Traditional Jewelry of Newar Community

Traditional Jewelry of Newar

Traditional Jewelry of Newar Community,The costumes, jewelry and adornments used in the Newar community are of their own kind. According to Newari culture, the form of jewelry differs between male and female castes. Different types of jewelry are used not only for men and women but also for age and condition. All Newari ornaments are to be worn by men or women, children or the elderly. Some jewelry is worn only by the elderly. Such as: Punaycha. Jewelry is important in Newar society from birth to death.

LUNSWAN :Traditional Jewelry of Newar

Traditional Jewelry of Newar Community Used on the Head

  • Sincha

This is a gold chain with a moon or flower pattern on the side, a piece of jewelry. Twelve caves are placed in Sincha Ihi (marriage with Bell) and the girls are forced to leave.

  • Sirbandi

It is a gold ornament worn by the saints as a symbol of good fortune. The headscarf worn for good deeds is worn by brides as well as bridesmaids. It is a three-striped or five-striped flower patterned ornament.

  • Luswan

This 12-inch circular wheel of jewelry is adorned with a pair of artistic birds, precious stones, emeralds, topaz, rubies and bhimpu. It is an artistically original jewel. This jewelry is often worn by newlyweds.

  • Nyapusikh

The Nyapusikh (five chains) of gold worn especially to cover the hair of the bride’s head is philosophically a symbol of Panchatatva. Some also use chapusikh (eight chains). It is considered as a symbol of octahedron.

  • Sapva: Tisa

It is a jewel of various kinds of gems encrusted in gold or silver which is especially tied to the bride’s neck.

Traditional Jewelry of Newar
Traditional Jewelry of Newar

Traditional Jewelry of Newar Community Used on the Forehead

  • Lunsinh (gold tika):

This is the gold Tika of various styles used in marriage, marriage and so on.

  • Lunchin:

This is a gold ornament used in marriage and old age.

The Ornaments
The Ornaments

Ear jewelry

  • Nhatika

This is a kind of jewelry worn wishing for the longevity of the son. It is like a ring. The ring is a piece of jewelry worn on both the right and left ears, while the necklace is worn only on the right ear. It is customary to keep Bhimpu and Moti in Nhatika.

  • Marvalicha

It is customary to put this gold round shaped ornament on the pasni of children. This jewelry is considered as a symbol of truth.

  • Punaycha

This is a gold ring worn only by old people. In Newar society, it is customary to get old five times in terms of age. Punaycha is worn as many times as Pasni.

  • Dhungri

This is a jewelry worn by a middle-aged woman in the shape of a daffodil, made of precious stones like rubies, emeralds, pearls, diamonds etc. in 6 or more leaves.

  • Maxi

This is a type of silver jewelry made in the shape of a kathar, which is used by the Japus.

  • Tuki

This is a simple or embroidered piece of jewelry that is worn as usual even if it is not a pilgrimage, ritual, etc.

  • Taituki

Boys wear half a taituki on the upper part of the right ear while girls wear it on both ears.

  • Vizkani

It is not certain where the vizkani used in the old Nepali song Rajmati is used. Some call it jewelry worn on the head, while others call it jewelry worn around the neck.

  • Gasi Sikh

A fine gold chain made to hold a large hole in the ear.

Traditional Jewelry of Newar
Traditional Jewelry of Newar

Jewelry to Wear Around the Neck

  • Kanthi

It is a gold-silver ornament worn up to the bottom of the neck.

  • Tayo

Gold ornaments worn around the necks of Machhindranath and the living Goddess Kumari.

  • Tikh

In the Newar community, it has been a tradition since ancient times to add 12 pieces of carved flowers, eagles or other elaborate carvings on gold leaf and put velvet on the bottom to make jewelry that looks like a perfect laf: cha (a cloth to be kept while feeding children).

  • Chandrahar

In the shape of a full moon, three to five, seven and nine wheels are added from left to right by adding gold discs to the back and upwards.

  • Tayoma

This is the jewel of gold, blue gem Bhimpu etc. In the middle, like a damokhin (a type of instrument), it is attached to a sheet of gold embroidered on the left and right side of a snake-covered tayo. It is also considered as a symbol of Panchabuddha.

  • Bhimpuma

Children’s pasni, ihi, bahara and other festivals are worn by both children in Bhimpuma.

The ornaments
Traditional Jewelry of Newar

Traditional Jewelry of Newar Community worn on the Hand

  • Twa

This is a gold-silver earring worn on the arm.

  • Sinhakhwa: Chulya

It is an earring of gold, silver and five metals.

  • Pancharatna’s Chulya (Panchadhatu’s)

This is the ornament used to adorn Pasni, Ihi, Barha as well as at weddings.

  • Kalya

This simple and wide piece of gold-plated gold is worn by the bride in the Kalya Nyakigu ritual before.

  • Bai

This is a jewel of gold or silver, raised on the right and left: an ornament to be worn as an emotional expression on the day of the self (going to see the face of the bride who has become a bride).

  • Pucha

A small piece of gold, bhimpu, pearls, etc., stolen from the Banki Pucha Machabu Lahigu rites are worn by the boys for safety.

  • Kwai Chura

This is a defensive animal bone jewelry.

Traditional Jewelry of Newar
Traditional Jewelry of Newar

Finger jewelry

  • Pyakhan Angu

This ring is made in the shape of an egg on a silver leaf.

These include diamond rings, name rings, Tusipu rings, Asarfi rings, and Navratna inlaid rings.


Traditional Jewelry of Newar

Jewelry worn on the feet


  • Sinhakhwa Kalli

This silver ornament carves the mouth of a lion.

  • Jangi Selaya Kalli

This is a large piece of silver jewelry that has been emptied inside.

  • Tuti Buggy

Silver or other metal ornaments Tuti Buggy is given by the in-laws especially at weddings.

  • Taht Kalli

Ornament of silver.


Traditional Jewelry of Newar
Traditional Jewelry of Newar


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