Rara National Park : The Home of Himalayan Wilderness

Rara National Park

Rara National Park : Overview

Rara National Park is situated in the North-Westem high heaps of Nepal . The recreation center was gazetted in 1976 to ration the novel magnificence of Lake Rara, and to ensure the agent vegetation of the Humla-Jumla locale. The recreation center is Nepal’s littlest secured region, involving a zone of 106 sq. km. There were two towns Rara and Chhapru inside the recreation center. The occupants of the two towns were resettled in Banke locale, outside the recreation center.

Rara National Park
Rara National Park


Name: Rara National Park

Type:National Park

Established.: 1976

Area (km2): 106.00

Buffer Zone (km2): 198.00


Highlights Of Rara National Park

Rara Lake (Mahendra Tal), arranged at a rise of 2990 m. is the primary element of the recreation center. The lake is oval formed with an east-west pivot, and has a most extreme length of 5 km and a width of 3 km. Encircled by grand conifer timberlands, it is Nepal’s greatest lake (10.8 sq . km) with a profundity of 167 m.

Its brilliant blue waters is home to the snow trout (Schizothorax oreinus sinuatus), the main fish recorded in the lake. During winter, feathered creature darlings can appreciate numerous transient winged animals. In summer, Himalayan blossoms encompass the lake making a beautiful scene. The height of the recreation center reaches from 2800 m to 4039 m. Chuchemara top (4039 m) is the most noteworthy point in the recreation center. Situated on the southern side of the lake, it gives a superb setting to Lake Rara.

The Beauty Of Lake
Rara National Park

The snowcapped culminations of Ruma Kand (3731m) and Malika Kand (3444m) situated on the northern side of the lake, give excellent perspectives on the lake toward the south, and the lovely Mugu-Kamali River valley toward the north. MurmaPeak likewise gives and magnificent perspective on the recreation center region. The lake channels to Mugu-Kamali River by means of Nijar Khola. Most of the vegetation in the recreation center is overwhelmed by blue pine. Mixed among the pines, are discovered a few types of rhododendrons. Blue pine, spices, marshlands, and tussock fields occupy the territory encompassing the lake.

In the Nisa khola Valley pine and tidy offer approach to blended forest containing pecans and Himalayan famous. Rhododendron, fir, oak, and birch species can be found in the sub elevated district.

Red Panda
Red panda


Summer is charming. Nonetheless, winter is very virus. The best season to visit the recreation center is September/October and April to May. December through March, the temperatures drops to underneath freezing, and weighty snowfalls happen up to one meter, shutting high passes. April to June is warm however the season offers approach to rainstorm season-June to August.

Rara National Park :
Rara National Park :


The reserve is portrayed by , sub-elevated and high mild vegetation. Regular plant species incorporate fir, pine, and birch, rhododendron, hemlock, oak, juniper and tidy. The recreation center is home to around 20 unique types of warm blooded animals. They incorporate Musk deer, Himalayan mountain bear, Leopard, Jackal, Himalayan tahr, Yellow throated marten, Otter, Wild canine. Regular langur. Rhesus macaque and Red panda. The recreation center has recorded 214 types of winged animals. A portion of the significant species incorporate coots, snow chicken, and various types of birds, grebes, mallard, basic blue-green, red-peaked pochard and gulls. During winter, numerous transitory winged animals join the private Gallinaceous fowls.

Rara National Park :Red panda
Rara National Park :Red panda

Facilities in Rara National Park :

It is prudent to bring an exhaustive emergency treatment pack since there is no wellbeing post in the region. Plans ought to be made through a journeying organization. There are no facilities inside the recreation center. Travelers must act naturally adequate in all methods.

The Map
Rara National Park :Map

The most effective method to arrive:

Rara National Park is 2.5 days journey by means of Jumala or 10 days journey from Surkhet.


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