PashupatiNath Temple : Hindu’s Biggest Center of Faith

Pagoda Style

Hindu Religion is considered as the oldest religion of the world. Hindu religion is believed to have 33 million god and goddess. Its the religion followed mainly in the South East Asia,in countries like India and Nepal. Few people in Myanmar,Thailand,Indonesia,Sri Lanka also follow this religion. Being the oldest and most followed religion in Nepal,it is likely to have lots of Hindu temples and religious sites in Nepal. The Kathmandu Valley,known as “City of Temples” has more than thousand of Hindu Temples,among which the biggest center of faith for Hindus is Pashupati Nath Temple.


Located in Gaushala,Kathmandu Pashupati is one of the major Shiva Temple in the whole world.TheĀ  holy Bagmati river flowing all the way between this temple makes this temple more holy.It is the most sacred temple of Lord Shiva.The main temple consists of The Shivalinga,the idol of Lord Shiva ,which attracts every Hindus around the World to once come and visit this holy place . Some important things you must know about Pashupati are detailed here.

Pashupati Nath Temple

1.The Ancient Existence:

This temple is built by Prachandadev,The Lichhavi King in about 400A.D. This temple is in existence since 1600 years. Considered the most scared Hindu temple in Nepal and around the world,the actual reason is its existence since 1600 years and still standing tall as the symbol of preserving the Hindus existence. It has suffered 3 big earthquake attacks but it remained unmoved and untouched. The earthquakes has certainly destroyed the big engineering constructions,but as people believe with the power of Lord Shiva it is still untouched and no disaster can affect this temple. The temple is designed in Pagoda style with the best architecture of that time,the wood carving architecture,the stone architecture,makes this the masterpiece of the World.

Pasjupati Nath Temple

2.The Exciting Story of Origin of This Temple

There is a legendary story related to the origin of this temple. According to this story, every morning a Cow used to go to the exact spot where the Temple’s Lord Shiva Idol now lies ,and used to offer her milk all in that specific place. The Cow owner got suspicious of the cow’s activity and followed the cow one day and witnessed her doing so everyday. He wondered the activity of Cow,called for some help and dug the place where he foundĀ  Lord Shiva’s Idol,The Jyotirlinga. This story was heard by many people and slowly people from different parts started gathering and worship this Jyotirlinga and later Prachandadev,The Lichhavi King ,built temple knowing its importance as told Lord Shiva himself came to his dreams and told him to do so.

3.The Pagoda Masterpiece

This temple is a very beautiful and attractive looking temple designed in Pagoda style. Located on the bank of holy river Bagmati makes its more beautiful. This is considered as the Architecture Masterpiece of Hindu Temple. The golden spire at the top of the main temple with a bunk roof,cubic shaped structure,silver made 4 entrance doors and the idol of Lord shiva inside main temple lying in the center accumulates the beautiful structure of this temple. The Temple looks more dynamic by the presence of Nandi,Shiva’s Bull just outside the temple.

Pagoda Style


4.Only Hindu Entrance

This temple is strictly restricted for people of other religion. They can go the the temple see the other sites outside,but they are forbidden to enter inside the gates of the main temple. The security guard at the main temple entrance will stop you right there if you are not a Hindu. So,if you are not a Hindu and planning to visit PashupatiNath,you will have to satisfy yourself visiting premises outside the main temple.

5.The Final Destination :

This place is considered as the final destination for the Hindus in the sense that after people die,they are brought to the Pashupati Arya Ghat for the religious cremation in this place. People are burned here with the holy fire and the ashes are devoted to the holy bagmati river then only person’s door to heaven will open,as believed. The last truth of the world is the death and the dead ones last destination is Pashupati. Daily more than 20 people are brought to this place for cremation. If you want to witness the actual way of HIndu’s Cremation by fire,you should go to Pashupati Arya Ghat.

Open Air Creamation


6.The Seek for Deliverance :

The last truth of the world is the death and the dead ones last destination is Pashupati and it is believed that if your body is cremated with fire in The Arya Ghat you will take birth as a human in next life,despite of the sins you have done in your life. This is the place for the revival of the soul in new form of better life. And the seek of Nirvana is also believed in this temple,as people in the old age spend their life’s last moments in this holy place.

Arati Pashupati


7. Enlistment in World’s Heritage Site:

This temple was enlisted by UNESCO as World’s Heritage site knowing its religious and preservation importance.


Pasjupati Nath Temple