the expense accounts reported by the custodian. Petty cash funds provide a convenient way to pay for small expenses.


It might be tempting to wing it for as long as you can, but setting up a proper petty cash system early is crucial. Many small businesses don’t have a formal system for petty cash—owners will simply pay out of pocket for small expenses and hope nothing goes wrong. Fora Financial provides business capital, including business loans and Revenue Based Financing, directly and through a network of unaffiliated third-party funding providers. Business loans are offered by Fora Financial Business Loans LLC or, in California, by Fora Financial West LLC, a licensed California Finance Lender, License No. 603J080.

what is a petty cash voucher

To provide an official receipt of payment from the recipient of all petty cash disbursements. A cash book is a financial journal that contains all cash receipts and disbursements, including bank deposits and withdrawals. However, on corporate financial statements, petty cash is listed in the “Cash and cash equivalents” section of the balance sheet. The English word “petty” derives cash flow from the French petit, which means “small” or “little.” Likewise, “petty” means minor or insignificant. So petty cash refers to a small sum of money set aside for trifling or little purchases, as opposed to major expenses or bills. Commercial transactions are increasingly cashless—even at small retailers and restaurants, where purchases traditionally have relied heavily on coins.

Why Is Reconciliation Important In Accounting?

Although there can be minor variances, when unbalanced, the source of the discrepancy should be identified and corrected. If you use accrual accounting, the top-up may be credited from accounts payable instead of cash. Many small businesses use it, but others consider it inefficient and prefer options such as corporate cards. The money should come from a designated place within your budget.

The grid at the top of the screen shows the Petty Cash accounts set up for your property. Transactions for smaller amounts will continue to be completed on a walk-in basis as long as funds are available. Learn how to make better hiring decisions when filling this what is a petty cash voucher important position. When cash flow is tight, your local banker can help you sail more smoothly into the next quarter. Your account comes with access to thousands of mobile forms. Rosemary Carlson is an expert in finance who writes for The Balance Small Business.

Remember, for all journal entries, total debits must equal total credits. Sometimes, the petty cash custodian makes errors in making change from the fund or doesn’t receive correct amounts back from users. These errors cause the cash in the fund to be more or less than the amount of the fund less the total vouchers. When the fund is replenished, the credit to Cash is for the difference between the established amount and the actual cash in the fund. Any discrepancy should be debited or credited to an account called Cash Over and Short. The Cash Over and Short account can be either an expense or a revenue , depending on whether it has a debit or credit balance. In this case, the cash needed to get back to $100 ($100 fund – $7.40 petty cash on hand) of $92.60 equals the total of the petty cash vouchers.

Accounting Principles I

Your request will be reviewed/approved and forwarded to the operations area of Enrollment Services. For a check to reimburse your departmental petty cash fund, submit the petty cash voucher package to College Finance. The petty cash fund allows you to pay cash for outside services that are not charged to a particular guest.

Let’s say that at the end of the month, you have $49.15 remaining in your cash box, and you want to top your petty cash fund by $150.85 to get it back up to $200. Employees may be tempted to use cash for purchases that aren’t business-related. This risk is why it’s vital to obtain a receipt for every purchase.

You should not use petty cash funds for operating expenses, such as salaries, wages, goods, or services, or to make paycheck advances. As a small business owner, you might find it easier to stash a little cash away for small or incidental purchases instead of going through the trouble of issuing a check every time. A debit voucher is prepared when cash payments are received whereas a credit voucher is prepared when cash payments are made. This can be used as evidence for a disbursement of funds from petty cash. The voucher is important because it’s an internal accounting control mechanism that ensures that every payment is properly authorized and that the goods or services purchased are actually received.

Add the amounts of all petty cash vouchers by account number, and enter the account number and total amount to be charged to it on the Petty Cash Reimbursement Summary Form supplied by College Finance. To record any transaction bookkeeping in account books, first of all a voucher is prepared by the accountant. Therefore, we call the vouchers as the base of the accounting system. Voucher is prepared by the accountant with the help of source document.

Step 2: Choose A Petty Cash Custodian

A Service Receipt is a document providing an itemized description of services rendered by the provider to his customer. This helps the customer get to properly see the expenses he shall incur from the services rendered for him. A Service Receipt also serves as proof of service rendered by the service provider.