Want to travel abroad in the Dashain? Dashain Holiday Package

Dashain Holiday Package

Dashain Holiday Package to aboard , is another most exciting thing to do in dashain. In recent years, the number of Nepalis going abroad for holidays has skyrocketed. Especially, Dashain-Tihar is the best time for upper and middle class family members to travel abroad. Because the government gives a long leave during this festival, it is a good opportunity to go for a walk. Especially Nepalis have been traveling from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore to China, India, Europe and America. Due to the increasing number of Nepalis traveling and having fun abroad during the decade, the business of Nepali tourists going abroad (outbound tour) is also increasing.

Dashain Holiday Package

Entrepreneurs say that the spending capacity of Nepalis has been increasing recently, the culture of Dashain Holiday Package has developed and the number of Nepalis traveling abroad for the purpose of celebrating honeymoon and having family fun is increasing. According to Yam Bahadur Khadka, former chairman of Travel and Tour Operators (SOTO) Nepal, the number of tourists from Nepal is estimated to increase by 10 percent every year. “The tradition of Nepalis traveling abroad is growing,” Khadka told Notes Nepal.


How much does it cost to travel to which country? Dashain Holiday Package

Residence                                                          Period                                                Expenses

Thailand                                                                       4 nights 5 days                                                65 thousands

Dubai                                                                            4 nights 5 days                                               75 thousands

Singapore and Malaysia                                              5 nights 6 days                                               1 lakh

Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore                              9 nights 10 days                                             1 lakh 30 thousands

Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore           11 nights 12 days                                            1 lakh 70 thousands

Dubai and Mauritius                                                     8 nights 9 days                                                3 lakhs

Four countries in Europe (selectable)                          7 nights 8 days                                                3 lakhs 50 thousands

Australia                                                                         7 nights 8 days                                                3 lakhs 10 thousands

6 countries in Europe can be selected                         9 nights 10 days                                              4 lakhs 40 thousands

Japan and Korea                                                            9 nights 10 days                                              4 lakhs


Dashain Holiday Package
Dashain Holiday Package

In recent times, there have been more employees working in businessmen, banks and financial institutions among Nepalis going abroad. According to Bhola Bikram Thapa, Managing Director of President Travels and Tours, the number of people traveling abroad from Nepal is increasing. “The number of Nepalis going abroad to earn money has been increasing in the last few years,” Thapa said. Travel agencies are also increasingly bringing various attractive packages to take Nepalis abroad.

Travel agencies have come up with plans for Nepalis to visit Europe and the United States in addition to Thailand and Singapore. According to Thapa, Nepalis still visit Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The President has been visiting Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey and other countries as per the interest of the customers. Most of the people leaving Nepal go to Bangkok, Thailand. Then both, Malaysia, Singapore and other middle-class Nepali attractions.


Economy Package, Easy Visa in Dashain Holiday Package

In recent years, the attraction has increased due to the easy and cheap package for Nepalis who want to travel abroad. In the past, not only money but also the process was very cumbersome. As a result, going abroad was like a dream for Nepalis.

Especially the recent ease of entry permit has played a helpful role in this. At present, Nepalis can travel to 36 countries of the world only for a certain number of days if they have a passport. Apart from India, 36 countries are providing non-arrival visas to Nepalis. Last year, the number of Nepalis visiting Thailand alone had reached 40,678.

Dashain Holiday Package : Europe

Necessary process for  On arrival Visa

Such an on arrival visa is issued by the Immigration Department of the designated airport on the basis of the passport after paying the fee along with the air ticket, hotel booking letter. That happens for a certain day according to the country.

Normally, such visas for a period of 15 days to 3 months are issued by countries that have nothing to do with Nepal, but not by South Asian neighbors.

In this, Bhutan and Afghanistan have not given such facility to Nepalis while China has not given such facility to Nepalis. The highest number of on arrival permits in the world is available to German passport holders in 177 countries, while the lowest number of Afghan passport holders is available in 25 countries. However, government officials say that the government will not be able to provide such information as there is a need to provide such information to the government of Nepal.

Dashain Holiday Package : Thailand
Dashain Holiday Package : Thailand

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