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Imagine that someone heads into a Starbucks and wants to connect to the free public Wi-Fi. These numbers are somewhat of a surprise, given that Android devices make up about 55% of the US market share, compared to 44% for Apple devices, according toStatista. Apple has been a dominant force in the smart technology sphere for over a decade. However, with a recent cut to its Q1 revenue outlook due to weakening iPhone sales, particularly in China, the tide may be turning.

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Based on three group interviews and twelve individual interviews including data from 31 corporations, we explore how corporations are responding to SGEM. Based on this data, we derive three opportunities and four challenges.

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From a “computing” perspective, this second-generation enterprise mobility , such as smartphones and media tablets, enables pervasiveness, much more intuitive computing, and contextual intelligence. This changes what can be done with IT in enterprises and creates new challenges for IT departments.

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Clearly, IT departments must do their research before committing to enterprise asset management software such as an MDM solution. Because while every organization is different with unique needs, there’s also a common set of best practices that apply to pretty much everyone with mobile devices to manage. In fact, it’s hard to imagine work life without laptops, smartphones, and tablets. These statistics shed light corporate mobile messenger development on how employees are currently using their mobile devices in the workplace. Moving away from BYOD is not always the answer to security concerns that companies may have. MAM platforms, along with mobile threat defense tools, offer features that can ensure the corporate network is secure when a user brings their personal device for work. These tools reduce a company’s risk while enabling device flexibility.

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Today, 15% of American adults are “smartphone-only” internet users – meaning they do not have home broadband service but own a smartphone. There can even be potential attack vectors that seem innocuous at first but could provide hackers an opportunity to gain access to your network. We once found a Smart TV in an office waiting room that Integration testing was not adequately secured. It would be easy for an electronic eavesdropper to use this weak point to access the entire corporate network. As we are in the Cyber TSCM business, we get to see many of these threats to mobile security up close and personal. What’s amazing is how simple and effective some of these attack vectors can be.

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But for other industries is social media does nothing but drain employee productivity and data allowances. It is there important to understanding what employees access and when. Are people watching Netflix over a cellular connection when they go abroad? Should there be different policies in place for domestic vs roaming? No one policy fits all and this is where gaining visibility into the data becomes key.

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Employees like the option to have one single device for personal and work use. This setup is more convenient than having two smartphones to keep up with. BYOD and COPE are favorable to employees because these strategies provide them with one device to use for all activities.

‘Journey’: The new favourite buzzword in the corporate world – Mint

‘Journey’: The new favourite buzzword in the corporate world.

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With the rise of mobile devices at work, there’s a lot of discussion happening around smartphones and productivity. These mobile enterprise productivity stats offer insights around productivity when employers give work phones, or allow employees to use their own devices. While mobile devices can increase efficiency and productivity, they can also leave sensitive data vulnerable. Mobile device management tools can address such vulnerabilities by helping secure access to networks and resources. These tools are different from those required to secure the typical computer workstation.

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In addition, businesses can often take advantage of negotiated discount rates and service plans with carriers and volume discounts with device providers. In general, businesses with headcounts as low as 10 can expect to save money buying the phones themselves.

It’s even more difficult for traditional IT departments that don’t necessarily have a ton of experience dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of mobile devices of various makes and models. That’s one reason why mobile device management and enterprise mobility management software have become standard for corporate mobile device management in many organizations. Employees raise concerns about privacy when they have corporate mobile devices for personal use. The IT team likely will implement a MDM or MAM system to protect corporate data. Under this approach, employees need assurance that personal data such as photos, social media accounts and personal texts are not at risk of being leaked or viewed by IT.

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US adults will spend an average of 3 hours, 12 minute per day on smartphones, an annual increase of 6 minutes. The vast majority (97%) of Americans own a cellphone of some kind, and 85% own smartphones. As of January 2021, 5.22 billion people (66.6% of the global population) use a mobile device. Apple is the top platform choice among CIOs, according to a recentPiper Jaffray report. Some 50% of CIOs reported supporting iOS on their corporate devices, followed by 29% who support Android, 19% who cited Windows, and only 1% who said BlackBerry, according to the report.


If you would like to receive more information regarding CarrierBid’s telecom consulting services, please complete the form on the right side of this page. Requires more internal management and administration, and the costs related to those items. Jim Donnelly is a content marketing and communications consultant. He’s the former editor-in-chief of Ottawa Business Journal and, most recently, was Director of Media Insights at Agility PR Solutions . He’s got a Master of Journalism degree from Carleton University along with 15 years of professional experience creating, editing, and managing content, marketing and communications projects.

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This means blocking sites and apps that host malware and any other malicious content. It is also important to restrict all access to non-compliant websites which include adult content, illegal content, extreme content and gambling. This would be considered a light policy, allowing users unrestricted access to everything else. It was developed with an idea to reach out to people and provide them with necessary information about any company from the corporate world. The app users were provided with the latest news updates as well. The developed apps are synced with the client’s website so that all the information can be up to date.

Gartner says bad decisions around an organization’s MDM solution are common and often a source of lost productivity, higher costs, and even internal squabbles among IT or throughout the wider organization. We’ll help you and your employees to connect and collaborate from virtually anywhere. Get iPhone 13 Pro On Us—up to a $1,000 value, and experience the network that gives you 5G in more places. That’s why T-Mobile is helping to evolve the way businesses operate.

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This is typically part of your AUP, but has become so important it’s worth mentioning as a standalone. BYOD policies are now fairly common with the advent of mobile field applications and the proliferation of personal devices being used for work purposes. That’s why it’s important to choose mobile device management software that also uses containerization, so organizational systems and data isn’t put at risk by a user’s personal content or app downloads.