PAN Registration In Nepal : Every Steps and Process

PAN Registration In Nepal

PAN Registration In Nepal, is now through online system. The identification issued by the tax office to identify the person who wants to do any business, to pay the tax and to get the information of the tax paid by the businessman is called permanent account number (PAN). The government has recently introduced a provision that those who transact or pay more than Rs 1,000 must register in PAN. Therefore, every entrepreneur and income earner has to make a PAN.

PAN Registration In Nepal

But some people have to suffer because they don’t know that they have to apply for PAN online. With this in mind, in this article we are going to explain in detail the process of applying for PAN online.

Steps for PAN Registration In Nepal

Step 1 :

First go to the Inland Revenue Department website

Step 2:

Click on the Taxpayer Portal on the home page.

Step 3:

To register for PAN, you first need to open an account.
Click on Registration (PAN, VAT, EXCISE) to open an account.

Step 4:

Go to Application For Registration within that.
Put the name you remember in the Username in it.


Personal Account Number
PAN Registration In Nepal

Step 5:

Enter the password that you remember and others find difficult to steal in the password and put the same password in the Re-password.
Enter the contact number in the contact number and the email address in the email-id.
Enter the address from which the PAN number is to be obtained in IRO Name.

Step 6:

After filling it all, press OK button.
After doing so, the Submission Number comes.
The same Username and Password you have given to the Inland Revenue Department

Step 7:

When the Submission Number arrives, click Continue.


PAN Registration In Nepal
PAN Registration In Nepal

Step 8:

Fill in the required personal details, photo and identity card (citizenship or passport) provided here.
Save if you need to fill in later without knowing any details.

Step 9:

After doing so, you can log in by entering your Username, Password and Submission Number and fill in the details again.
Fill in the details and check if it is OK. After saving, click on Submit.
After submitting, even if any details are incorrect, they cannot be reconciled. So please check all the details before submitting.

Step 10 :

Then print the details by clicking on Print. Take the same print and go to the relevant tax office of your choice.
The office will give you the PAN number after checking the details.

The Card sample
PAN Registration In Nepal

What documents are required for PAN Registration In Nepal?

For Individual:

Photocopy of citizenship
2 per passport size photo
Certificate of skill, profession etc. (license, certificate etc.)

For business:

Business registration certificate, company registration certificate
2 photos of the businessman, 2-2 photos of everyone in the partnership (partnership) firm
Photocopy of citizenship, photocopy of citizenship of all if partnership (partnership) firm
A map of the place of business
The rental agreement with the housewife

How much does it cost to for PAN Registration In Nepal?

There is no fee to register in PAN.


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