Chhat -Notes Nepal
Chhat Parva : Festival Of God Sun

Chhat The great festival of folk faith, Chhat, is officially starting from tomorrow.Starting from Kattik Shukla Chaturthi, the festival is formally concluded after offering Aghrya to the rising sun on

Indrajatra -Notes Nepal
Indra Jatra :History Of Human Conquest Over Gods

Indra Jatra is traditionally worshiped in Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur, Dhulikhel, Lalitpur and Dolakha. In Nepali language, this procession is called Yenya Punhi. This procession which lasts for 8 days is

Chaupadi -Notes Nepal
Chaupadi tradition : Society, Religion & law

Chaupadi -Menstruation is a physical and biological process that occurs in all women of a certain age group around the world. Even so, attitudes, values, beliefs, understandings, and behaviors vary

Sagun In Newari Culture
Sagun In Newari Culture : Significance And Importance

Sagun In Newari Culture : Overview Sagun in Newari Culture has a great importance and value.Sagun means auspicious. The elements contained in Saguna are symbols of Panchatatva. Sagun is a

Bridal Fashion Guide
Bridal Fashion Guide : What To Wear? When To Wear

Fusion trend : Bridal Fashion Guide Bridal Fashion Guide, Sherwani suits, daura-suruwal and sari lehenga and choli were the only options for the bride and groom at the wedding ceremony

Chaku -Notes Nepal
Chaku :The Story & The History Behind Chaku

Chaku Among the many festivals celebrated by the Newars are some that are named after food. Like Yomari again, Samay again, Kwati again, Halimali again. One of them is a

Bee Haunting -Notes Nepal
Bee Hunting Tradition ,Nepal

 Bee Hunting Tradtion  Bee Hunting efforts are underway to link traditional honey hunting with tourism. The adventurous honey hunting at Akkare Bhir has become a tourist attraction. In Gurja, it

Gotra -Notes Nepal
Gotra : History & Its Origin

Gotra  The last name is the main identity of any person. The name matches with many, the surname also matches. However, the tribe is also associated with the Thar, but

Shaligram-Notes Nepal
Shaligram :Its History

Shaligram Shaligram is a special type of rock found in the Kaligandaki river area from Kagveni of Mustang to Devghat. And this area is called ‘Shaligram area’. Among the many