1.Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls lies in the boarder of Argentina and Brazil .It is one of the most aspiring sight in our planet .Its height is 82m which looks like ‘J’ shape .It is also compared with the Victoria Fall.It is the most visited place in the world .People get to experience heavinly natural beautiful .Most of the river of Iguazu arise from Brazil and Falls mostly lies in Argentina side .A walkaway allow a panaromic view of the fall from the Brazilian Side . we can experience helicopter  view of the Falls from the Brazil but the ride is prohibited from the Argentina side .


Alberta lies in Canada whose capita is Edmonton.It is the most preferred place to visit  where 600 lakes are found which is deposited with rich minerals  We can experience 10 different national parks in Alberta .Different dinosaurs cave .The things that we can experience in Alberta is go for fat biking in snow ,cowboy up at the Calgary Stampede ,drive in the Dazzling icefield parkway,meditate on the mountain top ,dig for dinosaurs fossils,take an after hour cave tour ,experience frozen fun in edmonton

3.Miami Beach

Miami Beach lies in the Florida state of United state .Miami Beach is a south Florida island city which is connected by the bridge to mainland  Miami .We can experience architecture beauty of Art Deco tour of Miami Beach.There are so many historical preservation things in Florida ,Miami Beach .These Miami Beach is divided into three parts south beach,Mid beach and North beach . We can experience different decorated art and different muesum here in Miami beach

4. The Island of Maui

Muui is one of the popular island in Hawaii ,United state .Native Hawaiian tradition gives the origin of the islands name in the legend of Hawai’iloa the navigator credited with discovery of the Hawaiin Island .The highest point of Maui is Haleakala. The things that we could do in Maui is free walk to road to hana,helicopter tour of the island ,kaanapali beach,snorkelling tour,Haleakala National park,Nepili beach,wailea beach,waianapanapa state park .This is the place to visit around the world once in a life time


Paris is the capital city of Franch .It Is the most preffered destination all around the world.It is the most popular city of France .Effel tower is the main attraction of the paris .The other place to visit in paris is Louvre Muesum,Arc De Triomphe,Cathedrale  NotreDame  de Paris .Each year tourist from different country visit here to experience the new things .It is listed as the second most visited place all around the world in the year 2018 .Paris is also said as the city of light .It is said to be the Europe most enchanting ca


Rome is the capital city of  Italy .Rome is said to be the fourth most populated city in European Union.Rome is known for country insidethe city .The most famous place of the Rome Is Colosseum which attract four millions people per day.The things that you need to do in Rome is Gaze the Architectural Marvel that is at Pantheon ,visit Vatica meusum .visit St.Peter’s Basilica ,Climb the Spanish Steps,throw a coin in the Tridevi fountain .It is famous for being the capital of the ancient empire .Many of the buildings have dome , arches and vaults

7.Great wall of China

Great Wall of China lies in China .It is one of the longest wall of thw world.It was constructed to protect  territories  of chinese state and empire .The primary purpose was to build the wall was tp protect the people of china .It was build on 7th century.It was build by the ming dynasty  which is 5000 miles . It is made up of stone ,bricks , wood and lime .It is the object that can be seen from space with nacked eyes.Mostly the asian people visit this place also people from different country come to visit Great wall of china.

8.Machu Pichhu

Machu Pichhu lies in Peru  above the Urubamba River valley .Machu Pichhu is an  Incan citadelset high in the Andes Mountain .It is beleved that Machu Pichhu was constructed  as an estate for the inca emperor  Pacahcuti .It was decleared as the world heritage sight in 1983.It is regarded as the seven wonder of the world .Machu means ‘old’ and Pichhu means ‘Portion’.Machu Pichhu signifies  technical skills and productivity of Inca emperior .

9.Pyramids of Giza

Pyramid of Giza lies in Egypt.It is said to be the last remaining wonder of the ancient world.It took almost twenty years to construct the Giz of Pyramid.It simply symbolize the grand tomb of the powerful Pharaohs .Giza is referred as the centre of the world .It was created in Nile valley around 3000 BC.It took almost 85 years to construct the Giza of the Pyramid .It is 147 m tall .People all around the world comes to visit Pyramid of Giza


Santorini lies in the south east of greece. Santorini is volcanic island from which we can see dynamic view of sunset .The best time to visit santorini is late April and early November .Santorin is hilly area .Almost all the house of Santorini is painted white .we can experience the boat tour to volcano erupt place ,taste differeny wines,Visit Ammoudi  Bay,Explore  Imerovigli ,visit the red beach ,visit the white beach.