Yeti : Just Myth or Real Existence?? Know It!

Bone of Yeti

Yeti is still considered to be a myth. Like the doubt of people in the existence of gods or demons,its same in yeti. People cannot actually deny that it do not exist and they also are unsure about its existence but somewhere in their heart,they have small belief that Yeti exist. But a group of Indian Army personnel posted a photo of Yati (a snowman) at the Makalu base camp, which went viral. The world’s most popular BBC, ABC, New York Times, National Geographic and others made news with priority. There was no news in Nepal. However, Man Bahadur Khadka, Director General of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, told Daily that the Indian Army had called for such a move without any basis.


Daniel C. Taylor, who wrote a book about it after studying many mountainous terrain, also said that the step was not so much. “The size mentioned by the Indian Army can only be dinosaurs,” he said.The Indian Army said the length of the foot was 32 inches.

How Yeti Looks Like ?

It is given different names in Nepal, India and Bhutan. Translating those names into Nepali means ‘Snow Man’, ‘Forest Man’.
There are ‘cattle bears’, ‘so’, ‘human-like bears’, ‘fenugreek’ etc. In the Himalayan region, males are also called methe and females are called here. It is believed that those who invaded Nepal from Tibet in the 16th century brought such information to Nepal.

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Yeti has been discussed since time immemorial. However, in 1832, Brian Hudson mentioned the same thing in a journal.It is considered to be very rare in the mountains and highlands. Many have suggested that it resembles a giant ape. But bigger than a man in size. Some have even described it as a bear. It can use both 4 or 2 legs. It can even become transparent. It is described as full-bodied eyebrows, big legs, small body. They have big teeth.

Not only in the mountains but also in the forest areas and settlements of Nepal, they are discussed as forest people.It is believed that you will get sick only if you see yeti . People even say that they are stepping back.

Bone of Yeti
Bone of Yeti

Yeti Talks : How much reality in it?

About 25 years ago, Pvt. Karan Bahadur Shah had gone to western Nepal with the wildlife research team. One day he fell ill. His colleagues left the camp in the morning and went for investigation. He was alone in the tent. In the afternoon, when it was hot inside the tent, he went out and rested. He saw a giant creature over the camp. That creature was like the villager said. He was sure that it was yeti. They hurried to take such a picture.

He ran and took a picture with the camera. But later they forgot to put the reel in the camera. He had written an article about it in the popular magazine Sadhana at that time. After reading the article, I wanted to meet him. We met 7 years after the article was published. In a meeting with the author, he said that the incident was only imaginary.

The Skeletal of Yeti
The Skeleton

In 2000, locals in the Chojung area of ​​Upper Mustang said this to a picture of a mountain red bear.

An investigation team led by Shah had identified the hand of the bear as being in the Charang Gumba of Upper Mustang. Shah says, ‘The possibility of this happening in Nepal is very low. I don’t think so. ‘

Vishal Gautam, a photographer interested in nature, says, “There is a lot of talk about this in the Solukhumbu area.” Every year tourists visit the place with cameras. What if someone has to pull it off? I can’t believe I have it. ‘

Wildlife researcher Yadav Ghimire says, “If this had happened, the cameras in the mountains would have fallen into the trap.” And the other thing is that this creature has to come to the forest and settlement area to eat, it has to be seen! It’s not always possible to live in a snowy area. ‘

According to a recent survey conducted on the Voice of Nature Facebook group, 51 percent said that this is not the case in Nepal. A total of 224 people interested in wildlife and nature participated in the survey. In the same survey, 20 percent said yes.

Foot print
Yeti Foot print

Published Facts About Existence of Yeti

Yeti was first mentioned by Alexander in 326 AD in the Indus Valley.In the 1950s, the government of Nepal opened a special license to search for it. At that time, the fee was Rs 5,000 per license. But so far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

In 1921, the British Charles Howard Barry mentioned the discovery of a foot in the Everest region. The first such attempt was made in 1938. German professor Ernst Schaefer concluded that the Himalayan red bear was not a different species.In 1951, Eric Sipton and Michael Ward reported finding a 13-inch-long footpath in the Everest region. In 1967, a photograph of such a large-legged animal was taken in California, USA.

The photograph taken by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin is still suspected to be fake or genuine. Apart from Nepal, China, India and Bhutan, western countries also believe in it.Although they are scientifically related to mountain bears, there is no evidence that they are a different species.

The Proof of Yeti
Bone of Yeti

What People Say About Yeti?

They are discussed in the Himalayan region of Nepal. The research team, including the author, heard about it in 2013 in the Limi area of ​​Humla district. Local civic scientist Pasang Lama said the mountain red bear would be so different. But after 53 days of searching, it was nowhere to be found.

John Hunt, who starred in Charles Stunner’s book Sherpas and Snowmen, said he believed so. The book mentions that the lamas met so much in the winter of 1951 in a monastery near Thangboche.

The Sherpa community says only those who believe can see it.Exactly 24 years ago today, Manita Gurung met a forest man on the border of Kaski’s Percussion and Nagidhar forests. As soon as Gurung’s eyes met hers, she fell about 10 meters from the road by the force of a forest man. Some people like him can be heard in the remote villages of Kaski, Lamjung and Myagdi. In the Himalayan region, there is talk of forest people in the lower part of the country. Experts say that these two are different species.


Is Yeti Really Not Existent??

At a conference in Russia eight years ago, some scientists speculated that this was the case in Siberia. One of them later denied that it was just for publicity. Is it just a rumor that there is a creature that is not happening?The Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary in Bhutan is set aside for this purpose.An American TV presenter first set foot on Mount Everest in 2009.

fake or real

The amount of hair he collected did not match that of other organisms. Isn’t this creature hiding in the mountains?How many more years will it take to see this creature seen by Tenzing Norgay Serpa’s father and discussed by many people! Even if we don’t find it, we will have time to get excited in the hope that there is so much. This imprint on people’s minds will be very different from what it really is.

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