Strange place in the world

Thors well,Oregon,USA

Thors well lies in USA ,there is the natural hole that seems to be draining the sea.It is also known as the drainpipe of pacific.Well it is only the hole that seems to be draining water from the rock.It is the fun place to explore and water spouting.The hole present in it is about 20 feet deep which is often empty or compeletly covered by water.The best hours to isitThor is during the time of high tide.

Pamukkale ,Turkey

Pamukkale lies in the western part of Turkey .Pamukkale is white in color because deeo inside of it lies a vast source of water heated by volcanic lava and the water dissolve pure white calcium.It is inlisted in the world heritage site by UNESCO.It forms stunning thermal pools which is perfect for a quick dip.

Spotted Lake

Spotted lake lies in British columbia ,Canada .we can see various spots in it .Being a small lake it consist of various minerals including calcium ,sodium and magnesium sulphate and during the summer season the water in the lake get evaporated due to which those minerals get concentrated and leaves spots which is visible .It is also known as magical spotted lake and one of the mystery of Canada.

The Giants Causeway

The Giant Causeway lies in the Northen Ireland . It has been enlisted in the world heritage site by UNESCO.It is famous for its scenic beauty and its unique jewel in the crown and also is famous as the eighth wonder of the world. It is made by Irish giant Fionn mac Cumhaill .It was made in order to fight with Scothland. It was build around 50 to 60 millions years ago.

Lake Natron

Lakr Natron lies in the Arusha region in Tanzania which is known as salt or soda lake .The Natron lake is red in color .It is also a home for many natural wonders .The alkaline water in ts has PH which is as high as 10.5.It can damage skin and eyes of the habitat which is nit adapted to it .The red things called photosynthesizing pegment present in the cyanobacteria deep red opening .It is very much infectious to human health or can kill the human beings.

Slope Point

Slope Point lies in the southernmost part of south Island of New Zealand .It is known as the home for the surreally shaped,permanent mangeled tree.The weather there is so fierce that that the whipping winds have left patch of tree weitdly wrapped .The trees there are bent in the odd angle .This place is also known as the windy place .

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle lies in western part of North Atlantic ocean .It is also known as the Devils triangle .It is a place where ships and planes gets disappeared. Many scientific research has been conducted in study of such a mysterious triangle. Many evidence has found that the number of aircraft ,ships has been disappered inside it.There has been different news because of several paranormal activities like loss of lifes ,aircraft ,ships.

Easter Island

Easter Island is also a island of chile which lies in the southerneast part of Pacific Ocean.It is a remote volcanic island famed for archieological site which contains nearly 900 monuments status called moal.The moal are craved human over size head and oftern resting,it is famous for uts giant stone human soversize head statues .it is one of the tourist destination place .

Angkor Wat

Ankot lies in Combodia .It is one of the buddhist monument place. Among the largest monument ever created it stands out for its gorgeous tower and intricate network.It was build in between 1113 and 1150 A.D.. Its towers are meant to elicit the mythological Hindu mountin Mount Meru and the temple was originally built in homor of lod Bishnu and after severl year it was turned into buddhist sites