Gotra : History & Its Origin


Gotra  The last name is the main identity of any person. The name matches with many, the surname also matches. However, the tribe is also associated with the Thar, but it is limited. The surname is actually the family identity of a certain person. Due to the patriarchal pattern of descent and descent from male to offspring, the descent is in fact passed down from one generation to the next as a male hereditary wave. Gotra is a reliable basis for total separation. As it is considered to be born of the same person, marriage does not take place in the same clan. Therefore, surname and tribe are considered important.

In his book Primitive Society, the perfect sociologist Louis Morgan described the descendants of the same grandmother who lived in a collective family in the poetic age as people within a tribe. According to him, a tribe is a human group of descendants of the same grandmother. Since the identity of the father was not required at that time, the children of the grandmother were considered.The clan is determined according to the tribe and the clan according to the clan. Which is also found to be scientific and systematic. Surnames, tribes and elites carry our history. The tribe bears the question of which sage’s descendants we are. The elites belonging to the same tribe are closely related. Gotra

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Gotra -Notes Nepal

Manu is the first person in the history of human development. Human beings have evolved in this world from Manu and Shatarupa. Then there is the story of the origin of the sages.Gotra means clan or lineage. The tribe also tells the Maharishis to expand the dynasty. In particular, the descendants of Vishwamitra, Jamadagni, Bharadwaj, Gautam, Atri, Vashishta and Kashyap Saptarshi and Agastya are also referred to as Gotras. There are 49 distinctions of tribes. Gotra

Nepali and Indian Indus Valley Civilization (BC) was one of the major ancient Indus Valley Civilizations in the world.There are 49 types of bananas in Dharmasindh and Nirnayasindh.The special sage who spreads the lineage of the tribe is called Pravara. Pravara also means chief or chief. The sage who expands the tribe is especially selective.Similarly, five surnames have also been used by some tribes.

Gotra -Notes Nepal

The naming of surnames is determined on the basis of special function, special place, special item. Bhandari working as a storekeeper, officer exercising authority, Niraula living around Niroli river etc. Their own customs and traditions may have made a difference in this regard. It is said that the local differences of some languages ​​and the influence of other languages ​​have also made the surnames different. Gotra


Related to place of origin, Dulal walking from Dullu, Poudel walking from swimming, related to profession, Karki working in administration, related to post, related to Minister Khalak Amatya, related to position, initiating Acharya, Lama, related to transition of social status like Vitula, caste or caste. Related, directly caste used as a surname.Related to nationality such as Bharati, Nepali, faith, belief related to Shiva devotion, Khewa, historical event or related to Kool such as Varmashakha, thus the surname is found. Gotra

Gotra’s List 

Angiras Gotra –Joshi (sewing), Sedhai, Shaunak, Shahi
Augusti Gotra – Dhungel

Atri Gotra –Chapgain, Basti, Mishra, Khatiwada, Malla, Ojha, Adhikari, Gotame

Atreya-Dawadi, Dulal, Poudel, Thapa (Puwar, Khulal, Kalikote and Bagale), Pokhrel (Pani), Kalikote (Khadka), Aryal, Sigdel


Kashyap Gotra –Shah, Shahi, Thakuri, Rayamajhi, Ghimire, Godar (Thapa), Kathayat, Gartaula, Adhikari (Bhandare, Khilchine and Kauwali), Bogati, Budhathoki (Sodari), Pandey (Simaldia and Badkhora), Badal, Shrestha, Limbu, Unknown rye, sherpa and tribe and surnames and animals and birds


Kaudinya Gotra –Acharya, Neupane, Pyakurel, Paneru, Sapkota, Satyal, Marasini, Parajuli, Baskota, Trital, Khadka (Kamalkothe), Thapa (Gamle and Bagale)

Ghritakaushik Gotra – Carpenter, Karki, Baral, Pandit, Khanal, Nepal

Upamanyu  Gotra – Mainali, Dhakal, Bartaula, Bhatt (Duwal), Pandey

Kaushik Gotra  – Regmi, Khaptari (Khadka, Bisht, Budhathoki and Basnet), Khadka, Bidari, Rimal, Lamichhane, Dhungana, Dhital, Tiwari, Majhi, Luintel, Pudasaini, Bania, Raghuvanshi, Bhandari, Bastakoti

Mandavya Gotra  – Bajgain, Gyawali, Panthi, Maske, Bajai



Parashar-Marhattha, Lama (Karki), Kattel

Bashishta Gotra  – Suyal (Gharti), Raut, Bhattarai, Suyal (Thapa), Dawadi, Thansinge, Bhandari, Kharel, Chalise, Mudbari

Dhananjay Gotra  – Humgain, Rijal, Pangeni, Basel, Kukurkote, Guragain, Khulal, Basnet, Bhusal, Khulal (Budhathoki), Gauripilli



Bhardwaj – Chaulagai, Subedi, Thapaliya, Vaidwar, Kshetri, Panthi, Silwal, Bisht (Sijapati), Wagle, Lohani, Pant, Adhikari (Thami), Dudhpokhrel, Shivakoti, Devkota, Niraula, Jamarkattel, Khadka (Lakai), Raut, Colonel , Sherpali Basnet, Pandey (Kuleta), Joshi (Lataula)





Vats  Gotra – Rana, Kunwar, Lamsal, Dahal, Rupakheti
Vishwamitra  Gota – Bhatt (Alina, Duwadi, Nirvanshi, Royal and Rai)

Byas   ,

Sankha ,

Satpat ,



Some surnames are also found to be divided into Gotra


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