1.Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie was born on 2 july ,1990.She is 29 year old .She is from Dalby, Australia.She is on the top list of beautiful lady.She got married with Tom Ackerley.Time magazine has enlisted her as one of the top 100 most influental person of the world.She is one of the highest paid actress of the world.She is famous for her beautiness as she is 1.68m tall and has piercing eyes.She has worked on several TV shows like Neighbours,Pan AM,Saturday Night live and her upcoming movies are Bird of pray,The sucide squad


Nana was born on 14 september 1991 and she is 28 years old . Her full name is  Im Jin –Ah .Her profession is singer but also she is well known for her beautiness.She ranked 2nd most beautiful lady in the world in 2020 and the 1st most beautiful lady of South Korea .she got her global recognization in the year 2013. She is 1.71m tall.She is not only singer ,she is model as well as actor .Her music albums are Shangai Romance and lipstick ,Flashback,Orange Caramel

3.Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario was born on 16 March 1986 A.D. and she is 33 years of age .She was born on United State of America .She is actress by her profession .She is 1.73 m tall with blue eyes .She is knowm as hottest women with blue eyes.She came into recognization by the movie Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson film series ,Blake Gaines in San Andreas.Her siblings are Matthew Daddario ,Catharine Daddario .She was in a relationship but not married yet .

4.Aaishworya Rai

Aaishwary Rai Bachhan  was born on november 1,1973 A.D. in Mangalore ,India .She is  at 43 years of her age .She got married with the son of renowned actor Amitab Bachhan who is Abhishek Bachhan.She is winner of various awards along with Miss world 1994.She has done so many hit movies and known by her acting .She looks attractive due to her blue colored eyes and smile .She is 1.65m tall.She is not only famous in India only but all around the world .She doed add,stage performance and social work as well.She is also honore dwith Padhma shree 2009

5.Fahriye Evcen

Fahriye Evcen was born on 1986 ,jun 4 in Solingen Germany  .she is a popular actress from Turkey .She got married with Burak Ozcivit  and also have a child name Karan Ozcivit  .She is 1.73m tall .Her attractive looks and killer eyes make everyone hypnotize .She is famous due to her role in as Necla Tekin based on Novel .She has done several TV series .

6.selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was born on  july 22, 1992 in Grand Prairie ,Texas ,United State .Selena is known for her singing .she is americian singer along with various other character like songwriter ,actress and television producer .Her famous songs  are lose you love me,wolves,look at her now .She is known as one of the cutest singer of United State.She has got two younger half sisters She is daughter of Ricardo Joel Gomez and Mandy Teefey.Justin is said to be her lover.

7.Taylor Swift

Taylor swift was born on 1989  December 13, in Pennsylvania United state .she is in 3o years of her age .when she was 14 years old she became the yongest artist signed by sony and she did her first record deal at the age of 15.She has received many awards like Grammy award and many more .Her album are Lover,1989,reputation,fearless,red, speak now and many more .she has inspired many young lady by her song writing skill .she is so beautiful .her success is not only determined by her veautiness but her skills and determination

8.Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett was born on May 14,1969 in lvanhoe ,Australia .she is in 50 years of age but still her beautiness hasn’t fed away.She is not only the famous actor of Australia but also a theatre director .She got married with Andrew Upton and they had four children .Her height is 1.74m tall.She has done so many TV shows like Mrs.America,History VS holiwood,Fatastico and so on. Along with her beautiness she has received so many awards including Emmys and screen Actor Guild award

9.Deepika Padukone

Deepika was born on janurary 5,1986 in Copoenhagen ,Denmark.She is indian film actor and produce.she is not only famous in india only but all around the world and also one of the igjest paid actress of India .she is 1.71m tall with bold and beautiful look .She got recognization from movie Om Shanti Om.she has been inlisted as nation most popular personality .she got married with actor Ranveer Singh .She is known for her amazing smile .Everbody wants this beautiful lady to represent their brand .she has played in many add like pepsi,vogue and many more


Duckie Thot was born on october 23,1995 in Melbourne,Australia .She is 24 years old girl.Her full name is NyadakThot .her nationality is south sudanese.she is inspiration for all young lady and black colored face lady .She proofed that skin color do not hinder for showing anybodies tallent .Nikkie Perkins is her sibiling.she was a child of south sudanese refugees .she is 1.79  m tall.she has got browm eyes and black colored hair .she is associated with many beauti management agencies