Bungee Jumping in Nepal:Another Add-on To Your Adventure List

Humans have been seeking adventures in every possible ways. From ski diving to paragliding people want to be in air and fly. Humans are capable of doing everything but are unable to fly on their own.So,most of the adventures  people seek is related to flight.Would you love to be thrown from the top of the bridge to the scary river below with ropes tied to your body? Most of you will say NO until you will realize that its the world’s most satisfying adventure.  Bungee jumping in comparison to Paragliding and Ski diving is considered much safer and more adventurous. So,if you are visiting Nepal and seeking for a breath taking adventure,you must try Bungee Jumping. The 2 most popular, reliable and adventurous Bungee Jumping in Nepal are enlisted and detailed below.

1.The Bhote Koshi Gorge 

Bhote Koshi Gorge Bungee Jumping spot is considered as the world’s most adventurous bungee jumping.It is the first ever bungee juping spot of Nepal. Thousands of National and International tourists seeking for adventure come here to fly in air. The reason this bungee jumping spot is considered the most adventurous in the world is it is the highest spot to have a jump. Located near the Nepal-Tibet boarder,this bungee jump spot is 160m high and the scenario below is breath taking. The fast flowing river of Bhotekoshi between the two reef will make you feel like you are entirely in out of the world.

Designed and contracted by the New Zealand’s Bungee Jump design experts, this spot is in the Nepal’s longest suspension Bridge. Despite being the most tallest and adventurous bungee jumping spot,it is still considered reliable and safe. So,aren’t you just excited to have the adventure of your life?

When you are tied to the rope and thrown just to the edge of one of deadliest river in Nepal,it will be jaw dropping. You are standing in the edge of 160m tall bridge and even when you look down heart stops beating for a moment,a countdown of 5 and you will be flying in the air to the mouth of Bhotekoshi river.

Details of Cost:

For a Nepali Citizen : 5500(Indian Rupee) /per person

For Foreigners (except India) : 7200 (Indian Rupee)/per person

For Indian Citizen : 8200(Indian Rupee)/per person


Listikot,Araniko Highway

Map to Listikot,Bhotekoshi Gorge


Favorable Time to Visit :

September is considered the best time to visit,though it runs all year.

Opening Days :

Saturday,Sunday,Wednesday and Friday only.




Another adventurous and exciting place for bungee jumping in Nepal is Hemja,Pokhara. Pokhara being the main center of attraction of tourists all over the world,people seeking adventure on the Pokhara Stay ,a must go place is Hemja. Para gliding ,trekking,zip flying and many more  adventurous were already in Pokhara,and due to excessive demand Bungee Jumping started in Hemja,Pokhara in the year 2014 and now is considered as the most adventurous thing to do in Pokhara. Thousands of people seeking for adventure go  for bungee jumping in this spot.

Also called as “The Water Touching Jump”, you get to touch the water in the pond below it while you are at the lowest point of the jump. This is amazing and exciting experience.

Located in Kaski District of Nepal,this jump taken from 80 m of height which is exactly as half as that of Bhote Koshi Gorge. The pond below is 20-30 ft deep and around 50 people can take jump every day. The surrounding view and the view of pond below is so mesmerizing that you will want to jump again,but a single jump is only permitted in a day.So,if you are visiting Pokhara,this is a must go place.

Details of Cost:

For a Nepali Citizen : 3490(Indian Rupee) /per person

For Foreigners (except India) : 6890 (Indian Rupee)/per person

For Indian Citizen : 6500(Indian Rupee)/per person

Location :

Hemja, Pokhara, Kaski,Nepal

Map to Hemja,Pokhara 

Favorable Time to Visit :

All time of year.

Opening Days :



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