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Language Translate uses Google platform to translate more than 90 different world language to your native language. That means you just have to copy the language you want to translate and paste. Now click the Blue Button “Translate”, You just translated!

Its a Multilingual service that works efficiently just by detecting your to be translated language. You just have to wait for few seconds for the Auto Detect to work.  Even it has 3 language to choose simultaneously. Have fun !




Click Here To Translate Any Language ! from Google translator



Welcome to a young dynamic web portal that revolves around day to day activity of we Nepali people. NotesNepal offers little tools that we generally use like Calender, Date Changer, Phone Codes list, Unicode text change, Loadshedding Schedules etc. Here you have many Nepali tools that can make your headache of searching in different places go. Just use the Type in Nepali tool to get nepali text by using english font as Nepali eg. Our aim is to propel the masses by disseminating information that would enable them to think critically and have a sound impartial opinion. Propelling the masses towards empowerment in Nepal is necessary in order for the people to be intellectually capacitated. We propel ideas that will have the masses think and make a visible change for the betterment of the Nepalese society.

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