Hindu Gods

Hindu religion is considered to be the most ancient religion of the world. It is believed to have existed from different eras from Satya,Dwapar and Kali. The religion to have such a avast ancient history is surely to have multiple gods. Hindu religion is also considered as religion with over 30 million god and goddess. Thirty three crore gods and goddesses have been described in Hindu scriptures. But , Today we are going to tell you about the ten most powerful deities of Hinduism. So let’s  know about the ten most powerful deities of Hinduism.  These are some of the Hindu God :


10.YamaDev( The God Of Death):

Hindu God : Yamaraj

Yamaraj is a most powerful Hindu god. First we will talk about Yamdev. Yamadev is said to be the first man in this world to receive death. The famous temple of Yamadev is located in Srivanchiyam, Tamil Nadu. According to the scriptures, Yama is the son of Surya and Saranyu. Yamdev, who is considered to be Shanidev’s half-brother, is mentioned in Hindu scriptures as well as in Parsi and Java scriptures. He is considered as the god of death who is responsible for the death of people and the determination to take people to Heaven or Hell. He is considered to be powerful as he rules the death himself.He is praised by people to prevent the death.


9.Lord Indra(The Kind of  Gods):

Hindu God : Indra
Lord Indra

According to the Vedas, Indra is the king of the gods. Indra is the lord of lightning, storms, rain and rivers. Indra’s kingdom is in heaven. Indra’s ride is the Airavat elephant born from Samudra Manthan and his most powerful weapon is Vajra. The Vajra is considered to be the most powerful weapon in Hinduism standing i same position as Bhramastra (The divine weapon of Bhrama) .The great warrior Indra put an end to the monster called Vritra and brought greenery and happiness in this world in the form of rain and sunshine. Even in Buddhism, Indra is worshiped in the name of Shakra.


8.Brahma (The Creator):

Hindu God : Bhrama
Lord Bhrama

Lord Brahma is considered to be the creator of this universe. Their four faces look in four different directions. Brahma is believed to have originated from the navel lotus of Vishnudev. The lord of speech, the creator of the four Vedas, Brahma ji is one of the trinity. The trinity includes Bramha,Bishnu and Maheswora who are responsible for every activity going on in the universe. In some Puranas, Brahma ji is considered to have originated from Swayambhu i.e. himself.

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7.Hindu God :Lord Ganesha(The First Praised God)

Hindu God : Ganesh
Lord Ganesha

Ganesha is also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka. Ganesh ji has millions of devotees in Nepal and Sri Lanka including India. Not only Hindus but also Jains and Buddhists have recognized Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha has been called Vighnaharta. Which means he can remove every archan that comes in the way. Swami Ganesha of Riddhi-siddhi is the first to be worshiped in Hindu Pujas.  He has killed many demons one including Bhasamasura, who was the great follower of Lord Shiva.


6.Lord Hanuman(The Lord of Strength):

Lord Hanuman

Hanuman ji, who plays a decisive role in Ramayana, is an extremely powerful deity. Hanuman ji is considered to be the incarnation of Bahagwan Shiva. Anjana and Kesari’s son Hanuman is also called Vayuputra. In Ramayana, Hanuman changes his shape many times. All the gods and goddesses have given such a store of weapons and knowledge to Hanuman, who possesses the gigantic form of lifting the Himalayan mountains from the subtle form, that it is impossible to defeat Hanuman ji in battle.

5.Hindu God :Lord Krishna

Hindu God : Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna

Sri Krishna is considered to be the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Sri Krishna’s childhood was full of miracles and mischief. Krishna in different stages of his life was sometimes a naughty herdsman, sometimes a lover. Lord Krishna, endowed with Narayana weapons, Pashupastra and Sudarshan Chakra, brought victory to the Pandavas in the battle of Mahabharata without taking up any weapon. From this the power of Sri Krishna can be estimated.  He is the most praised not only in Hindus but in people of other religion too.

4.Hindu God : Lord Ram 

Lord Ram
Lord Ram

Ramachandra is considered to be the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The world’s largest epic Ramayana is based on the story of Lord Rama. Along with Sri Krishna, Lord Rama is also considered to be one of the important incarnations of Sri Hari Vishnu. His wife Devi Sita is considered to be the incarnation of Mata Lakshmi. Lord Rama was endowed with all weapons by Vishwamitra. Lord Rama was the lord of Kaal Chakra, Vishnu Chakra, Indrastra, Brahmastra, Pashupastra and many other weapons.He had defeated the powerful demon Ravana of Lanka with an ape army.

3.Gautam Buddha

Lord Buddha
Lord Buddha

Many of you will tell the reader that Gautama Buddha was a Buddhist but Vaishnavism believes that Buddha was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. After the Buddha attained Nirvana in the eighth century, he began to be worshiped as a deity. The journey from Siddhartha to Buddha was not miraculous but the greatest weapon of Mahatma Buddha was non-violence. And our list would be incomplete without them.

2.Hindu God : Lord Bishnu

Lord Bishnu
Lord Bishnu

According to Hindu scriptures, Vishnu is one of the three main forms of God. According to the Puranas, Vishnu’s wife is Lakshmi. Cupid was the son of Vishnu. Vishnu’s abode is Kshir Sagar. His bed is above Sheshnag. From his navel arises the lotus in which Brahma ji is located.He holds the padma in his lower left hand, the mace in his lower right hand, the conch in his upper left hand and the chakra in his upper right hand.

Sri Vishnu Vaishnavas consider Lord Vishnu to be the form of Hari or God the Father. Lord Vishnu governs the world. Whenever there is an excess of sin on this earth, Lord Vishnu takes incarnation and puts an end to evil powers. It is believed that Sri Vishnu has incarnated twenty four times for the establishment of Dharma.

1.Hindu God :Lord Shiva

Hindu God : Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva

Among the most powerful Hindu God , Lord Shiva is placed in the first place. It is believed that Shiva is the creator, nurturer and destroyer of this world. In the scriptures, Lord Shiva is considered to be formless, unlimited, Brahmatma. From which the whole creation has been created. Adiyogi Lord Shiva is the lord of meditation and art. Lord Shiva, the giver of arms, is also the lord of all knowledge.



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