Pashupati’s Aarti : Youth craze in Pashupati’s Aarti

Pashupatinath Aarati

Pashupatinath Aarati

Pashupatinath Aarati After entering the Pashupatinath area, people of all ages become devotees. Devotees throng the area in the morning and evening. Decades ago, as evening fell, the gathering of young people in the Pashupatinath area was getting louder. But did the youth come there to see Shiva or for some other reason? This was a different debate. In the evening, the issue of how to stop the youth and visitors at the Pashupati premises was important .Meanwhile, a group of priests planned to hold an Aarti of Lord Shiva in the evening. It was not difficult to make the visitors happy as there would be hymns, prayers and incense during the Aarti. That Aarti was started 12 years ago by young priests. Today, there are young people, from priests to tabla players and psalmists.Pashupatinath  Aarti .

Young people who come to see Pashupatinath  Aarti

Pashupatinath Aarati -Notes Nepal
Pashupatinath Aarati

Hundreds of young people flock to Aarti every evening with hope, despair, worries about the future and tangled present. Some reach Pashupati in pairs and some alone. Some come to see Aarti with friends and family. Young Subash Niraula (24) also sometimes takes time to watch Pashupatinath  Aarti. As soon as Pashupati enters the courtyard, his brain becomes empty. When he sat in the evening arti, his mind seemed to heal even more.He says, ‘Every time I come here, I like to ask myself why I was running for it all day. Subas enjoys watching the Aarti of Pashupati’s young priests. Pashupati has been reaching even when he remembers the house where he stayed in Kapan. He seeks peace of mind in the tabla, harmonium and hymns played in Pashupatinath  Aarti.

Psalms to enchant Pashupatinath  Aarti

Pashupatinath Aarati -Notes Nepal
Pashupatinath Aarati

Another youth Rajan Khatiwada (29) is chanting mantras in Sandhya Aarti. He has a melodious voice that can keep the youth focused on Aarti. Rajan, who has been singing Pashupati’s Aarti for five years, has done Bachelor of Music in Fine Arts Campus. Rajan, who has been singing hymns since childhood, says, ‘Especially mantras are recited in Pashupatinath  Aarti. In which Rudrastra, Stutra, Shiva Tandap, Aarti is sung and the glory of Bholenath is sung. Due to his knowledge of Sanskrit, he has been able to sing all these hymns. He says, “It is necessary to have faith in one’s religion. It is the responsibility of the youth to protect the religion.” The faith of the youth in religion is declining. Rajan is of the opinion that work should be done to awaken him. He also wears pints and t-shirts while singing hymns. Her voice attracts even more young people. When he says ‘Bholenathki Jai’, all the devotees join him. And, the evening Pashupatinath Aartiis just as resonant .Pashupatinath  Aarati


Pashupatinath Aarati -Notes Nepal
Pashupatinath Aarati

Tabla player Bankates Dhakal is also in Pashupatinath Aarti. The performance of the banquet, which has a master’s in tabla from Bhatkhonde University in India, makes the arti even more audible. To the tune of the tabla he plays, there seems to be a crowd, in Pashupati ,Pashupatinath  Aarti. Those who come to see Aarti dance and sing along to his tabla. Banquets, who took a tabla course in Lucknow, India, for six years, now teaches tabla to undergraduate students.The Banquetes, who now live in Gaurighat, Kavrepalanchok, play the tabla and earn their living. He says that tabla is used in hymns, film music, easy music, classical music, ghazal, jazz, blues, kathak etc. He has been playing tabla in Pashupati again for seven months.Pashupatinath  Aarti .

Modern priests


Bhuvan Chalise (27) wears pants and t-shirts all day long. I like to listen to Hindi and English songs. But her evening routine is different. He comes to Pashupati every evening after completing other work of the day. They open their pants, t-shirts, open them and put them in their bags and put on dhoti, dupatta and bhoto. He takes off his sports shoes and socks and sits barefoot in Aarti.Pashupatinath  Aarti

It is surprising to see Bhuvan, who has been working as an accountant in an office in Pashupati area in the afternoon after completing the morning class of BBS from Madan Bhandari, as a Pandit. He himself considered the form of Pandit Banda as a different incarnation. A young member of Aarti Mandali, he has been performing Aarti in Pashupati for the past five years.Pashupatinath  Aarati .

For Pashupatinath Bagmati Ganga Aarti, incense, flowers, incense and agarbatti are placed in the upper mandala of Bagmati Pari. Also kept are Pooja Thali, Sahasr made for Aarti, Havankund, Peacock Fan. A middle-aged woman lights a candle. To perform Shiva’s Aarti, three priests line up and start the Aarti by blowing conch shells.Pashupatinath  Aarati

It is not so easy to do Pashupatinath  Aarti. Aarti, which lasts for about an hour, is not possible for the elderly due to similar methods and procedures. There is no rule that Pandits who perform Aarti have to shave their hair and wear a hat. It’s a regular activity and it’s like a morning and evening prayer at home. While he was giving such information, the devotees were accepting the Aarti performed at Pashupati Aryaghat in a different way.Pashupatinath  Aarati

The silence of Aryaghat was made musical by the hymns, harmonium and tabla that started playing as soon as Aarti started. The Aarti was not just a simple ritual to immerse the relatives and mourners who came to burn the body in devotion to Shiva. According to Bhuvan, hundreds of youths arrive at Pashupatinath  Aarti in the evening to watch Aarti. Perhaps it is when they reach Pashupati that they see the worldly sufferings and deaths in the same place. Pashupatinath  Aarati

It is customary for the hosts to perform Sankalp Puja on the banks of Pashupati Bagmati before the Aarti begins. On the occasion of her birthday, Vinita Khatri had come to Pashupatinath Aarti with her husband to perform Sankalp Puja. She laughs and writes her name Bhuvan. At the same time, Malami is carrying the body to Aryaghat, crying and screaming. It has become normal for Bhuvan to hear the laughter of birth and the cry of death at the same time every day.Pashupatinath  Aarati

Another young Pandit living in Aarti with Bhuvan is Navin Regmi. He has been doing Aarti continuously for five years. Before joining the Navin Aarti Mandali, where he studied English and Sanskrit till graduation, he was a priest in another small temple near the main Pashupati temple. It has been 10 years since Navin, who came to Kathmandu from Nuwakot after SLC, started working in an office in Pashupati area. Naveen says, ‘You have to have some knowledge of Sanskrit to do Aarti. Pashupatinath  Aarati

Naveen, who has been working as a supervisor at Unilever in the afternoon, spends the evening in Aarti.He says, ‘Aarti’s work was learned by watching. I can do everything now. ‘Both Bhuvan and Navin were tired from working all day. But when they sat down to do Aarti, there was a wonderful peace on their faces. Naveen says, ‘I am happy when a crowd of youths come from different place  during Aarti. Our aim is to instill faith in religion in young people like us. ‘Every evening, three priests perform Aarti of Pashupatinath. Pashupatinath  Aarati

The experience of being calm, gentle and coming to the holy place of Lord Shiva to rest is different. On top of that, it is natural to feel relaxed while enjoying Aarti. Efforts by young priests to attract young people to religion have proved fruitful. Do you also go to purify the ears by listening to the Pashupatinath  Aarti Mandali of the youth every evening?

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